Heller Sold Out Nevadans on Health Care and Has Forever Lost Their Trust

Following Dean Heller’s announcement today that he will vote yes to open debate on the GOP’s health care bill, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“With his announcement today, Dean Heller has proven to Nevadans that he will always put himself first, and them last, even at the expense of their families’ health and economic security. Make no mistake about it: Heller’s vote today is a vote to undermine the entire American healthcare system, forcing millions Americans off their health care, weakening protections, and raising costs for millions more. Despite promising to oppose legislation with exactly these outcomes, Heller sold out Nevadans and put his own political career first. Nevadans didn’t trust Dean Heller yesterday, and today he has lost their trust forever.”

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Health Experts Alarmed By GOP’s Underhanded “Skinny” Repeal

Health policy experts immediately warned that the desperate new plan Republicans developed for repealing the Affordable Care Act – which the American people overwhelmingly support keeping and improving on a bipartisan basis – would strip health coverage from millions, force premium costs to skyrocket, and cause insurance markets to collapse.

“Republicans have falsely howled about markets ‘collapsing’ under the ACA, but now we know where they really stand. When it comes to the ability of insurance markets to serve the American people, this last-minute Trojan Horse ploy is like intentionally putting poison in a patient’s IV.  This cowardly approach would take health coverage from millions and make premiums spike as it roiled markets and eventually sank them, leaving the American healthcare system in chaos,” ​said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. ​

Jacob Leibenluft, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities – 7/25/2017: “Best way to think of this: as a Trojan […]

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NEW STUDY: ACA repeal would cost U.S. over 1 million jobs

“Today is a moment of truth: do Republicans vote to save healthcare for 32 million Americans and prevent over 1 million jobs being killed, or do they cave to Donald Trump? There’s only one right thing to do, and the American people will remember this vote for years to come,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Andrew Bates. 

Washington Post – Wonkblog: 1 million jobs on the line as Senate votes on health care
By Heather Long July 25 at 9:34 AM

America could lose more than a million jobs if the Senate votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday.

That’s according to a report from George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health and the Commonwealth Fund.

“This legislation could single-handedly put a big dent in health care job growth,” said Leighton Ku, the lead author of the report and the director of the Center […]

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Republicans are trying to gut the nonpartisan CBO after a sobering ACA repeal score

“Republicans wrote a terrible healthcare bill and now they’re trying to silence the truth about their plan’s consequences.  The Congressional Budget Office – led by a Republican – revealed the bill would cost 32 million people their health care​.​ B​ut rather than creating a better bill, Republicans want to scrap the agency that exposed the recklessness of their own plan.  That says all we need to know ​regarding ​how much the GOP cares about families struggling to afford health insurance. Here’s a novel idea: instead of writing a terrible bill and trying to hide its consequences, why not work with Democrats on a better plan?” said Andrew Bates, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century.

The Hill: Meadows: CBO should downsize, aggregate think tank reports
BY NIV ELIS – 07/24/17 02:20 PM EDT

Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.), a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, plans on offering an amendment to spending legislation this […]

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New Analysis Shows Medicaid Costs for Nevadans Would Skyrocket Under Trumpcare

A new analysis of the Senate GOP’s Trumpcare bill shows that annual out-of-pocket costs will skyrocket for Nevadans under the newest draft of the Senate GOP’s Trumpcare plan.

A single, 60-year-old Nevadan earning $12,360 who currently pays $0 under the Affordable Care Act would pay $7,650 in premiums and deductibles next year, according to a new study by the non-partisan Urban Institute.

“It’s more clear than ever that Trumpcare would sentence tens of thousands of Nevadans — and millions of Americans — to insurance with out-of-pocket costs so high it effectively leaves them uninsured. With every new study, the truth becomes clearer: Trumpcare would strip millions of their insurance and raise costs on millions more, and that’s why Nevadans are demanding Sen. Dean Heller stand up for them — for once,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Take a look at the horrifying numbers:

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First Cornyn, now Cruz admit that they are playing politics with the American people’s healthcare

“The second Republican Senator in as many days just admitted the truth: they and Donald Trump are endangering the healthcare of the American people in order to practice the most cynical form of partisan politics imaginable,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. “Yesterday John Cornyn said it would be a ‘luxury’ to know if the Senate would vote to take coverage from 22 or 32 million Americans, and now Ted Cruz is urging Republicans to put the next year’s elections ahead of the well-being of American families.”

Washington Examiner: Ted Cruz warns: Failure to act on Obamacare will hurt GOP in 2018
by Anna Giaritelli

Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas, lashed out at Senate Republicans on Friday for their inaction in healthcare reform legislation, and said it could result in real problems for the GOP in the mid-term elections.

Fox News co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Cruz on Friday if senators are worried […]

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Dean Heller Doesn’t Have a Clue on Health Care

Dean Heller’s spent this week doing his best impersonation of a Magic 8 Ball, refusing to discuss Nevadans’ health care with reporters and giving meaningless answers when cornered.

Yesterday, in a bizarre interview with Axios, Heller couldn’t give a clear answer to seven questions in a row about Trumpcare:

Where do you stand? “I don’t have an answer.”
What about premiums? “That’s one of the variables.”
Would higher premiums be bad? “Well, you know, all the scoring and everything.”
What if Nevadans lose coverage? “I’m not going to talk about that.”
What would you tell Nevadans? “It just depends on the individual.”
Is Gov. Sandoval a factor in your decision? “Everything’s a factor.”
You sound pretty flexible. “I hope so.”

“It sounds like Dean Heller’s replaced his usual word salad with a Magic 8 Ball — that’s how terrified he is of taking a stand against Donald Trump and the Senate’s health care bill. Heller isn’t fighting for Nevadans’ health care — he’s fighting to […]

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Sen. Cornyn, knowing how many people will lose healthcare coverage is no “luxury” 

“Senator Cornyn just admitted that the American people’s healthcare is in fact the last priority of Republicans ​in Washington and Donald Trump. They are so obsessed with implementing their partisan agenda that don’t care about the pain their healthcare vote would inflict on the country. Cornyn may not be one of the 22 million Americans who stand to lose their insurance under Trumpcare, or one of the 32 million Americans whose coverage would be threatened by an outright repeal of Obamacare -​ but dismissing this bill’s consequences so casually is a slap in the face to every constituent who would be harmed by this plan​,​” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

The Hill: Cornyn: Knowing health plan ahead of vote is ‘luxury we don’t have’
BY PETER SULLIVAN – 07/20/17 02:41 PM EDT  

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican, on Thursday said knowing what the Republican healthcare bill will […]

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American Bridge Statement on Newest CBO Confirmation That Trumpcare Would Gut the American Healthcare System

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler responded to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Offices’s latest score of Trumpcare by calling for Republican leaders to listen to the American people and work across party lines to improve the Affordable Care Act. 

​”Republicans have a clear choice: either vote for a partisan plan to gut healthcare in the name of tax cuts for the rich, or put the American people first.

“America’s doctors, hospitals, addiction experts, the insurance industry itself, and now the independent Congressional Budget Office have declared that Trumpcare would eviscerate the American healthcare system, leaving 22 million people without insurance, forcing through-the-roof deductibles onto working families, and ending Medicaid as we know it. That should be all Republicans need to hear to put a stop to this plan.

​”What’s more, Republicans are not telling us if they’ll include the Cruz Amendment in Trumpcare or not, which the health insurance […]

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American Bridge Releases Ad of Heller & Trump Laughing Over Lunch About Taking Away Nevadans’ Health Care

American Bridge released a new digital ad today featuring footage of apparent best buddies Dean Heller and Donald Trump laughing together at this afternoon’s meeting about taking healthcare away from millions of Americans.

Trump doesn’t need to bully Dean Heller — Heller has voted 20 times to repeal or undermine the ACA, helped write Trumpcare in secret, and said he’d do everything he could to “get to yes” on the Trumpcare bill.

“Apparently Dean Heller and his good friend Donald Trump think it’s funny to rip away health care from tens of thousands of Nevadans and millions of Americans who need it,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Heller has been negotiating in secret and trying to ‘get to yes’ on this dangerous, unpopular law for months, and Nevada voters aren’t laughing about it. They will hold him accountable next November.”

The 6-second ad will run as YouTube pre-roll and […]

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