Good luck, Scott Walker

In Morning Consult’s new rankings of governors, Governor Walker ranks in the top ten of governors with the highest disapproval rating, adding yet another poll to the heap that show voters are unhappy with his failed leadership.

“Walker has to convince those covered by the Affordable Care Act that he continues to rail against and the parents of children who have seen severe cuts in their schools that he’s earned another term. Good luck with that.” – American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price

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Scott Walker’s Own Secret Email Scandal

That awkward moment when you ask a governor whose political career includes a secret email scandal to go on the attack…

Following their pattern of asking governors who have no moral high ground to play attack dog, Wisconsin Scott Walker took the stage tonight. In 2009, Wisconsin opened a John Doe Investigation (a state specific type of probe) into Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive during which thousands of dollars went missing from a veterans charity fund.

Walker’s office did their best to block the inquiry, but investigators were able to find evidence that a secret email router had been set up to illegally conduct political activities to help his gubernatorial campaign. From what’s been released publicly, there is strong support to suggest that Walker knew about the emails. Though the governor was never charged, six Walker allies were convicted for their actions, including two aides who were charged with embezzling funds […]

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Scott Walker’s WEDC: A Guide To Making America Outsource Again

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was running for office, he promised to create 250,000 new jobs for the state outside of the government through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). After three years, WEDC had failed to even meet its first year goal of creating 50,000 jobs. Instead of building Wisconsin’s economy, WEDC is a scandal-ridden jobs agency that gave tax-payer money to companies that outsourced jobs, provided loans to Walker campaign donors without discretion, and regularly failed to follow the law or its own policies.

During his presidential campaign, Walker was dogged by WEDC’s problems. A report by WKOW discovered that one company that received money from WEDC, Eaton Corporation, laid off employees at its plant in the state and sent 163 jobs to Mexico. After it came out that Eaton was outsourcing, WEDC failed to get the money it loaned back. The group also gave multi-million dollar […]

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Day Three: Make America Reactionary Again

Donald Trump’s insurgent campaign has often been compared to that of Barry Goldwater’s far-right run in 1964. The speakers featured on Trump’s “Make America First Again” night would have fit right in at a Republican convention held a generation ago–though there are no records of Goldwater delegates calling for the execution of Lyndon Johnson. Three different Trump advisers have called for Clinton executed or as one phrased it, “put in the firing range.” But hey, “all press is good press” in the eyes of Trump, apparently including reports of plagiarized speeches and banana republic style calls for extrajudicial political murders. 

Politicians peddling anti-choice, anti-immigrant, and anti-gay rhetoric will be prominently featured on Wednesday night. Throw in some political corruption, a bit of state-run media, and some pro-smoking propaganda and tonight will be nearly indistinguishable from the politics of the mid-twentieth century.

Of course, the common thread between each of tonight’s […]

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Day Two: “Make America Unemployed Again”

After a year-long fiasco of a campaign with little more sophistication than a third grade student council contest, it’s no surprise that the kick off of the Republican Trump National Convention was another clown car of chaos, featuring a heated rules fight and even some plagiarism. The GOP’s disunity is on full display, instead of “Making American Safe Again,” the theme of the night seemed to be “Make America Isolated Again.”

Day two’s “theme” is “Make America Work Again,” but with Donald Trump at the helm it would be better named “Make America Unemployed Again.” Trump staked his campaign on his financial savvy and business record — a record he built by outsourcing and conning small business owners, single parents, seniors, and everyday working Americans out of their hard-earned money.

In addition to Trump’s unethical deals and sketchy business connections, economists predict that his policies will devastate the American […]

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More Governors Back Away From Trump And His Racism — But Not Pat McCrory

Republican governors from across the country — e.g., Scott WalkerCharlie BakerLarry HoganBill HaslamJohn KasichRick SnyderSusana MartinezBruce RaunerDennis Daugaard — are declining to endorse Donald Trump, the GOP’s racist and misogynistic conspiracy-theorist-in-chief.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory? Not so much. Pat McCrory’s still all in for Donald Trump — and even helping him raise money.

On Tuesday, McCrory Gave Trump a boost by making an appearance at one of his fundraisers. And apparently McCrory made quite the impression on Trump. At a rally later that evening, Trump praised Governor McCrory as a “great governor” who’s “doing a fantastic job.”

Sounds about right — if Trump means McCrory’s doing a bang-up job of enabling and normalizing Trump’s bigotry, misogyny, and racism. 

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Like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker Is Still #EventuallyTrump

Until he says otherwise, Scott Walker is — like Ted Cruz — still ready to embrace and support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

Scott Walker in December acknowledged he’d heard some Republicans say they might not support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, but Walker insisted that he was firmly not in that camp:

“I made it clear when I was a candidate, I signed off, that first debate, I said I will support the nominee and I will support the nominee of the party.”

Cruz now; eventually Trump.

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With Legal Immigration Cuts, Trump Somehow Finds Room To Run Further To The Right

In search of a right-wing immigration policy that will allow him to call far-right Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio “weak” on immigration policy, Donald Trump is — like Scott Walker and Rick Santorum before him — calling for hard limits on legal immigration.

Yes, Donald Trump’s latest maneuvering to the right on immigration is straight out of anti-legal immigration “torch-bearer” Rick Santorum’s playbook

Trump’s left behind his days of pretending its just undocumented immigrants he has a problem with — now he’s going after immigrants who come to the U.S. legally, promising to “get immigration numbers under control.”

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American Bridge Response To Scott Walker’s Trump-ing

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement:

“Scott Walker is out of the race, but his extreme views, from denying women the right to choose even in cases of rape and incest to prioritizing tax cuts for billionaires over working families, will live on in a Republican field that’s racing still faster to the right.

“To each of the fifteen surviving candidates: Start drafting your campaign-suspension speeches — you might be the next to go.”

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Second Debate Proves The 2016 GOP Candidate Will Repeat 2012 Mistakes

As the dust settles after last night’s painfully long debate, it’s clear that there were at least two out-of-touch issues that every candidate agrees on: defunding Planned Parenthood and playing to the far-right with extreme anti-immigration stances. Unfortunately for the GOP, these are the same issues that they lost on in 2012.

First, each candidate attempted to one-up each other on their anti-women’s health agendas and how much they had (or would) defund the number one women’s health provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood:

Then, the contenders spewed hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric:

So, how’s that rebrand going again?

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