DAMAGE CONTROL: After Saying He Wouldn’t Spend Money on Ads During Primary, Adam Laxalt Forced to Go On TV to Defend Support of Alleged Rapist Sheriff

Las Vegas Sands Review-Journal employee Victor Joeks “reported” today that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt will be launching television ads next week. This comes just days after Laxalt told a group of supporters he would not be spending money on television ads until the general election.

At the same event, Laxalt was asked about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. While Laxalt ran away from the question, the pressure didn’t stop there. The very next day American Bridge launched new ads against Laxalt on his standing with sexual predators over female victims. The ads followed previous Facebook ads American Bridge launched against Laxalt over his support of misogynists and sexual predators. Nevada women have also protested outside Laxalt’s offices in Las Vegas and Reno over the last few weeks.

“Adam Laxalt is […]

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BREAKING: Adam Laxalt Finally Confronted About Support for Alleged Rapist Sheriff, Runs Away

Watch the video here

In a rare public appearance, Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt was finally confronted about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro.

As Laxalt’s handlers nervously watched, perhaps contemplating how someone got between them and the candidate they’ve been sworn to protect from interactions with actual voters, Laxalt was asked about recent Facebook ads regarding his support for Antinoro. Instead of using the opportunity to renounce his numerous supporters like Antinoro who are accused of sexual harassment and assault, Laxalt refused to answer the question and awkwardly ran away.

“Adam Laxalt’s handlers finally failed at keeping Laxalt away from questions about his support of an alleged rapist and sexual harasser,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Unfortunately, Laxalt still refused to provide a straight answer – or any answer – on why he continues to tout the endorsement of an alleged rapist. […]

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American Bridge Launches New Ad Against Adam Laxalt for Standing With Sexual Predators Over Female Victims

American Bridge launched a new ad today around the ongoing scandal engulfing Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt over his support of alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, Gerald Antinoro. Last week, American Bridge launched digital ads and a petition calling on Laxalt to denounce the sexual predators supporting his campaign. Laxalt has refused to do so, allowing his handlers to keep him in a bubble and refusing to deviate from his tight script in his rare public appearances.

The new ads feature media reports detailing the allegations against Antinoro, as well as Laxalt’s continued support for him. The ads begin running on Facebook and Twitter today and are targeted to female swing voters in Reno and Las Vegas.

“While Adam Laxalt’s handlers try to hide him from the media, Nevada women are seeing firsthand that Laxalt is standing with alleged rapists and sexual predators over female victims,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “What will it take for Adam Laxalt to finally […]

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VIDEO: Walker Stapleton Called Out for Repeatedly Lying in New Ad

WATCH: “We’ve been putting political ads to our truth test for years, and you really don’t see that many blatantly false claims…but Walker Stapleton, he dares to be different”

“Bona fide false”


“As State Treasurer, Stapleton barely has the power to stop payment on a check”

“This ad is writing checks his record can’t cash”

That’s gonna leave a mark. Last night, 9 News in Denver ran a brutal segment tearing apart the claims in Republican candidate for Colorado Governor, and occasional State Treasurer, Walker Stapleton’s first television ad. Stapleton, who boasts that he doesn’t show up to work when it rains, made numerous claims in the ad that 9 News found to be “bona fide false,” “blatantly false,” and “overstatements.” The segment concluded with journalist Brandon Rittiman saying, “this ad is writing checks his record can’t cash.” Ouch.

“Maybe if […]

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NEW ADS: Pennsylvania Primary Winners Barletta & Wagner Head Into General Tarnished by Opponent Attacks

Paul Mango: If Scott Wagner’s the nominee, “this election is going to be over before Memorial Day — not Labor Day — Memorial Day”

Today, immediately following the Pennsylvania Senate and gubernatorial primary elections, American Bridge released new digital ads targeting newly minted Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner. The ads ask Pennsylvania voters – if their nominees’ fellow Republicans have so thoroughly denounced them, how can any Republican voter have confidence in their candidacies?

The 30-second ads will play this week on social media in Pennsylvania, targeted to Republican midterm voters.

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson said, “While a primary defined by personal character attacks, violent assaults on trackers, and a race to the bottom on who is a bigger cheerleader for Donald Trump has finally come to an end, the bad news is just beginning for Lou Barletta and Scott Wagner. Even Republicans say Barletta and […]

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Adam Laxalt in Damage Control Over Ties to Alleged Rapist

Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt is in full on damage control after facing mounting criticism for his ties to an alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser. Last week, Northern Nevada women protested outside Laxalt’s office in Reno, demanding Laxalt renounce the support of Gerald Antinoro. Antinoro has been accused of sexual assault and has admitted to sexually harassing a former employee. This week, American Bridge launched new ads demanding Laxalt renounce the support of sexual predators like Antinoro. Despite all this, Laxalt continues to stand by Antinoro – literally:

But while Laxalt continues to embrace alleged sexual predators like Antinoro, it hasn’t stopped him from trying to do damage control on the scandal. Yesterday, Laxalt’s office launched a “new website” and his handlers published a series of tweets designed to make people think Laxalt actually cares about helping victims of sexual assault. What’s missing from […]

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Trump Campaign Tries to Bail Out Bill Schuette After He’s Caught Lying About Assets, Use of State Employees for Personal Business Deals

This morning, the Trump campaign released an endorsement for Bill Schuette for Michigan Governor, which struck many as confusing considering the President himself endorsed Schuette months ago. But if you watched Schuette’s performance at a debate hosted by the Michigan Press Association yesterday, Schuette recycling an eight month old endorsement to try to change the subject makes all the sense in the world.

At the debate, Schuette got caught lying about his assets in the Virgin Islands. Schuette not only misled Michigan voters about his assets being in a blind trust (they weren’t), he also used state employees to notarize his personal business deals.

“After Bill Schuette was caught red-handed lying about his assets yesterday, his campaign hit the panic button and rehashed an endorsement that they already announced months ago,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Michigan voters already know Bill Schuette is Donald Trump’s candidate and that he […]

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GOP Opponent Slams Adam Laxalt for Pay to Play Connection to Sheldon Adelson

LISTEN: “If You Want Governor Adelson, Vote for Laxalt”


This morning, Republican State Treasurer Dan Schwartz blasted Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt for being “in the pocket” of billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Schwartz went on to say that “if you want Governor Adelson, vote for Laxalt.”

Adelson is one of Laxalt’s biggest campaign donor, and Laxalt has returned the favor in kind by doing Adelson’s bidding as Attorney General. Adelson’s top political aides run Laxalt’s campaign, and Laxalt has even strong armed regulators to help Adelson.

“Adam Laxalt is a fully owned subsidiary of Sheldon Adelson and even an out of touch Republican like Dan Schwartz can see that,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Schwartz’s comments are a reminder that Adam Laxalt has spent his time as Attorney General protecting his billionaire donor’s bottom line, not the people of Nevada.”

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NEW ADS: Bruising Primaries Leave GOP Candidates Irreparably Damaged Ahead of General Election

Braun, Morrisey, and DeWine have been lambasted
for months by their fellow Republicans

Today, immediately following Senate primaries in Indiana and West Virginia, and the gubernatorial primary in Ohio, American Bridge released new digital ads targeting the newly minted Republican candidates. The ads ask Hoosiers, West Virginians, and Ohioans – if their new nominees’ fellow Republicans so thoroughly denounced them, why should any Republican voter have confidence in their candidacies?

The 30-second ads will play this week on social media in Indiana, West Virginia, and Ohio, targeted to Republican voters. Among the damaging attacks on their U.S. Senate and gubernatorial nominees that voters will hear straight from the mouths of their fellow Republicans are: 

“Mike Braun is just willing to say anything to get elected.” – Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN)
“The problem with Patrick Morrisey is he’s just not being honest.” – Rep. Evan Jenkins (R-WV)
“That’s what Mike DeWine represents, he is the establishment… he is a career […]

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NEW AD: Bruising Ohio Primary Leaves DeWine Irreparably Damaged Ahead of General Election

Today, immediately following the Ohio gubernatorial primary election, American Bridge released new digital ads targeting newly ordained Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine. The ad asks Ohio voters – if DeWine’s fellow Republican, Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, has so thoroughly denounced him, how can any Republican voter trust him to be their governor?

The 30-second ad will play this week on social media in Ohio targeted to Republican voters.

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson said, “Mike DeWine was forced to spend nearly $6 million in a bruising Republican primary — and came away with his opponent’s damaging attacks still sticking to his back. Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor summarized it best — Mike DeWine is part of the status quo establishment and has been more focused on advancing his own career than in helping Ohio families. If this is what fellow Republicans were willing to say about DeWine, how can any Ohioan trust him?”

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