American Bridge Submits Open Records Request For Unreleased Bush Emails

Today, in accordance with the Florida Open Records Law, American Bridge is requesting unreleased emails sent from Jeb Bush’s private email account during his time as governor. Recently, Bush was quick to brag about releasing 250,000 emails in his ostensible devotion to transparency — but Bush said he received 550,000 emails on his private account and 2.5 million emails on his public account during his gubernatorial tenure.

A full copy of the open records request can be found here, and is copied after the jump.

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Can anyone spare a life vest? Asking for some friends in GOP leadership…

As Speaker Boehner continues to flail in an attempt to fund the Department of Homeland Security, the political fallout is seemingly endless. Boehner, Congressional Republicans’ already low approval ratings, and even relations between the House and Senate GOP caucuses all continue to take on water over the struggle to pass a clean DHS funding bill.

Today’s maneuvering is just the latest humiliation for the GOP, raising doubts that the Republicans can even function as a majority party. Some conservatives are even leading a whisper campaign to oust Speaker Boehner.

Speaker Boehner’s inability to manage this internal discord and dissension may not merely lead to his downfall, but that of his party as well. But don’t take our word for it — check out these no good, very bad headlines raking Boehner and the GOP over the coals…

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VIDEO: Jeb Bush: CPAC’s Persona Non Grata

CPAC 2015. Thousands of attendees, hundreds of speakers and panelists, and upwards of a dozen GOP presidential hopefuls. And yet, a singular, overwhelming theme from the Conservative confab — unmistakable rancor for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. All three days of the conference found Conservatives landing jab after jab on Jeb, from Laura Ingraham to Chris Christie to Donald Trump.

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Video Ties Bush to Nigerian Pump Deal He Denied Involvement In

SHOT: Bush Denied Involvement With The Nigeria Deal…

Bush Claimed He Was Not Involved In The Nigerian Pump Deal. According to St. Petersburg Times, “Bush-El was an affiliated company that promoted MWI’s equipment overseas. Bush has said he was not involved in the Nigerian pump deal.” [St. Petersburg Times, 7/27/02]


VIDEO: Jeb Bush Traveled To Nigeria And Met With Col. Abdu One Mohammed, The Governor Of Borno State Nigeria, Touted Opening Of MWI Factory. Video. [Naples Daily News, 2/28/15]

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Scott Walker: “Most Significant” Foreign Policy Decision Was Firing American Workers

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, fresh off of comparing middle class American workers in his state to ISIS, is tripling down on the idea that doing Wall Street’s dirty work will prepare him to face down foreign threats. This morning at a closed Club for Growth event, Walker called Reagan’s decision to fire 11,000 air traffic controllers the most important foreign policy decision in his lifetime.

Scott Walker was born in 1967. Here’s a brief list of major foreign policy decisions that have occurred in his lifetime:

– Nixon opening China
– The global war on terror
– Every START treaty
– The Vietnam War
– American involvement in Kosovo

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Walker flailing on ISIS

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker revealed over and over again at CPAC yesterday that he’s not up to the task of confronting ISIS and doesn’t understand the threat. How bad was it? Even Rick Perry and the National Review thought he went too far.

First, Walker compared thousands of middle class Wisconsinites who protested his destructive policies to ISIS terrorists.

Then, trying to do damage control, he said that no, he didn’t meant to compare the two, but that the intensity was similar.

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