Jeb’s Rhetoric on W. Crashes Into Reality

Memo to Jeb:  You can run from W all you want, but you can’t hide from your record.

From Politico’s Florida Playbook:

Overall, bottom-line budget spending increased nearly 46 percent in his eight years in office, growing from nearly $48.9 billion to about $71.3 billion. The state’s debt increased as well (in part due to voter-approved environmental and class-size reductions measures)….

‘BIG GOVERNMENT REPUBLICAN?’ – “Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors: 2006,” by Cato’s Stephen Slivinski: “Real per capita general fund spending has grown an annual average of 5 percent over the past two years, making Bush one of the biggest spending Republican governors in this report card. Bush is seen by many as an attractive candidate for higher office. He certainly has a solid record on taxes. But the one glaring question that his second-term budget record has produced is whether he’s turned into a big government Republican.” 

From MSNBC’s Maddow Blog:

The […]

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New Web Ad: ​WEDC: Walker’s Extravagant Donor Charity

American Bridge is hitting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with targeted web ads wrapping up the latest in a series of ongoing scandals at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation…or is it Walker’s Extravagant Donor Charity?

The ads are targeting the Southern Republican Leadership Forum in Oklahoma City, and have been running since yesterday.

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SRLC Day One Roundup: Racing to the Right on Immigration

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City isn’t as fun as SNL’s version, but the American Bridge team is making the best of it, documenting a deeply damaging race to the right with video and audio clips from across Oklahoma City.  Yesterday, Bridge cameras captured Scott Walker and Rick Santorum continuing to beat their xenophobic drums and Rick Perry attacking Common Core in a clear shot at one of today’s speakers, Jeb Bush.  Take a look at the highlights here:

Scott Walker
“Wake up” that immigrants have “other movies” than jobs: 

Bragging about defunding Planned Parenthood:

Bragging about passing Voter ID:  

Senators have not “won a whole lot of victories”:  

Rick Santorum
Scaremongering on ISIS coming to TX and OK:  

Bashing legal immigration:  

Rick Perry
Leadership is not a “speech on the Senate floor”:  

Bashing Common Core:

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WI GOP, Walker Rushing Extreme Anti-Choice Legislation

Wisconsin Republicans are pushing to expedite their extreme 20 week abortion ban before the state budget debate in June. Governor Scott Walker has already come out in favor of the legislation, doubling down on his anti-choice agenda earlier this month and agreeing to sign the bill into law. The ban would be a devastating blow to women’s abortion access in the state, charging doctors who break it with a felony and possible jail time — even in cases of rape or incest. Walker has a long history of supporting extreme policies including personhood and making severe cuts to women’s healthcare facilities across Wisconsin. 

Check out Walker's record of hurting a woman's right to choose after the jump:

Bush Tells Voters To Get Over His Name, Voters Comply

Bush to Voters: I Love My Brother, Get Over It

Before a question was even asked at a round-table event here, Jeb Bush delivered blunt advice to those who view his last name as a burden: Get over it.

Voters: Oh, We Are

Iowa Republicans say they feel overwhelmed by the large number of potential candidates at this stage of the 2016 presidential nominating contest and are waiting for the field to shrink before they focus on the race. But they share one concern: Jeb Bush’s viability.

Instead, they said Bush’s loyalty to his brother, former President George W. Bush, and his stumbles in saying whether he would have invaded Iraq may weaken his chances for the nomination as well as his ability to beat Hillary Clinton if she is the Democrats’ 2016 nominee.

Elected Officials: Us, Too

If presidential hopeful Jeb Bush was counting on his famous family’s legacy in New Hampshire […]

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Walker’s Corrupt WEDC Gets Savaged in the Press

After reports surfaced that Scott Walker was aware of the approval of a Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) loan awarded to one of his political donors, the governor’s flagship program has been back in the news this week. Check out some of the crushing clips about the failures of Walker’s taxpayer-backed slush fund:

MSNBC: Scott Walker jobs agency in ‘chaos’ amid calls for federal probe

Four years later, as Walker lays the groundwork for a presidential run, WEDC appears rudderless and deeply troubled. Government and press reports have raised serious questions about the agency’s transparency, effectiveness, political independence and compliance with the law. Walker, who serves as chair of the WEDC board, has twice in recent months announced major shifts to the agency’s structure and mission—and this week he has been forced to deny that he knew about a questionable loan to a political contributor’s company.
Democrats are calling for a federal […]

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American Bridge Files FOIA Requests Following New Findings on Scott Walker’s WEDC

New reports from the Wisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel show that Scott Walker was aware of the approval of a loan from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to one of his political donors, William Minihan. This latest development directly contradicts “statements by the governor and his aides that he was not aware of the award,” said the Journal Sentinel. Consequently, American Bridge has filed FOIAs for the correspondence between Gov. Walker, his chief of staff, and Minihan and Minihan’s company, Building Committee Inc. American Bridge is working diligently to hold the governor, his office, and his political cronies accountable for this shady loan deal, which has cost Wisconsin taxpayers millions.

See the FOIA requests here and here.

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Inhofe trolls conservatives on highway bill punt

The House of Representatives took the easy way out last night on rebuilding infrastructure by succumbing to a short term, temporary fix to the highway bill. Democrats and Republicans, business groups and labor groups, cats and dogs all agree that a long-term highway bill is necessary to boost our economy and keep the travelling public safe.

As Bridge Project explored in a recent report on Republican obstructionism on the highway bill, it’s Tea Party conservatives – doing the Koch brothers’ dirty work – who are forcing Congress to punt on a long-term bill.

Sen. Jim Inhofe confirmed this yesterday when he said, “The problem with this bill is really more Republicans than Democrats.”

Senator Inhofe isn’t the only Republican fed up with his party for blocking a long-term fix to fund infrastructure projects. Bridge Project’s highway bill report looked at other Republicans who desperately want their national party to […]

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Seeing Double: Jeb Channels Brother on Discriminatory “Religious Freedom”

Jeb Bush is borrowing from his big brother’s playbook again — this time on same sex marriage. In an interview with “The Brody File” this weekend, Jeb said he doesn’t believe in a constitutional right to marriage equality. He also doubled down on Indiana’s discriminatory RFRA laws, arguing that businesses should be able to decline serving gay weddings. At the same time, George W. was giving a speech on the same topic at Southern Methodist University’s graduation ceremony, sounding not so different from his little brother.

Jeb has already been under fire for his failure to distance himself from W. on the disastrous Iraq War. With the brothers’ parallel rhetoric on allowing for discrimination based on sexual orientation, we have to wonder — are George and Jeb just siblings, or are they twins?

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Courting the King: GOP Field Races to the Right in Iowa

The Republican 2016 field visited Iowa this weekend to court the king — Steve King that is. The cantaloupe-conspiracy theorist, and right wing svengali of today’s Republican Party, was in fine form — jabbing Jeb Bush on immigration and comparing immigrants to Santa Ana’s army.

Picking up where King left off were the GOP’s White House aspirants. From Bobby Jindal’s defense of discriminatory RFRA laws to Scott Walker touting his anti-worker agenda as a qualification for the presidency, the day was chock-full of red meat.

It’s official, the race to the right is on.

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