Belated Throw Back Thursday: Trump the Dealmaker

Trump: “If You Can’t Make A Good Deal With A Politician, Then There’s Something Wrong With You.”  “So I’ve watched the politicians. I’ve dealt with them all my life. If you can’t make a good deal with a politician, then there’s something wrong with you. You’re certainly not very good.” [Donald Trump, Presidential Campaign Announcement, New York, NY 6/16/15]

Trump:  “Nobody Knows The System Better Than Me, Which Is Why I Alone Can Fix It.” [Donald Trump, RNC Speech, Cleveland, OH, 07/21/16]

Trump: “I’ve Been Making Lots Of Wonderful Deals, Great Deals. That’s What I Do.” “I’ve been doing deals for a long time.  I’ve been making lots of wonderful deals, great deals, that’s what I do.”  [Donald Trump, Anti Iran Deal Rally, Washington, DC, 9/9/15]

Trump: “I’m A Closer”  “We like to win. We know how to close deals. I close. I’m a closer. Even in sports, I’ve always been a closer. […]

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Donald Trump Is A Failure Who Can’t Deliver

Donald Trump’s signature agenda item just cratered.  The good news: millions of people won’t lose their health insurance, health care costs won’t explode for seniors, the quality of employer-based coverage won’t rapidly decline, and basic services like prescription coverage, hospitalization, and newborn care will not be undermined — no thanks to Republicans in Congress or the White House.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s campaign is under FBI investigation for potentially colluding with Russian hackers, the situation in North Korea is spiraling out of control, and courts continue to block his unconstitutional travel ban.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement in reaction to Paul Ryan canceling the TrumpCare vote:

“Donald Trump is a failure who can’t deliver. After having the better part of a decade to produce a healthcare plan, all Trump and Republicans came up with was a $144 billion dollar tax cut for the rich – a bill so reckless that their own […]

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Trump To Get Updates On How He’s Getting Rich Sticking It to Taxpayers, Despite Pledge To Divest

Statement from American Bridge spokesperson Brad Bainum:

“Trump refused to sell off his business holdings, and now he’s breaking his “blind trust” with “zero contact” promises to start receiving regular updates on how effectively he’s getting rich while sticking it to the American people.

“The Trump family continues to violate public trust, shatter ethical norms, and brazenly sell out the American people to profit off of the presidency. The only person winning in Trump’s America is Trump, and he’s doing it at the country’s expense. “

Key Point:

But less than two minutes later, [Eric Trump] concedes that he will continue to update his father on the business while he is in the presidency. “Yeah, on the bottom line, profitability reports and stuff like that, but you know, that’s about it.” How often will those reports be, every quarter? “Depending, yeah, depending.” Could be more, could be less? “Yeah, probably quarterly.” One thing is clear: […]

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Another Betrayal: Trump Not Requiring Keystone to Use American Steel

“Donald Trump’s lies keeping piling up.  The simple fact is he didn’t require Keystone to use to American steel, just like he didn’t use American steel to build his own hotels, and just like he isn’t requiring future projects to use American steel either,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.

Watch Trump’s Keystone Pipeline Executive Order Lie: “The Pipe Has To Be Made In The United States Of America If We’re Going To Have Pipelines.” “

Within a few days of taking the oath of office, I’ve taken steps to begin the construction of Keystone and the Dakota Access pipeline.  Anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 jobs. And very importantly, as I was about to sign it, I said, ‘Who makes the pipe? Who makes the pipe?’ Something this audience understands very well, right? Simple question. The lawyers put this very complex document in front. I said, ‘Who makes the pipe?’ […]

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TrumpCare Discredits Donald Trump’s Healthcare Rhetoric. All Of It.

Donald Trump has gone all-in to break major campaign promises with the disaster that is TrumpCare.  We”ll find out today if he’s successfully negotiated his own party into voting for it in the House.

The Republican bill would have real consequences for Americans and exposes that Donald Trump has been lying to people since the very beginning when it comes to healthcare.

Here’s the truth: Trumpcare will cost taxpayers more money and cover fewer people. In fact, fewer people would lose their coverage if the GOP simply repealed the ACA without a replacement, further underscoring the reckless nature of this legislation.

In all, Trumpcare would kick 26 million Americans off of their health insurance, force higher out-of-pocket costs onto working and middle class families, rural Americans, and seniors, and hollow-out funding for substance abuse treatment.  All in order to give a small group of millionaires billions in tax cuts.

The American people know this plan is a […]

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So, about that Trumpcare vote…

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement in reaction to the House delaying the Trumpcare vote:

“TrumpCare is a disaster and the President has no one to blame but himself – he told us he was one of the world’s best negotiators, but he can’t even successfully negotiate with his own party.  Booting 26 million Americans from their insurance just to cut billions in taxes for a few millionaires would be a catastrophe our country can’t afford.”

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What Trumpcare Will Do To Real People

We know Trumpcare is such a disaster in Washington it may actually fail today in the House, but the bill’s coverage across the country provides a clearer picture of just how catastrophic it would be if it passes.

La Crosse Tribune: “Ryan’s Obamacare replacement could boost some La Crosse rates 855 percent”

Denver Post: “Before Obamacare, nearly two-thirds of the patients at Denver Health were either uninsured or on Medicaid” 

Quad-City Times: GOP health plan’s credits help younger, wealthier 

Portland Press Herald: Small-town Maine could see premiums jump sevenfold under the House plan.

Here are the stories state and local newspapers are reporting on the individuals who will be severely worse off if Trumpcare becomes law.

In Michigan, a 28-year-old mother told the Detroit Free Press she turned to Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act when she was uninsured and learned she […]

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Everyone Agrees the AHCA Is A Disaster. Everyone But Trump and Ryan.

“There’s overwhelming opposition to Trumpcare because everyone knows it’s reckless policy that would boot 26 million Americans from their insurance just to cut taxes for a few millionaires. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan ought to open their eyes,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.

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$60 Million Better Spent Elsewhere

The Secret Service requested an extra $60 million in funding toward its FY 2018 budget, in order to compensate for the Trump family’s extensive travel, plus the costs associated with securing the Trumps’ three primary residences.

Every Trump trip to Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers more than $3,000,000. And that’s not including the drag on the local government and small business owners. Trump is charging U.S. taxpayers millions while he jets back and forth to Palm Beach, openly running a pay-to-play scheme and selling access to anyone who can foot the $200,000 membership fee.

“Trump proposes gutting crucial economic development, education, and social programs, while vacationing and funneling money into his own pocket on taxpayers’ dime,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Trump’s intentions to get rich off the presidency, and at the expense of the American people, have never been more obvious.”

Here are a few alternative uses […]

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New Bridge Project Trumpcare Ad Spotlights Trump Breaking His Promises

In advance of the House Trumpcare vote, Bridge Project is releasing a new digital ad that blasts Donald Trump for violating health care promises he made to the American people on the campaign trail.

This ad, “Was Anything He Said Not a Lie?” contrasts the assurances Donald Trump made to voters – that he would deliver better, cheaper health care for “everybody” – with the consensus among independent experts that Trumpcare would take health insurance away from tens of millions of Americans, as well as make health care costs spike for working and middle class families, seniors, and rural Americans.

The ad also highlights that many assessments show Trumpcare would disproportionately harm his own supporters – and shows Trump acknowledging this.

“Trumpcare betrays millions upon millions of vulnerable Americans that Donald Trump pledged he would help. This plan would kick millions off of their coverage – even more so than if Republicans simply repealed […]

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