Ahead of Alex Trebek Debate, American Bridge Releases New Video of Scott Wagner on “Pennsylvania Jeopardy”

Watch here

Ahead of tonight’s Pennsylvania Governor debate moderated by Alex Trebek, American Bridge released a new Jeopardy-themed video outlining how wrong Scott Wagner is for Pennsylvania families. Called “Pennsylvania Jeopardy,” the video shows just a few of the numerous instances where Scott Wagner demonstrated he would be a disaster as Governor.

The video will play on social media during tonight’s debate.

“Whether it’s insulting young voters, telling racist stories that compare immigrants to ‘raccoons,’ or physically assaulting trackers, Scott Wagner has repeatedly shown he is unfit to be Pennsylvania’s Governor,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “This November, voters will reject Scott Wagner’s backwards agenda that would jeopardize Pennsylvania families.”

Watch the video below.

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Scott Wagner Again Campaigns With Fringe Cult Leader Who Orders Women to Obey Husbands or Face Death

Watch cult leader Sean Moon again endorse Wagner yesterday

Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner once again campaigned with a fringe cult leader who orders women to obey their husbands or face death. The cult leader, Sean Moon, gave the invocation at a rally Wagner also spoke at in Wilkes-Barre yesterday. In the invocation, Moon again endorsed Wagner’s campaign.

Moon often wears a “crown of bullets.” His cult teaches that women should obey their husbands or face death and conducts mass weddings where participants hit each other with sticks and attendees carry AR-15 rifles. It’s also been labeled an “anti-LGBT cult” by the Southern Poverty Law Center and its founder, Sean Moon’s father, served jail time for tax evasion and faced charges of anti-Semitism.

Wagner previously told a member of Moon’s cult that “ninety-eight percent of what you believe in, I believe in.”

“Campaigning with a fringe […]

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WATCH: Mike DeWine Says He’d Sign Bill Restricting Abortion for Rape Victims

Watch here

“Tonight Mike DeWine gave a nervous, angry performance that highlighted just how out-of-touch he is,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Even worse, DeWine said he would sign extreme legislation that would criminalize abortion for rape victims and severely restrict women’s health. Mike DeWine’s agenda is dangerous for Ohio women and they can’t afford him as their next Governor.”

Watch DeWine say he’d sign an extreme “heartbeat bill” here.

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New Ad Slams Mike DeWine for Putting Himself Before Ohio Police Officers

Watch the ad here

Ahead of tonight’s Ohio Governor debate in Dayton, American Bridge is launching a new ad slamming Attorney General Mike DeWine for putting himself ahead of Ohio law enforcement. Last month, the AP reported that DeWine refused to replace expired body armor for law enforcement officers for over a year. But while DeWine was ignoring the pleas of the officers he was endangering, he apparently was scheduled to get himself fitted for a brand new bulletproof vest.

The ad is geotargeted to swing voters in Dayton and begins running this afternoon before the debate.

“Police officers were literally begging Mike DeWine to replace their expired protective vests, but he ignored them for over a year,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Even worse, while he was endangering police officers in the field by denying them the proper protection, DeWine was scheduled to get […]

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Donald Trump Says Puerto Rico Deaths Were Made Up: Does Ron DeSantis Agree?

This morning, President Trump tweeted that contrary to, well, the truth, 3,000 people did not die in 2017 from the hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico. This raises an obvious question – does Trump’s biggest supporter, Ron DeSantis, agree? DeSantis has previously praised Trump’s handling of the Puerto Rico hurricanes.

“Ron DeSantis has staked his entire candidacy around his record of being a spineless yes-man for Donald Trump in Washington,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Considering he is on record praising Trump’s handling of the storms that devastated Puerto Rico, DeSantis needs to answer if he agrees with Donald Trump that 3,000 people did not die in the Puerto Rico hurricanes.”

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Washington Republicans Hypocritically Attack Polis When Walker Stapleton Has a Cayman Islands Bank Account and Tried to Hide $30,000 in Income

Washington Republicans launched a misleading new attack ad in the Colorado Governor’s race yesterday. In criticizing Democratic candidate Jared Polis with false attacks, Washington Republicans forgot to do their homework on their own candidate for Governor, Connecticut blueblood Walker Stapleton. In the desperate and breathless ad, Washington Republicans ignored the fact that Walker Stapleton himself has a bank account in the Cayman Islands. They also forgot to mention that Stapleton got caught omitting $30,000 of income from his disclosure form and said releasing his tax returns is “stupid and dumb.”

“Washington Republicans are hypocritically attacking Jared Polis while ignoring the fact that their own candidate for Governor, Walker Stapleton, has a bank account in the Cayman Islands and got caught trying to hide thousands of dollars in income,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If Washington Republicans want to have […]

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Adam Laxalt to Campaign With Man Who Assaulted a Woman and Mocked a Migrant Child With Down Syndrome

Fresh off a new story this morning revealing he tried to hide a secret condo in Virgnia from Nevada voters, Washington, D.C., native Adam Laxalt is bringing the Washington swamp to Nevada today. Laxalt is set to campaign this afternoon with Vice President Mike Pence and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Remember Lewandowski?  He’s the guy who was arrested for assaulting a female reporter in 2016 and mocked a migrant child with Down Syndrome only months ago. In other words – just the type of person you’d expect Adam Laxalt to hang out with.

“After looking the other way when a supporter of his was accused of raping someone, Adam Laxalt is now campaigning with a Washington operative who was arrested for physically assaulting a woman,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Adam Laxalt […]

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BREAKING: Nevada Independent: Adam Laxalt Exploited Legal Loophole to Hide Secret Condo in Virginia

“Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt got caught exploiting a legal loophole to hide his secret condo in Virginia from Nevada voters,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Considering he has only lived in Nevada a short time, refuses to answer even basic questions from the media, and is propped up by shadowy billionaires, Nevadans deserve to know what else Adam Laxalt is hiding.”

Excerpts from the Nevada Independent story are below. Read the full story here.

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt owns and likely rents out a two-bedroom condominium in Virginia, but because of a unique provision in state law isn’t required to report it on state campaign finance disclosure forms.”
“Records obtained by The Nevada Independent show that Laxalt purchased the two-bedroom, one-bathroom in January 2006, and the property is listed on online rental portals updated as recently as two months ago. Laxalt, the Republican attorney general and grandson […]

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While He Was Ignoring Allegations Into Rapist Supporter, Adam Laxalt Took Money From “Legitimate Rape” Todd Akin Supporter

Shot: Laxalt contributor Rex Sinquefield invoked KKK in effort to dismantle public schools. [Nevada Current, September 5, 2018]

Chaser: Sinquefield Donated To A Super PAC That Supported U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin After He Made Comments About “Legitimate Rape.” [Politico, July/August 2014]

“At the same time Adam Laxalt was ignoring allegations against an alleged rapist supporter of his, he was taking money from someone who supported ‘legitimate rape’ Todd Akin,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “From Steve Wynn, to Gerald Antinoro, to Elliot Broidy, to Rex Sinquefield, the company Adam Laxalt keeps sends an alarming message to Nevada women.”

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#BeBest: New American Bridge Ad on Scott Wagner’s Anti-Bullying Hypocrisy

Watch the new ad here

American Bridge launched a new ad today about Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner’s anti–bullying hypocrisy. Wagner recently said at a town hall that he doesn’t tolerate bullies. But Wagner himself has repeatedly bullied members of the public, sometimes violently.

“Scott Wagner seems to have an unusual opinion on what constitutes bullying,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “As his election prospects have dwindled, Wagner has become increasingly belligerent, berating constituents at town halls, assaulting trackers, and threatening to bring baseball bats to legislative hearings. We do agree with Scott Wagner on one thing, however: he certainly suffers from character flaws.”

The ad will run statewide on social media starting today.

Watch the ad below:

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