“Rattled” Republican establishment scrambles to help career politician Rick Saccone as he struggles to connect with Western Pennsylvania voters

Two national reports today underline that the Republican establishment in Washington is desperate to “prop-up” career politician Rick Saccone, who’s campaign is stalling as Saccone fails to demonstrate that he will stand-up for middle class families and Western Pennsylvania workers instead of the special interests that he has put first throughout his time in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

In recent days, Reuters also spoke with Trump voters in Pennsylvania’s 18th district, who expressed a lack of enthusiasm for Saccone.  These Trump supporters said that they view the tax plan Saccone is promoting as a “giveaway” for the rich and that only throws “a bone” to them.

This comes as polling shows the race is tightening.

“Follow the money – the Republican establishment is in full-on panic mode because career politician Rick Saccone is not connecting with Western Pennsylvania voters,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. “Saccone’s failure to gain traction […]

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HellerOnTheRun: Hiding Dean Heller Hasn’t Held a Town Hall in 10 Months

Today, American Bridge 21st Century re-launched HellerOnTheRun.com to hold Dean Heller accountable for running away from his constituents. 

With the U.S. Senate in recess for the next week, senators should be at work in their states, but Heller hasn’t held a public town hall meeting with his constituents since last April and has none currently scheduled. He’s denying Nevadans the opportunity to share their views and ask questions about his lurch to the right and his recently uncovered shady business dealings.

For a second-by-second look at just how long it’s been since hiding Dean Heller had a town hall meeting with Nevadans, head to HellerOnTheRun.com.

“Dean Heller is running from Nevadans, hiding behind closed doors because he knows he can’t defend his sketchy business practices and his votes to sell out Dreamers and put women’s health at risk,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Dean Heller hasn’t held a […]

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Indiana Senate Candidate Todd Rokita Has Spent $3 Million In Taxpayer-Paid Self-Promotion   

A new report reveals that career politician Todd Rokita has a long history of using taxpayer money for political gain, spending millions on radio ads and mailers promoting himself — shattering his image as a fiscal conservative and raising serious ethical questions.

“Todd Rokita has a taxpayer-paid chauffeur who has to follow humiliatingly precise instructions or be berated by the congressman — and now Hoosiers are learning he has spent over $3 million in taxpayer dollars to further his political career,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Todd Rokita sees his taxpayer-paid job as nothing more than a slush fund for him to use to reach even higher office. Count on Hoosiers to stop this self-interested political climber at the ballot box.”

AP: Public money fuels Indiana Senate candidate Todd Rokita’s publicity bid

By Brian Slodysko | February 15, 2018

“Throughout his career in elected office, Indiana Senate candidate Todd Rokita has used […]

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BREAKING: Dean Heller Runs An Unlicensed  Business Worth Millions of Dollars

Today, the Reno Gazette-Journal published an explosive story about Sen. Dean Heller running an unlicensed farm in direct violation of Nevada law, running up fines that could total tens of thousands of dollars.

His defense? That he didn’t even need a business license, despite earning over $160,000 from his farm. But as soon as the RGJ started asking question, Heller ran straight to his old office and applied for a business license from the Secretary of State.

Here’s what you need to know about this breaking story…

Reno Gazette-Journal:  Heller ran revenue-rich Smith Valley farm without a business license, until asked about it 
By James DeHaven | Feb. 15, 2018

1. Heller has failed to obtain a business license for his multi-million dollar farm for seven years. He says he didn’t need one — but as soon as the Reno Gazette-Journal started asking questions, Heller applied for a license.

“U.S. […]

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#TBT: Seven Years of Florida Editorials Slam Rick Scott’s Gun Violence Record

The tragic school shooting yesterday in Parkland was the third mass shooting in Florida in two years. But for his entire tenure as governor, Rick Scott has worked to weaken commonsense regulations to curb gun violence and prevented even the most sensible of gun violence prevention laws.

“Floridians have been crying out for Rick Scott to take action to protect their communities. Instead, he’s met them with silence and empty words that enable future tragedies,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “The time for action is long since past — it’s time for consequences for politicians who put partisan politics ahead of keeping kids safe.”

Read years of editorials against Rick Scott’s shameful record on gun violence below:

Pensacola News Journal Editorial: “Why Conservative Lawmakers Who Profess To Believe That Government Should Stay Out Of Health Care And Not Impose Politically Motivated Restrictions On Individual Freedom Is Also Almost Beyond Comprehension.” According to an editorial by the Pensacola News Journal, […]

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Toxic Kevin Cramer Finally Says Yes to Mitch McConnell

Kevin Cramer’s habit of making toxic remarks led Republicans to abandon him last year, but desperate Republicans who have been turned down over and over again in North Dakota are now accepting that he is their only choice to run for U.S. Senate. Cramer will announce his Senate bid tomorrow, the AP reports.

Less than a year ago Republicans were running from Cramer and his tendency for toxic, “Todd Akin-like” remarks. Cramer has made derogatory comments about his female colleagues’ appearance, said that female members of Congress have a “disease,” and bizarrely volunteered to release his internet browsing history to a random caller on a radio show. He even defended Sean Spicer’s whitewashing of the Holocaust.

“Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans have been turned down over and over again by high-quality recruits in North Dakota, so out of desperation they […]

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QUICK CLIP: Seriously? Rick Scott Claims He Has Heard No Ideas to Prevent School Shootings

“Floridians have been asking Rick Scott for common sense gun violence prevention measures for years and yet he claims he has heard no ideas on how to help prevent mass shootings. This is either a blatant lie or Rick Scott has not cared enough about the horrific number of Americans who die each year from gun violence to listen to a single family member or survivor,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Watch the full clip here.

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TIMELINE: Rick Scott’s Irresponsible Gun Violence Record

It’s time to call a spade a spade: Governor Rick Scott’s seven-year record in Florida has made Floridians less safe and enabled future tragedies. Scott has consistently and irresponsibly loosened commonsense regulations on guns, and created new loopholes for evildoers to slip through. Worst of all, Scott has consistently opposed any action whatsoever to address violence even, even as three mass shootings have occurred in Florida in the last two years.

Take a look at Rick Scott’s irresponsible gun violence record:

2011: Rick Scott signed preemption legislation, prohibiting localities from regulating firearms and ammunition. Cities and counties were forced to allow guns in parks, hospitals, and government buildings as a result. [Tampa Bay Times, 8/19/11]

2011: Rick Scott signed a controversial “docs versus glocks” bills, which punished doctors who asked patients about gun ownership. Pediatricians feared the safety repercussions of the legislation.

2011: Rick Scott said he would sign a guns-on-campus bill if it reached his desk despite the fears […]

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Not-So-Way Back Wednesday:  Last Year, GOP Fled Kevin Cramer’s Toxic Statements

The GOP may be courting Rep. Kevin Cramer to run for Senate now that they’ve been turned down by five other potential recruits, but less than a year ago Republicans were running from Cramer and his tendency for toxic, “Todd Akin-like” remarks.

“From derogatory comments about his female colleagues’ appearance to defending Sean Spicer’s whitewashing of the Holocaust, Cramer knows how to offend just about everyone,”said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Kevin Cramer’s habit of making toxic remarks led Republicans to abandon him last year, but desperate Republicans who have been turned down over and over again in North Dakota are now begging their backup-boyfriend to take them back.”

Here are just some examples of headlines from last year that made the GOP worry about Cramer’s Akin-esque flaws as a candidate: 

West Central Tribune: N.D. congressman: Women wearing ‘bad-looking white pantsuits’ during Trump speech have a ‘disease’

Politico: GOP […]

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Career politician Rick Saccone spends Valentine’s Day in DC with his true loves: lobbyists and special interest groups

How is career politician Rick Saccone spending Valentine’s Day?  In Washington, D.C. at a closed-door meeting – arranged by a federal lobbyist – with a special interest group that advocates for privatization of government services and jobs.  The Saccone campaign has refused to publicly comment on the candidate’s presence at this gathering today.

“Attending a secret fundraiser in DC has to the swampiest way to spend Valentine’s Day that anyone has ever heard of,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. “Rick Saccone’s long political career has been defined by putting special interests ahead of the people he’s supposed to be fighting for and by taking advantage of his elected office to benefit himself at the expense of his constituents in Western Pennsylvania.”

Today’s meeting comes as Saccone is under fire for misusing his seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to benefit himself financially – […]

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