American Bridge 21st Century is a progressive research and communications organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions and helping you ascertain when Republican candidates are pretending to be something they’re not.

We understand the frustration you feel with elected officials who campaign on one set of principles but govern by another, because we feel it too. We believe you deserve better than that. We think our elected officials should have one set of principles, not one for each set of special interests they represent.

Political commentator Michael Kinsley once said that the definition of a gaffe is when you catch a politician telling the truth. That’s exactly what we plan to do.

Our organization researches candidates’ records to ensure their rhetoric matches their voting records. We monitor public appearances to prevent the cynical pandering that results in a candidate taking different positions depending on the audience they are in front of.  And we work to get this information to you through mainstream and social media, grassroots activism and our website.

Here at American Bridge 21st Century we believe this nation is at its best when we are building bridges: bridges that bring people together and bridges that help get us where we want to go.  We believe in electing public servants that put the needs of hardworking Americans over those of special interests and who understand that the best investment we can make is in the American people.

We hope this website is helpful as you make your decision on what candidates best share your vision for the future of our country. We also hope that you join us in our mission. If you hear of a candidate or elected official playing fast and loose with the truth let us know. If you’re at a town hall meeting take out your iPhone and record it, we’d love to highlight your footage on our site. Working together we can ensure the election of public servants who will make us proud and move America forward.