The Headlines Haunting Michael Flynn and the Trump Administration

“Michael Flynn is a liar and it looks like the White House is running a cover up operation. What else is the administration hiding?” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh. “Nearly 100 days in to Trump’s term and all we have is a growing list of lies surrounding Flynn, the Trump administration, and their ties to Russia. The American people deserve an independent commission investigating these developments so they can finally learn the truth about this imploding scandal.”

CNN: Pentagon warned Flynn in 2014 against taking foreign payments; IG launches investigation

Fox News: Letter shows Michael Flynn warned about foreign money; IG launches probe 

The Washington Post: Top Pentagon watchdog launches investigation into money that Michael Flynn received from foreign groups 

NBC News: Pentagon Investigating Michael Flynn for Foreign Payments

The New York Times: Michael Flynn Under Defense Dept. Investigation Over Foreign […]

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The Truth About Trump’s Tax Plan, Courtesy of Steve Mnuchin

REALITY: Trump’s Plan Is All About Tax Cuts For Big Corporations & Trump, No Guarantee for the Middle Class
This morning Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was forced to admit the truth: Trump’s tax scheme is all about lower taxes for big corporations and for Donald Trump himself – possibly to as little as 5% on certain income. Meanwhile, he couldn’t promise that Trump wouldn’t force higher taxes on the middle class.  

Under Trump’s Tax Plan, Trump Could Pay Less Than 5% Tax Rate On $150 Million In Income


Stephanopoulos: We know from the last Trump tax return we’ve seen that was back in 2005 it shows the potential effect of eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax which you are calling for right now, that year he paid $38 million in taxes on $153 million in income. Without the Alternative Minimum Tax he would have paid $7 million, that […]

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Spicer Questions: This Is What Desperation Looks Like Edition

Trump War Room Rapid Response Director Emily Aden calls on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer the following questions:

1. Did the White House refuse to turn over documents pertaining to Michael Flynn to the House Oversight Committee because it knew about the DOD Inspector General investigation?

2. Does President Trump realize that the Ninth Circuit Court, which he unconstitutionally threatened to split up, is not the court that ruled against his sanctuary cities order?

3. Is President Trump pushing the House to pass legislation to strip away protections for pre-existing conditions for everyone but Members of Congress just so he has a pseudo accomplishment to talk about on Saturday?

4. Did President Trump consult with his sons Eric and Don Jr. in writing a tax ‘plan’ that could save the Trump businesses millions in taxes?

5.  Donald Trump has threatened members of his own party, any news outlet that writes something critical, protesters, federal […]

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First 100 Days: Trump’s Economy Puts Trump First, Sells Out American Workers

President Donald Trump is selling out American working people. One hundred days into Trump’s presidency, we’re still waiting on the self-described “greatest jobs president that God ever created” to put forth a comprehensive plan to create American jobs. 

The “Contract with the American Voter” – the 100-day policy agenda Trump outlined during the campaign – promised a $1 trillion infrastructure package within his first 100 days in office. It’s yet another Trump failure – and yet another broken promise: Trump’s budget actually cuts infrastructure spending.

Trump’s latest ruse is his tax plan, which will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest Americans at the expense of working people fighting hard to get ahead. Among other things, Trump’s plan: 

Slashes tax rates on corporations (including the Trump Organization, Trump’s own privately held company);
Eliminates the estate tax (so the wealthiest few — including Trump — can pass along tens of millions to his kids without paying their fair […]

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White House Won’t Rule Out Using Executive Privilege To Hide Flynn Documents From Investigations

QUESTION: On the overall issue of privilege, will you be invoking privilege [on any documents that the White House may have relating to General Flynn]? 

SPICER: We’re not, that, I am not at this time, to answer that question I don’t know the answer, there is nothing that would that I am responding to on that particular matter. 
[Link for Video]

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Flashback: Trump Trashing Executive Orders

As the White House brags about President Trump signing “more executive orders than any other president in over a half century,” here is a reminder of how little Donald Trump thought of Executive Orders and the Presidents who signed them.

Trump On Executive Orders:  “I Don’t Like Them And Our Country Wasn’t Based On Executive Orders.”  “John Dickerson: Let me ask you about executive orders in general. Like them, don’t like them, that the president uses them to go around Congress? Donald Trump: Well, I don’t like them. And our country wasn’t based on executive orders…” [“Face the Nation,” CBS, 1/3/16]

Trump: Here’s A Guy Just Goes — He’s Given Up …. Just Goes And Signs Executive Orders On Everything. “Nobody really knew that we even had an executive order, such a thing. It’s supposed to be you get along with Congress, and you cajole, and you go back and forth, and everybody […]

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Flynn Broke the Law. Period.

“Michael Flynn broke the law and the White House refusing to release documents constitutes a cover up. This latest development only furthers the need for an independent commission to investigate this scandal to ensure accountability, transparency and most importantly, have the ability to subpoena important documents that the White House is trying to hide free from political considerations,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.

Politico – Lawmakers: Flynn did not disclose Russia payments in security clearance application
By Austin Wright, April 25, 2017

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn did not disclose payments for a 2015 speech in Moscow in his security clearance application for 2016, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee told reporters Tuesday.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) sent a request last month to the White House and federal agencies seeking the security clearance applications. Cummings said the White House declined in a […]

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Statement on Trump’s Neo-Nazi Adviser Seb Gorka

Ahead of Donald Trump’s remarks at the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s National Days of Remembrance, American Bridge spokeswoman Sabrina Singh released the following statement: 

“As Trump remembers the six million Jews and millions of others killed by Nazis during the Holocaust, it serves as a reminder that Seb Gorka, whose affiliation to a Neo-Nazi group is well-documented and goes back decades, still serves as an adviser to Trump.

“Unless Trump fires Gorka, nothing he says today should be taken seriously. Gorka should not have any place in the White House, let alone be advising Trump on matters of national security. It’s long past time for him to go.”

Wore Medal Associated With Vitezi Rend

Gorka Appeared Multiple Times Wearing A Medal From The Hungarian Order Of Heroes, Vitezi Rend, A Group Listed By The State Department As Taking Direct Action From The Nazi Government During WWII. According to LobeLog, […]

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First 100 Days: Our Misogynous, Racist President’s Un-American Agenda

Donald Trump ran a divisive and un-American campaign fueled by virulent racism and xenophobia. And the life-long misogynist didn’t back off his sexist and abusive past during his candidacy, refusing to apologize for his bragging about sexually assaulting women and even attacking his numerous accusers as they came forward.
It should come as little surprise, then, that Donald Trump is no better a person now, as president, than he was as the Republican nominee, or during his prior 70-years of discriminating against people of color, denigrating women, and exploiting others for personal gain.


Rather than bring the country together as he said he would — and indeed he the chance to do so — Trump has instead continued to divide us.

When not fearmongering and trying to legislate his racist and alienating campaign promises — see: his deportation force, $70 billion-dollar taxpayer-funded wall, and two unconstitutional Muslim bans — Trump has attacked women’s healthcare access […]

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Tonight Should Be Awkward For President Trump

Tonight, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two of the most vocal Republican critics of Donald Trump, will be dining at the White House. In advance of this hypocritical photo-op, here is what they have been saying about President Trump as a reminder that you can’t believe the rhetoric from any one at the table tonight.

“Senator Graham thinks Trump’s tweets undermine his ability to govern and Senator McCain basically called him a dictator. What you’ll see after tonight is purely political doublespeak that will again prove none of these men can be taken seriously when it comes to their empty rhetoric and so-called principles. Hope they like meatloaf,” said Trump War Room Rapid Response Director Emily Aden.


McCain On Trump Calling The Press The Enemy: “That’s How Dictators Get Started.” “TODD: Do you believe the press is the enemy? You believe any group of Americans are the enemy of another group of Americans? JOHN MCCAIN: I was talking […]

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