BRIDGE BRIEFING: The Extreme Views Of “Women for Ken”

Recently, Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli announced the support of “Women for Ken.” Considering Cuccinelli’s record on issues of importance to Virginia women, the organization is reminiscent of the “Women for Akin” group that backed the Missouri Congressman even after he infamously claimed “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

A closer examination of the list reveals that the comparison is apt – among the list of Cuccinelli supporters one will find some of the same women who rushed forward to defend Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, who called a pregnancy resulting from rape “something that God intended.” It’s not surprising that they place Cuccinelli in the same company.

Many of these women have been affiliated with the organizations and candidates who are most adamant about denying women the opportunity to make decisions about their own body or curtailing their access to health care. The list also includes the sponsor of the Virginia legislation that would have required women to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound before they could have an abortion.

The “Women for Ken” have made clear that they support Cuccinelli because he shares their views on the treatment on Virginia women and families. It’s worth keeping in mind what he had to do to earn the support of people like this.

The Romney-Mourdock Ticket

Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock described pregnancy resulting from rape as “something God intended.” We’ve long known Mourdock was extreme, but that didn’t stop Mitt Romney from cutting an ad exclaiming, “This fall, I’m supporting Richard Mourdock for Senate… I hope you’ll join me in supporting Richard Mourdock.”

Here’s American Bridge’s newest video showing voters what a Romney-Mourdock partnership would look like in Washington. WARNING: Offensive content.

A Bipartisan Mourdock? We’re Not Buying It

Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s new ad laughably states that if elected “he’ll work with Republicans and Democrats.” Nice try, but we’re not buying it.

There are countless instances of Mourdock decrying bipartisanship in Washington throughout this very campaign. He even said flat out “we don’t need bipartisanship.”


Richard Mourdock Can’t Seem To Make Up His Mind On Indiana Jobs.

We are all well aware of Richard Mourdock’s attempt to cripple the Indiana economy and destroy thousands of jobs by suing to block federal assistance to Chrysler. But when campaigning in South Bend, he seems to have suddenly turned over a new leaf. He is now bemoaning the loss of 24,000 jobs and $1.1 billion dollars that would happen as a result of the sequester cuts of defense spending.

Mourdock’s apparently forgotten that he claimed government doesn’t create jobs. And he thinks entire branches of the military should be eliminated. And he doesn’t consider it his job to protect Hoosier jobs.

So does Richard Mourdock care more about protecting government jobs or dramatically slashing the federal budget? Or is he really most interested in saying whatever it takes to get elected?

Mourdock Backed Away From Sequester Cuts To Pentagon Citing Job Loss. According to the South Bend Tribune, “When the congressional “supercommittee” failed last fall to agree on a plan to reduce the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion over 10 years, it set in motion a default plan for cutting spending. The plan calls for $1.2 trillion in across-the-board cuts, including $600 billion from defense programs, that will start taking effect Jan. 2. Richard Mourdock, the Republican state treasurer running for one of Indiana’s seats in the U.S. Senate, believes government needs to be smaller and less expensive. But, during a campaign stop earlier this week in Mishawaka, he warned against allowing the default plan to take effect… Mourdock said the defense cuts would lead to the loss of nearly 24,000 jobs in Indiana and a $1.1 billion hit to the state’s economy. He mentioned that companies such as AM General and Honeywell would be affected in the South Bend area.” In addition, “Mourdock said there might be reasonable spending cuts to make in the Department of Defense, but the default reduction of $600 billion would be disastrous.” [South Bend Tribune, 7/25/12]

 Mourdock Said Government Doesn’t Create Jobs. Mourdock said, “Congress doesn’t create any jobs. There are a bunch of private sector companies who want to create those jobs. The fact that we have congressmen of either party claiming they created jobs is just false. There job should be to keep government at its more limited purpose so the private sector can create jobs.” [AB 21 Tracking Footage, 2/15/12]

Mourdock Asserted That “I Didn’t Take A Pledge That I Would Support Every Job In Indiana,” Had No Regrets About Position. “‘I didn’t take a pledge that I would support every job in Indiana under whatever means it takes to do it,’ Mourdock said. ‘The oath I took said I would support the laws of Indiana and support the Constitution of the United States. Constitutional rights for people for which I had a fiduciary responsibility were being violated, and I had no choice to do what I did. I certainly have no regrets.’” [Indianapolis Star, 10/19/10]

Mourdock Question The Necessity Of All The Branches Of The Armed Services. According to the National Review, “‘here’s always going to be a lot of duplication,’ Mourdock said. ‘We look today at the historical setup of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard. There’s a lot of duplication and bureaucracy right there. In the 21st century is that necessary? I’m not sure that it is.’” [National Review, 4/30/12]


Everything Richard Mourdock’s Website Said About Dick Lugar

It was reported yesterday that Indiana State Treasurer and Senate candidate Richard Mourdock was in the process of scrubbing his website of mentions of Senator Dick Lugar, the primary fight, and contrast pieces highlighting his policy differences with the incumbent. Unwilling to let Mourdock tack to the center after claiming his extreme conservatism, American Bridge 21st Century is making available to the public an archive of everything Mourdock published on his campaign website regarding Senator Lugar.

Check it out after the jump.

Richard Mourdock: Fighting Against Hoosier Jobs

On Thursday, we released a video calling attention to Richard Mourdock’s long history of fighting to eliminate Indiana jobs. As Mourdock himself said, he was the “sole person” fighting the auto rescue plan that saved thousands of Hoosier jobs, and even said he’d be fine with Chrysler being forced to liquidate their assets.


MEMO: Richard Mourdock’s Extreme Record

To: Interested Parties

From: American Bridge 21st Century

Date: 5/8/2012

RE: Richard Mourdock’s Extreme Record

Let’s be clear about one thing regarding Richard Mourdock’s win over Dick Lugar tonight in the Indiana Republican Senate primary: Richard Mourdock did not win; Dick Lugar lost. Assuredly, Lugar’s precipitous drop in the final weeks was propelled by his stumbles over the residency issue. But Lugar’s vulnerability stemmed from being identified as one of the Tea Party’s top targets of the 2012 election cycle. Lugar will have been felled by the same extreme fringe of the Republican Party that took down several pragmatic Republican candidates in 2010. These extremists found a mouthpiece in State Treasurer Richard Mourdock and are nominating a candidate who is well outside the mainstream of Indiana voters.


Roll Call: Indiana: Dick Lugar’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

On March 22, 2012, Roll Call reported:

Sen. Dick Lugar’s (R-Ind.) re-election campaign has seen better days, even this cycle.

The six-term Senator faces a tough primary against state Treasurer Richard Mourdock on May 8, but this must be Lugar’s worst week yet for his prospects. A request for response from Lugar’s team was not immediately returned this afternoon.


LA Times: Tea party group puts more pressure on Lugar

On October 25, 2011 The LA Times wrote:

 “The tea party pressure on Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar continues to mount.

FreedomWorks PAC, an offshoot of the advocacy group led by Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, has endorsed Lugar’s primary opponent, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock.

“Over the past few months we have been speaking with our Indiana members and allies, including those affiliated with the Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate, and two things are clear: they want Richard Mourdock to be their senator and they are going to do the hard work necessary to make it happen,” said Max Pappas, executive director of FreedomWorks PAC, in a statement…”