People hate Rubio’s tax plan so much that Glenn Beck would rather vote for Obama

Congratulations, Marco Rubio. Rather than pleasing anyone, you managed to offend just about everyone with your shiny new tax plan. Glenn Beck thinks it’d be better to vote for Barack Obama.

Economists and blowhards on the left, center, and right are all singing kumbaya and writing off Rubio’s plan for making laughable assumptions about tax revenues. Or is it the child tax credit that actually excludes poor families? Maybe it’s that his tax cuts didn’t go far enough?

It’s tough keeping track of the endless criticisms, but here’s a sampling of what’s wrong with Marco Rubio’s tax plan.

Yo bro, I think you got a problem…

Every younger sibling has to deal with hand-me-downs, but for most this ends at some point. That’s not the case for Jeb Bush and he doesn’t seem to mind. As the Washington Post noted today, “Far from running from or downplaying the views once expressed by his brother, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush is embracing them — and emphasizing them.” This might seem odd to anyone who lived through Bush’s two terms; it doesn’t even make sense to W:


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MEMO: What To Expect In Nashua

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Brad Woodhouse, President, American Bridge 21st Century
RE: What to Expect in Nashua
DATE: April 17, 2015

Republican presidential candidates are descending like a swarm of locusts on Nashua, New Hampshire, this weekend for the NHGOP’s First in the Nation Leadership Summit. With more than 20 candidate events scheduled in addition to Friday and Saturday’s speaking slots, American Bridge will be working overtime to document every word from targeted candidates and continue our work holding Republicans accountable for their extreme positions and words. Here’s what we’re expecting to hear.

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VIDEO: El Sueño de Marco Rubio es una Pesadilla para los Hispanos

Marco Rubio’s “New American Century” is premised on his ability, as a young Latino legislator, to expand the shrinking GOP electorate. But 15 years in, this country and its Hispanic community have clearly left Rubio behind. As American Bridge highlighted on Monday, Rubio is stuck between a rock and a hard place with two constituencies he needs to win: Latinos and Tea Party conservatives. And as only a pandering politician like Rubio could, he’s somehow managed to alienate them both.

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Marco Rubio: Pro People, Anti “Events”

Anyone tuned into Marco Rubio’s interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity last night could be forgiven for not realizing that “events” consist of human participants. Trying to have it both ways on legislation that makes it easier to discriminate against LGBT persons, Rubio produced this nonsensical garbage: “There’s a difference between discriminating against a person and saying, ‘I don’t want to offer services to an event.’ A same sex wedding is an event; it is not a person it is an event that is going on.”

Well, OK then…

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ICYMI: Roll Call: Marco Rubio’s Opening Speech Had a Goof

The problem with the senator’s statement is that the government is neither taxing, nor borrowing, nor regulating like it did in 1999. In fact, in 1999 there was a surplus, shrinking the debt owned by the public.

Taxes were much higher in 1999 — 19.2 percent of gross domestic product, versus 16.7 percent in 2013, with President Barack Obama agreeing to permanently extend the Bush-era tax cuts for 99 percent of taxpayers at the end of 2012.

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Jeb Bush is hiding from Ohio’s auto workers

Jeb Bush is in Ohio today rubbing shoulders with business leaders, but it’s not the first time he’s chosen the business elite over middle class workers. Bush opposed the auto rescue and would’ve let 850,000 jobs that are tied to the auto industry disappear.

Not exactly a winning message from Bush: Protecting his Wall Street allies and leaving Ohio workers to fend for themselves.

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No one is happy with Marco Rubio on immigration

Marco Rubio’s first day as an official candidate didn’t go very well. He’s facing heated criticism for backtracking on his immigration reform bill after tying his political fortune to its success. Rubio is stuck between a rock and a hard place with two constituencies he needs to support him: Latinos and tea party conservatives.

Tea Partiers are unhappy with Rubio’s key role in immigration reform and will never forgive him. At the same time, four out of five Latino voters oppose Rubio’s immigration stance, as American Bridge pointed out this weekend, and they’re feeling abandoned by the senator.

Mark Murray from NBC has it right: Immigration is “toxic” for the Rubio campaign. This is one issue that isn’t going away.

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VIDEO: Marco Rubio: New Face, Same Old Problems

Marco Rubio’s presidential announcement should trigger yawns from anyone who has followed his career. A typical politician, Rubio is plagued with personal scandals, has burned his bridges with key constituencies, and transparently puts his own ambitions first over doing his job. There’s nothing unique or new about the real Marco Rubio. Watch the latest from American Bridge, “Marco Rubio: New Face, Same Old Problems.”

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