Bankruptcies, Bubbles & Busts: The Economic Legacy Of Jeb Bush

It didn’t take long for folks to realize Jeb Bush’s economic record is a complete mirage, fueled by a housing and construction bubble that popped right after he left office as governor of Florida.

The Washington Post: A housing bubble made Jeb Bush look great — and then it tanked Florida’s economy

The Wall Street Journal: Florida’s Economic Leap Under Jeb Bush Helped By Housing Bubble, Economists Say

Bloomberg Politics: Governors Who Would Be President Have Mixed Records on Miracles

The Washington Post: Under Jeb Bush, housing prices fueled Florida’s boom. Then it all went bust.

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Christie Jumps On Jeb’s “Work Longer Hours” Wagon

Look no further than Chris Christie in a Davenport, IA, town hall this afternoon for proof that Republicans really do believe that the problem isn’t income inequality, it’s that all those workers just don’t put in enough effort.

Christie said medical advances are going to “allow us to even have manual laborers who will be able to work longer, much longer than they’re able to work now.”

The GOP rebrand now includes wanting workers to “work longer hours,” as Jeb Bush put it. The millions of Americans who already work longer hours than anyone else in the developed world except for South Korea are no doubt thrilled at this prospect.

Watch here:

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Recap Of Ron Johnson’s Calamitous Thursday

Lego aficionado and clown-show headliner Ron Johnson made all kinds of news yesterday — though not for reasons he’d like.

It all started when the Washington Post reported that Johnson referred to “idiot inner city kids” in a radio interview.

The headlines speak for themselves:

Washington Post: Sen. Ron Johnson regrets referring to ‘idiot inner city kids’

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Sen. Ron Johnson refers to ‘idiot inner city kids’ on Milwaukee radio

WGBA-TV: “Ron Johnson is taking some heat for his choice of words…he referred to inner-city students as ‘idiots’”

WRC-TV: Ron Johnson: “They just don’t want to let those idiot inner-city kids that they purport to be so supportive of…”

Associated Press: Senator refers to ‘idiot inner-city kids’

Talking Points Memo: GOP Sen. Was ‘Being Very Sarcastic’ With ‘Idiot Inner City Kids’ Reference

The Capital Times: Sen. Ron Johnson refers to ‘idiot inner city […]

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Jeb’s Dismissal Of Black Lives Matter Causes Trouble

Jeb Bush yesterday dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement with a big eye roll, saying, “It’s a slogan.”

Watch the video here.

Jeb’s characterization and indifference make it abundantly clear: He’s missing the point entirely. Based on yesterday’s coverage, it’s another example of Jeb shooting from the hip and causing trouble for himself.

Read the headlines:

MSNBC: Jeb Bush calls Black Lives Matter a ‘slogan’

Washington Post: Jeb Bush condemns ‘political correctness’ of #BlackLivesMatter protesters

Yahoo News: Bush says O’Malley should not have apologized for saying ‘white lives matter’

Politico: Jeb Bush: Martin O’Malley shouldn’t have apologized for saying ‘all lives matter’

ABC News: Jeb Bush Says No Need to Apologize for ‘All Lives Matter’

MSNBC’s Way Too Early: Jeb Bush: “If he believes white lives matter, which i hope he does, he shouldn’t have apologized to a group that seemed to disagree with it”

KSNV-TV: “Jeb Bush Generating A Little Controversy Over The Statement ‘Black Lives Matter’”

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Another Day, More Trouble For Scott Walker’s WEDC — Seriously, Enough Already.

Another day means more controversy for Scott Walker’s sinking-ship money pit Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

And that’s not an exaggeration — it was just this Tuesday that criminal scrutiny surrounding a dubious series of loans last brought WEDC into the news.

Today brings another WEDC miscue: “Gov. Scott Walker’s jobs agency gave a Wisconsin businessman a $1 million loan nine months after a federal judge wrote that other deals involving the person had ‘all the earmarks of fraud,’” reported the Associated Press.

Well, if Scott Walker isn’t glowing with pride, he should be.

And by glowing with pride, we mean feeling ashamed and praying that he can distance himself from the ever-unraveling disaster that is his tax payer-dollar-squandering jobs program.

Associated Press: Walker’s jobs agency gave loan despite ‘earmarks of fraud’
Gov. Scott Walker’s jobs agency gave a Wisconsin businessman a $1 million loan nine months after a federal judge wrote that other […]

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EMP Weapons Are The Least Of RoJo’s Problems: Regrets And Photoshop

Ron Johnson and friends just got caught — twice. 
They can’t photoshop their way out of this one. RoJo started his week by calling inner city kids idiots, then he hosted a “clown show” on EMPs, and now a pro-RoJo Super PAC is using (badly) photoshopped pictures of the president in campaign ads. Looks like being “schooled” by a MIT physicist is going to be the best part of RoJo’s day.

BuzzFeed: Anti-Iran Deal TV Ad Uses Fake Image Of Obama Meeting Iranian President
A new ad touting Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s opposition to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran features a photoshopped image of President Obama shaking hands with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, as well as a still from a propaganda video produced by ISIS.

The ad’s background images include a shot from an ISIS-produced video, footage of a smoldering World Trade Center, and an image of the president shaking hands with Iranian President Hassan […]

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Jeb Takes His Lobbying Talents (And Ties) To Mt. Washington, N.H.

Former registered lobbyist Jeb Bush, with his campaign fueled by lobbyist dollars, today continues his farce of taking on “Mount Washington” in the shadow of Mt. Washington.

But at today’s New Hampshire town hall, the biggest lobbyist presence will be Jeb’s own.

Recent reports have brought to the conversation Jeb Bush’s early-90s history as a registered lobbyist in Miami-Dade County. Shockingly — or perhaps not — Jeb neglected to boast about this resume-booster during his speech on Monday in which he “complained about ‘swarms of lobbyists’ who hold sway over Washington,” as the Associated Press reported.

We eagerly await to see if Jeb will come clean on his lobbying roots, and continuing ties to lobbyists, as he aims to bring them with him toward a different Mt. Washington to the south.

Associated Press: Bush blasts ‘swarms of lobbyists’ but once registered as one “Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush complained about “swarms of lobbyists” who hold sway over […]

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WATCH: Jeb’s Backwards Ideas For 21st Century Workers

These days, Jeb Bush’s been talking a whole lot about “disruption” and shaking things up.

Well, his avant-garde vision for today’s workers would sure do that — but would take us all back a couple of centuries in the process.

Jeb thinks “people need to work longer hours” — but doesn’t support rules to ensure they’re fairly compensated for it. And today, we learned that he’s not too keen on “benefits and stuff,” either.

Well, where exactly does that leave us, Jeb? Because one thing’s for certain: it’s not the 21st century.

Watch the video, for more on “Jeb’s Backwards Ideas for 21st Century Workers.”

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WATCH: Jeb Bush’s Idea Of The 21st Century

Jeb Bush stepped in it again. After telling American workers they need to “work longer hours,” he just told a town hall in South Carolina his ideas on workers’ benefits…and stuff:

“And so Hillary Clinton is saying, ‘Well, we’ve got to figure out a way to regulate this, so that — so that the workers get these benefits and stuff.”

Watch here:

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