Senate Brief: GOP Candidates Struggle with “Dissonant” Healthcare Messaging

Week of Monday, August 20, 2018.

IN BRIEF: GOP Senate candidates are trying to have it both ways on Obamacare. They’re failing.

Republican candidates running for Senate are campaigning against the Affordable Care Act while promising they’ll protect coverage for pre-existing conditions. In states from Indiana to Montana, GOP Senate candidates are still railing against the Affordable Care Act on the stump, yet consistently swear they’ll protect the law’s most popular provisions.
That’s not how this works. Republicans can talk all they want about how they’ll keep constituents with cancer or diabetes safe from exorbitant healthcare rates — but their continued support for gutting the ACA negates every single talking point.
If a GOP Congress repeals Obamacare, or if the Republican lawsuit against the ACA succeeds, that all but guarantees coverage for pre-existing conditions will be scrapped. GOP Senate candidates are consistently on the record with support for the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. The success of […]

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Republicans Try to Have It Both Ways on Healthcare, Fail Miserably

“Republican Senate candidates are failing miserably in their transparent attempts to have it both ways on Obamacare,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “In spite of their persistent pathetic pandering, this year’s crop of GOP Senate candidates is no exception to the decade-long Republican crusade against affordable healthcare. American voters will voice their disdain for such political antics at the polls this November.”

Politico: GOP’s midterm peril: What if they win on killing Obamacare?
By Burgess Everett | August 17, 2018

“Republican candidates are trying to have it both ways on Obamacare.”
“On one hand, Republicans are still campaigning against the law, arguing a strong election result will allow them one more shot at repealing the Affordable Care Act with GOP majorities in both chambers. And many high-profile Senate GOP candidates support a lawsuit that would scuttle Obamacare if successful in the nation’s courts, a case that will be heard by a federal judge in September.”
“Yet at the same […]

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Cruz, Sessions Targeted by New “Worst For Women” Campaign

Today, American Bridge and UltraViolet PAC are launching a new campaign targeting Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Pete Sessions with grassroots actions across Texas. The campaign, “Worst for Women,” highlights more than a dozen members of Congress as the “Worst for Women” with digital ads and a new micro-site featuring an inaugural legislative scorecard.

Texans concerned with Cruz and Sessions’ dangerous and extreme agenda are presenting the “Worst for Women” award to Sen. Cruz and Rep. Sessions’ offices in Dallas, Austin, and Washington D.C. today.


UltraViolet PAC and American Bridge delivered a Worst for Women award to Ted Cruz’s office in Washington, D.C. today.


The Worst for Women five-figure digital buy has begun, and directs persuadable female voters to learn about Cruz and Sessions’ record on the Worst for Women micro-site, here:

Cruz and Sessions tout Trump’s dangerous and extreme agenda—voting in line with Trump as much as 98 percent of the time. They’ve consistently voted to repeal health care, to protect the […]

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Rick Scott Killed High Speed Rail Until He Could Profit From It

“Floridians deserve to know exactly why Rick and Ann Scott chose to invest in a rail company that has won massive favors from the Scott administration. Rick Scott killed high speed rail in 2011 to help his special interest allies profit — and to pad his own wallet. This is the very definition of conflict of interest and corruption,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Miami Herald: Rick Scott killed a high-speed rail plan. Then All Aboard rolled up and he bought it.
By Mary Ellen Klas | August 16, 2018

“As one of his first acts in office in 2011, Gov. Rick Scott canceled a $2.4 billion federally funded and shovel-ready bullet train from Orlando to Tampa because it carried ‘an extremely high risk of overspending taxpayer dollars.’”
“Now, the idea has returned — revived by All Aboard Florida, a Coral Gables-based company that has heavily supported Scott — and the governor has reversed […]

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NEW AD: Leah Vukmir Is Deeply Damaged Following “Vicious” Wisconsin Senate Primary

Immediately following the Wisconsin Senate primary elections, American Bridge released a digital ad targeting newly minted Republican Senate nominee Leah Vukmir. The ad asks Wisconsin voters — if Vukmir’s fellow Republicans have so thoroughly denounced her, how can any voter have confidence in her candidacy?

The 30-second ad will play this week on social media in Wisconsin, targeted to Republican midterm voters.

“The primary may be over, but the months-long onslaught of political attacks against LeahVukmir have taken their toll,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.“Vukmir heads into the general election permanently tarnished by the ‘Never Trump’ and ‘career politician’ labels slapped on her by her opponent. Wisconsin voters watching at home will be forced to ask themselves whether they can really trust a candidate whose own party labeled her a RINO.”

WATCH Vukmir’s Republican opponent tell Wisconsinites exactly why they shouldn’t vote for her for Senate:

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QUICK CLIP: Hypocrite Mike Braun Sells Auto Parts Made in China

Mike Braun has staked his Senate campaign on his supposed all-American business career. There’s just one problem: his business isn’t quite what he says it is. From allegations of employee mistreatment to outsourcing jobs, Braun’s business record isn’t squeaky clean.

Now, Braun’s been caught profiting off of auto parts made in China, while touting his dedication to Made in America on the campaign trail. 

Indiana’s WANE reports:

“Senate candidate Mike Braun is railing against foreign outsourcing on the campaign trail. However, his own company continues to sell its trademarked brand of auto accessories, many of which are made in China. An auto accessory purchase by the Associated Press was stamped ‘Made in China.’ Braun has previously insisted the company is only in the business of distributing other companies’ auto parts.”

Watch Hoosiers call out Mike Braun for his Made in China hypocrisy:

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Senate Brief: WI-SEN’s Race to the Bottom Comes to a Close

Week of Monday, August 13, 2018.

IN BRIEF: Wisconsin Republicans’ race to the bottom may come to an end tomorrow, but the victor in tomorrow’s Senate primary won’t escaped unscathed. Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson’s “acrimonious” primary election — increasingly a contest over who loves President Trump the most in a state where he is deeply unpopular — will irreparably damage the winner’s chances as they attempt to pivot to the general election.

Vox writes, “A vicious GOP primary, pitting a former Democrat running as an outsider against the conservative state establishment, isn’t improving [Republican] odds of beating Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin.”
In spite of a unity pledge the two candidates signed in January, Kevin Nicholson hasn’t hesitated to air his anti-Vukmir oppo all over Breitbart. Meanwhile, the Nicholson-aligned Club for Growth has poured tens of millions of dollars into […]

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HIGHLIGHT REEL: Brutal Press Coverage of Rick Scott’s Algae Crisis This August

Today, American Bridge is releasing a highlight reel of Rick Scott’s devastating toxic algae crisis, which is devastating Florida families and small businesses. The video features just a sample of the brutal negative coverage Rick Scott’s abysmal handling of the crisis is earning on local TV this month.

Watch American Bridge’s highlight reel of August coverage of Rick Scott’s algae crisis here:

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Experts Agree Rick Scott is to Blame for Florida’s Toxic Algae Crisis

Every Expert Quoted By The Washington Post Blames Rick Scott

“Across Florida experts blame Rick Scott for the algae crisis that is devastating families and small businesses,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “As governor, Rick Scott has destroyed environmental protections and refused to take action that would prevent this crisis. The Washington Post could only find one person who didn’t blame Rick Scott — and that person works for Rick Scott.”


Washington Post: In Florida, an environmental crisis takes center stage in tight Senate race

By Brady Dennis and Lori Rozsa, August 10, 2018

Frank Jackalone, director of the Sierra Club’s Florida chapter, “said that although Scott is trying to shift the blame to Nelson, the governor is the one largely responsible for the crisis.”
Jackalone: “The fact is, Rick Scott has had far more power to deal with these issues than Bill Nelson… Rick Scott is the governor of Florida and has had […]

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Mike Braun Profits from “Made In China” Products

“Rep. Mike Braun might pose as an all-American businessman in his campaign ads, but he’s profiting off products made in China,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Braun’s been lying through his teeth about helping American workers, getting rich off Chinese manufacturing. Rep. Braun’s been caught doing one thing while saying another — and that’s what Hoosiers hate most about politics.”


AP: Indiana candidate’s brand markets Chinese parts

By Brian Slodysko, August 10, 2018

“The off-road accessory was shipped in a box emblazoned with the logo of an auto parts brand owned by Mike Braun, a multimillionaire businessman who often rails against foreign outsourcing in his bid to become Indiana’s next senator.”
“The words ‘Made in China’ were stamped across the packaging.”
“The Republican nominee’s own parts brand, Promaxx Automotive, sells products that were similarly manufactured abroad, according to a review by The Associated Press.”
“The AP purchased from Amazon one of Braun’s brand […]

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