Say What? After Calling Social Security A Pyramid Scheme, Mealy Mouthed Heck Has No Answer

Congressman Joe Heck’s Senate campaign got off to a rough start with Jon Ralston last night when he put on a Dodgeball-grade display of dodges, ducks, dips, dives, and dodges when asked about Social Security.

Not only does Heck refuse to say he regretted calling Social Security a pyramid scheme, but he lists off a litany of bad ideas like raising the retirement age… all the while insisting that he doesn’t necessarily support any of them. Riiiiight. Joe Heck wants you to think he’s different, but he’s just like the rest of the DC GOP: Ready to break the promise to our seniors.

Take a look as Joe Heck rattles off the same damaging Republican rhetoric on Social Security — and listen to what he’s not not saying:

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Marco Rubio would make students pay more for college

Marco Rubio took the bold step of offering a plan that even he acknowledges might make some people pay more for their college degrees. He wants to set up a system where private investors could cover a student’s tuition in exchange for a percentage of their earnings after college, but clearly hasn’t thought it through.

Will it limit someone’s freedom to choose their job afterwards since a financier will be breathing down their neck?
How much uncertainty will students face about the fine print and what could get sneaked into their contract?

In his Chicago speech today, Rubio left out his call to eliminate the Department of Education, which would also drive up the cost of college by getting rid of federal student loans and Pell Grants. He did, however, re-up his extreme proposal that would likely open the door to more for-profit colleges. A prime example is Corinthian College, which recently went bankrupt and left the federal government  Read more after the jump.

Ouch! Marco ‘I Don’t Know’ Rubio Struggles Hard on FOX News

The coverage Marco Rubio was envisioning today probably didn’t include a word salad non-answer about Donald Trump’s outrageous comments on immigration. But somehow the candidate who once championed immigration reform was caught flat-footed in an interview with FOX Business Network where he was asked to clearly denounce Trump.

Watch Rubio’s wince-inducing answer, in which he reminds America he’s not even close to presidential material:

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Trump/King 2016


Reading a transcript of Donald Trump’s announcement speech or listening to him double-down on his immigration positions, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a Steve King floor speech.

King has a Ph.D. in xenophobia and a knack for articulating right where his party stands on immigration (far, far outside the mainstream). He also happens to be a congressman from the all-important presidential state of Iowa, and for that, he has the ear of his party’s presidential contenders. Just this past January, the cantaloupe-calved-conspiracy-theorist brought almost the entire field to kiss his ring in Iowa. Scott Walker called it “an honor.” Chris Christie called him a “friend.”

But since The Donald rode an escalator down into the circus that is the GOP primary, candidates for the White House have been worried sick about the damage he’ll will do to their brand. That’s a reasonable calculation, but hardly a principled one. […]

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Hey, Jeb! Why Don’t You Put Your $$$ Where Your Mouth Is?


1994: Jeb Bush Said Charities Were An Alternative To Welfare

Bush Cited “Marriage […], Work […], Going To Charitable Organizations” As Three Non-Welfare Options For The Poor That Justify Putting A Hard Time Cap On Receiving Welfare Benefits.

Bush Claimed That Within A Two Year Window, “If People Are Mentally And Physically Able To Work […] They Should Be Able To Get Their Life Together And Find A Husband, Find A Job, Find Other Alternatives In Terms Of Private Charity.”

Bush Said Marriage Is One Way, Along With Finding A Job And Help From Private Charities, For Women To Get Off Welfare.

2006: Bush Vetoed Projects That He Said Could Be Funded By Charities

Bush Said, “The Budget Contains Many Worthwhile Projects That I Believe Are More Appropriately Funded From Private Organizations And Charities Or Local Governments Rather Than By State Funds.”


2003-2013: Bush Donated 1.5% Of His Income To Charity; Half The National Average

2003-2013: […]

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Republicans can try to laugh off Donald Trump. They can refuse to comment on his incendiary views. They can attempt to not take him seriously. But while they desperately wish he would just go away, he’s going nowhere but up in the polls and straight to a debate stage in Cleveland.

Watch the latest from American Bridge:


From The Boston Globe today:

Whether New York businessman Donald Trump is serious about running for president or just serious about getting publicity, his groundswell of support in recent weeks is hard to ignore.

Since announcing his bid for president in mid-June, Trump has climbed to second place among the Republican field in New Hampshire, Iowa, and nationwide, according to separate polls in recent days. No other Republican has numbers as good in all three metrics.

A Quinnipiac University poll of Iowa Republicans released Wednesday found that Trump had consistent support from all parts of […]

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Yahoo: Bush had a 21.3% average tax rate

It turns out Jeb Bush had an average effective tax rate of 21.3 percent according to financial planner Michael Kitces on Yahoo Finance, not the 36 percent he’s been fudging about. Bush only paid more than 36 percent in one year — 2013 — while his rate was less than that in the other 32 years.

As Kitces explains, Bush’s “total tax liabilities are also inflated by the fact that for many years when he was self-employed, he paid self-employment (SECA) taxes. While this is certainly part of one’s total tax liability, it is somewhat confusing to include it in a normal effective income tax rate calculation as these taxes appear on the personal tax return simply because Bush was self-employed.”

Even though Jeb has released 13 years of new tax returns (bringing the total to 33 years), outlets like the Tampa Bay Times and Wall Street Journal are calling him out for his lack of […]

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Jeb’s searchable tax returns

In his enduring commitment to “transparency,” Jeb Bush made sure that the incomplete tax returns he posted to his website were unsearchable and difficult to download. So we fixed it for you.

Click here to access American Bridge’s full text searchable and downloadable copy of Jeb’s incomplete tax returns.

The initial reviews show Jeb’s hollow promises on transparency:

Tampa Bay Times: “Bush’s transparency has limits. He would not commit to releasing more details about some of his consulting clients or several limited liability corporations he had created but has since resigned from.”

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10 More Years of Jeb Bush’s Tax Returns

American Bridge is continuing its steady drip of Jeb Bush’s tax returns ahead of his holiday week news dump. He’s claiming transparency while burying the real news of what’s not in the returns.

The following years are now available for download:

To download the file, please click here.

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