TOMORROW: American Bridge to Force Martha McSally to Listen to ProPublica Audio of Migrant Children

Tomorrow at 1:30 PM MST, American Bridge 21st Century will host an audio protest outside Rep. Martha McSally’s campaign event in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event is co-hosted by NextGen America.

American Bridge will force McSally to confront the ramifications of President Trump’s cruel immigration policy by playing audio recorded by ProPublica of migrant children separated from their families.

“McSally may have glossed over Trump’s cruelty in her public statements, but we will force her to confront the consequences of her inaction firsthand,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.“The heartbreaking audio we will play sends a powerful message: voters will not forget that McSally refused to stand up to Trump with young lives on the line.”

WHAT: American Bridge audio protest

WHEN: TOMORROW, June 23, at 1:30 PM MST

WHERE: Denny’s
7000 E. Mayo Blvd
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Scott Fails to Stand Up for Floridians with Pre-Existing Conditions

A brutal op-ed in the Florida Sun Sentinel today blasted Governor Rick Scott for failing to stop his political ally Attorney General Pam Bondi from co-signing a lawsuit that could strip 7.8 million Floridians of protections for pre-existing conditions.

Scott has said nothing about the lawsuit except to lamely remind Floridians that the Attorney General is independently elected — but that excuse doesn’t pass the smell test. Here’s what Floridians are reading this morning:

Sun Sentinel: Pam Bondi seeks to end protections for people with pre-existing conditions
June 21, 2018

“If the lawsuit prevails, Obamacare’s core guarantee — access to health insurance for Americans with pre-existing conditions — will disappear, along with other provisions in the law.”
“This is a serious threat for Florida, where 1.7 million people enrolled in the federal health-insurance exchange last year to buy policies under the law. More than 90 percent of them […]

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American Bridge Demands Public Records For Missing Babies, Girls, and Pregnant Women in Detention

Today, American Bridge 21st Century submitted a public records request under the Freedom of Information Act demanding the Trump Administration release records as they relate to missing babies, girls, and pregnant women who are being held at detention centers.

For weeks, the Trump administration has only released photos and video of migrant boys in detention ages 10 and up, but the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services have repeatedly ignored questions and withheld information on the migrant girls and infants separated from their families. This week, HHS finally released select images of two shelters, but they still have not allowed media or elected officials to enter the detention facilities.

We know that more than 3,000 women and girls are currently being detained — and an undisclosed number of babies and pregnant women. We also know that Scott Lloyd, who heads the Office of Refugee Resettlement, has […]

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REPORT CARD: McSally Gets an F on Family Separation

Rep. Martha McSally failed a basic leadership test this week: with young lives at stake, she chose to prioritize her political career over families cruelly separated by the Trump administration.

McSally’s feckless political opportunism hasn’t gone unnoticed. Here’s what Arizonans are reading this morning:

Arizona Daily Star: Steller’s Friday Notebook: Who took a stand, fell in line on familyseparation?
By Tim Steller | June 22, 2018

“The policy of deliberately separating children from their parents, turning children accompanied by their families into unaccompanied children — that’s not so complicated.”
“And it served as a gut check for Arizona politicians, one of those rare issues in immigration where…there was a clear right or wrong answer.”

“Rep. Martha McSally, the congresswoman who is running for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, said Monday: ‘We need to enforce our lawsin a consistent and humane manner, and DHS should […]

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All For Nothing: Rep. McSally’s Immigration Bill Just Went Down In Flames

Legislation McSally Bragged About Co-Sponsoring Failed by Nearly 40 Votes

Rep. Martha McSally has staked her political future on a brazen flip-flop, turning her back on Arizonans and running to the right in a desperate attempt to win her primary election. Today, her latest gamble went down in flames: her conservative immigration bill about which she has repeatedly bragged failed to pass.

McSally has been touting this bill for weeks:

“Soon, the House of Representatives will take up immigration legislation that I’ve been working on for months. This bill will provide a legislative fix so laws can be enforced and families stay together pending resolution of their case. Congress must step up to get a solution to the President’s desk.”

But just like McSally’s other flip-flops, this one backfired — this afternoon, her bill failed in the House, 193-231.

Let’s play back the tape: First, McSally flipped from a […]

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QUICK CLIP: Kevin Cramer Thinks Those Cages Aren’t So Bad, And He Really Means It

Rep. Kevin Cramer spent yesterday on a talk-radio blitz defending the Trump administration’s policy of putting migrant children in caged detention centers.

He was roundly criticized for his insensitivity, but rather than apologize, Cramer doubled down– this time on national TV.

“You use the term ‘children in cages,’” said Cramer. “We’re not talking about children in cages. What we are talking about is children who’ve been brought across our borders illegally, through the entire country of Mexico, dangerous and in harm, and they’re put in a building — in buildings that have, in some cases, walls that are made of chain links so that it’s easier to observe and to protect them. But it’s the rhetoric that turns that into cages.” 

WATCH Cramer tell Fox Business that liberal rhetoric is to blame for migrant children in cages:

“How Kevin Cramer defines ‘cage’ doesn’t change the fact that […]

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Horrible Boss Braun Slips Up, Touts Relationship With Outsourcers

Rep. Mike Braun showed his true colors yesterday with the release of a new ad that touts his partnerships with companies that outsource jobs. In his rush to rebut allegations of mismanagement, worker abuses — and, yes, outsourcing — Braun included a nod to two business partners that use overseas manufacturing facilities.

“Rep. Mike Braun’s fumble is just the latest misstep from a campaign that has endured weeks of lost momentum and brutal local press coverage,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Including business partners who outsource American jobs in his TV ad is the kind of gaffe that tells the truth: Mike Braun is a political insider who makes millions while Hoosier families suffer.”

IndyStar: Ad by GOP Senate candidate Mike Braun sends unintended mixed message on outsourcing jobs

By Maureen Groppe | June 21, 2018

“GOP Senate candidate Mike Braun boasts in a new campaign ad that his business is ‘proud to […]

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Hawley Backs Reckless Tariffs Putting Missouri Manufacturers Out of Business

Hawley: “The President is right to focus on the fact that our trade partners ought to actually obey the rules. He’s right to say that China and other countries like that, that our violating the trade pact with impunity, whether it’s currency manipulation or what have you, that needs to stop.”
devastating report out yesterday highlighted a southeastern Missouri nail manufacturer — the last major nail manufacturer in the country — that may soon go out of business because of President Trump’s steel tariffs.

Missouri’s GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley is on the record multiple times as a supporter of Trump’s reckless tariffs, saying last week, “I think he’s on the right track.”

“Josh Hawley is backing policies that will do direct harm to Missouri workers, farmers, and businesses. Hawley has shown that when it comes to choosing between Missourians and his political ambitions, Missourians […]

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Failure of Leadership: Voters Will Hold GOP Senate Candidates Accountable For Backing Family Separations

Kevin Cramer Admits His Stand Will Hurt Him: “I Know It Perhaps Sounds Not Very Compassionate”

While a majority of Americans watched the news of family separations with horror, Republican Senate candidates — scared of antagonizing their pro-Trump base — have spent the week cheerleading for Trump’s indefensible policy.

Candidates have doubled down as Trump has continued lying — alternately blaming their Democratic opponents, liberals, and “laws” for a policy entirely of Trump’s own creation that cruelly separates migrant children from their parents.

“The sight of of children being torn away from their parents is so painful it transcends partisan politics. Republican Senate candidates who have failed to call out this kind of cruelty are going to face furious voters of all parties in November,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Corey Stewart (R-VA): “I think that’s the right policy. Now, the fact is we do have to enforce […]

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VIDEO: Unlike Jeb and Laura Bush, Bush Cousin Walker Stapleton Supports Trump Family Separation

Watch: Stapleton on separating families at the border: “What the President has done, which I agree with…”

Last night, part-time Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton broke rank with the Bush Family and said in a debate he supports the Trump Administration’s policy of separating young immigrant children from their parents. Earlier this week, Stapleton’s family members, former First Lady Laura Bush, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, both came out against the Administration’s policy of family separation. Then, in a move Walker Stapleton clearly noticed, Donald Trump Jr. canceled a fundraiser with Jeb Bush’s son, Texas Agriculture Commissioner George P. Bush, in response to the Bush Family’s criticism of the family separation policy. In contrast, their cousin, Walker Stapleton, is fully on board Trump’s policy. When asked last night by a debate moderator if he supported the Administration’s policy, Stapleton said he agreed with it.

“Apparently, images of crying […]

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