Multimillionaire, Political Savant Ron Johnson is on a Warpath Against College Kids

Multimillionaire Senator Ron Johnson thinks we’re helping too many young, aspiring Americans go to college. At a recent event in Wisconsin, Johnson said, “What’s wrong? Well partly, student loans are available and kids are using them.” Students are taking 5 and 6 years to graduate simply because loans are too easy to access and “college is a lot of fun,” he went on to say.

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MEMO: Mike Huckabee is the GOP in all its offensive glory

Mike Huckabee represents the extreme majority of the Republican Party in all its offensive glory. After winning the 2008 Iowa caucus and racking up the second most delegates that year, Huckabee is jumping into a crowded GOP primary where candidates are already trying to prove they’re the most conservative. Huckabee will immediately pull the primary even further to the whack job fringes of the Tea Party.

He compared abortion to slavery. He said women “cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government.” And while Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and the rest of the field jumped to support Mike Pence’s religious discrimination law, Huckabee outflanked the pack and said:

When business people you sit in church with every week are told they’re going to pay a fine of $1,000 a day and possibly go to jail because their conscience won’t let them make a wedding cake with two men on the top of the wedding cake.

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MEMO: The C[onservative] Team

The Republican presidential field keeps getting wider, but not any deeper. Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson are set to announce their long-shot bids this week.

And although they’re more likely to win FOX News contracts than the White House, each of these three candidates can and will have an impact on the contours of 2016 and the eventual GOP nominee. Look no further than Mitt “Self Deportation” Romney’s lurch to the right in the previous presidential nominating contest — one of  the weakest fields in quite some time.

Carson, Huckabee and Fiorina will have their moment in the sun and fire up base. When they do, the true contenders will have to react. Will Walker, Bush and Rubio lose the primary to win the general? If history is any indication, it is quite likely to be just the opposite.

When it comes to electability, these three may make the core of the C-Team, but they’re also extremely and unabashedly conservative. Here’s how we expect Huckabee, Carson and Fiorina to shift the wide field right.

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MEMO: What you don’t know about the “Clinton Cash” author

The author of “Clinton Cash,” the latest conservative hatchet job against Hillary Clinton, is a right-wing Republican operative who was an advisor to Sarah Palin and a speechwriter for President George W. Bush. But what you might not know about Peter Schweizer is that he has deep ties to the Koch brothers and the right-wing billionaire bankrolling Sen. Ted Cruz’s nascent campaign. He’s a current contributor to conservative blog Breitbart and is the president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI).

“Clinton Cash” has already been repeatedly debunked by reporters given early access to the accusations, which is no surprise given Schweizer’s history as a conservative researcher peddling misleading and false attacks that have discredited his work. American Bridge today released a video of FOX, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC anchors confronting Schweizer during his media blitz with the pesky fact that he doesn’t have any evidence for his theories.

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Chris Christie needs to come clean on Bridgegate involvement

Brad Woodhouse, President, American Bridge 21st Century:

“Chris Christie’s administration sought political retribution by forcing thousands of New Jerseyans to endure hours of traffic, leaving students stranded on buses for their first day of school, and making it harder for EMTs and law enforcement to do their jobs. Now that one of Christie’s longtime allies, David Wildstein, has pled guilty and his close aide and a political appointee are getting indicted, the cloud swirling over Chris Christie is only getting thicker. Wildstein’s lawyer is adamant that Christie ‘knew of the lane closures as they occurred’ and that ‘evidence exists.’ Christie’s record low approval rating is going to tank further by the time this is over.”

NYT: Ally of Christie Pleads Guilty in George Washington Bridge Case; 2 Others Indicted

“Impressive Record of Public Whining”

Peter Schweizer claims he wrote Clinton Cash as “bipartisan citizen action” in the preface, but he has a history of making personal and erroneous attacks on the Clintons. In 2008, Schweizer released Makers and Takers, where he targeted Hillary Clinton, saying she had an “impressive record of public whining.” He also said that the political couple was not charitable enough and that they were “preoccupied with material things.” Don’t be fooled by his fake call for “government accountability,” Schweizer is only interested in furthering his extreme conservative agenda.

Here's more of Schweizer's personal attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton.

If someone ever emails “time for traffic problems,” don’t respond

Top Chris Christie crony and former Port Authority political appointee David Wildstein — a figure smack dab in the middle of the Bridgegate scandal that has bludgeoned Christie’s presidential aspirations with a traffic cone — is set to plead guilty to criminal charges as soon as tomorrow. Wildstein is infamous for his “Got it” response to the “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” email from Christie’s deputy chief of staff, Bridget Ann Kelly. If only he used a carrier pigeon…

The slow drip of news that the federal prosecutor is looking into David Samson’s potential extortion of United Airlines for his “chairman’s flight” means that Christie’s headache is far from over. Wait to see if Christie’s New Jersey approval rating can fall any lower than 38 percent (lowest yet) due to what National Journal described as “endless scandal and economic stagnation back home.”

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It’s Not Just Immigration and Common Core: NRO Hits Jeb on Puerto Rican Statehood

Jeb spent part of his trip to Puerto Rico reminiscing about drinking rum, but he’s looking punch-drunk after adding two more positions to his growing list of problems with the Republican base.

First, the editors of the National Review took him to task today for supporting Puerto Rican statehood:

If Puerto Rico became a state, its economy and culture would be incredible outliers: It is twice as poor as the poorest of the 50 states, and it would of course be the first Spanish-speaking one. Statehood would remove some of the competitive benefits the island currently enjoys — protection of the United States and its laws without paying income taxes, for instance — in exchange for an inordinately generous welfare state. (One important economic policy exported from the mainland, the federal minimum wage, is believed to have had devastating effects.) The territory is currently stuck in a deep economic malaise, driving large numbers of residents to emigrate, but what it needs is structural reform, not statehood.

So what is Governor Bush thinking? In Washington, the issue has long been more of a Democratic cause — the state would be reliably blue — but some Republicans have warmed to the idea on political grounds, too, thinking it will win over Hispanic voters, especially the growing population of Puerto Ricans in Florida. Bush surely believes what he said (his brother was sympathetic, too), but if this is a political ploy, it’s an unwise one.

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Any Port in a Storm? Portman Seeks Refuge from Record of Outsourcing American Jobs

If Rob Portman wants to remind us what a patent failure he was as United States Trade Representative under President George W. Bush, he’s doing a “heckuva job.”

Portman is in the fight of political life this election cycle and he’s making sure the hardworking men and women of Ohio know that he’s on their side by cracking down on currency manipulation. “It is critical that any new trade agreement include effective tools to fight back against a practice that has resulted in the loss of millions of American jobs,” said Portman in a statement.

It sure sounds like a reasonable message, if you completely ignore the messenger. Portman simply has no standing to talk about protecting American workers.

Here's the top lines from Portman's record as the George W. Bush's principal advisor and negotiator on trade issues.