Why Does Toomey Support Pro-Kremlin, Anti-Ukraine Trump?

How on earth can Pat Toomey even show his face today at Philly’s Ukrainian Independence Day celebration when he stands behind pro-Kremlin, anti-Ukraine Donald Trump? Until Toomey stands up to Trump the bully, he is allowing Trump continue his dangerous pro-Russia posturing that threatens our economic and national security. Toomey is proving over and over again that he is nothing more than a cowardly politician contorting himself into politically expedient positions because he’s facing an uphill battle to win reelection.

Toomey stood by while Trump continues to prove that his presidency would threaten Ukraine and advance Vladimir Putin’s anti-U.S. agenda:

Trump threatened to disband NATO and abandon our allies like Ukraine if Russia invaded.

Trump specifically questioned the U.S.’s need to be involved in Ukraine.

Trump pledged to recognize Crimea as part of Russia, despite U.S. and international opposition — seeing it as a Ukrainian territory invaded by Russia in 2014.

Trump promised to improve relations […]

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McCrory & Pence: Great At Hate & Job-Killing, Terrible At Governing

Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence and Governor Pat McCrory have a lot in common. They both trust a man with the temperament of a two-year old with the nuclear codes, and they’ve both passed hateful anti-LGBT laws that have been disastrous for their states.

Before McCrory’s anti-LGBT HB2 law, there was Mike Pence’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Just like in North Carolina, Pence’s insistence on the “religious freedom” law stained Indiana and caused uproar in the business community. In fact, McCrory seems to have gotten his HB2 playbook from Pence, signing the legislation into law in the dead of night similarly to how the Indiana governor signed his at a secret meeting.

HB2 has cost North Carolina economic revenue and thousands of new job opportunities. Charlotte’s economic loss might be biggest of all — the 2017 NBA All-Star Game pulled out of the city after McCrory refused to repeal the heinous and […]

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As Zika Spreads, Donald Is Silent While Rubio Dithers

When Donald Trump was in Florida at the beginning of August, Marco Rubio put his political muscle to the test and called on him to address the Zika crisis.

The response from Trump: Silence, followed by ignorantly claiming that Rick Scott had “the Zika” under control.

But hey, at least Marco got a really effusive endorsement from his best friend Donald Trump.

In the following weeks, the Zika virus has continued to spread in Florida while Trump remains alarmingly silent on the issue.  Likewise, Marco Rubio and his Republican allies in the Senate have remained comfortably on vacation.

Trump’s poorly-informed response to a broadening public health crisis reveals someone who is wholly unfit to confront the challenges of the presidency. Rubio’s continued support of Trump shows he is obsessed with his political future above all else, including his constituents.

Will Trump break his silence on Zika tomorrow in Tampa? Doubtful. More likely is that Marco Rubio’s […]

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WATCH: Make America Mass-Deport Again

If there’s any issue on which Donald Trump has been laser-focused and unfailingly consistent, it’s his promise to build a wall on the Mexican border and deport millions of immigrant workers and families.

Trump has been clear that he’s not “flip-flopping,” he’s sticking with a punitive deportation plan that “has to be very firm.” Even his son, Eric, batted away the notion of a “pivot,” saying, “My father hasn’t flip-flopped on anything.”

Don’t take it our word for it, take Donald’s.

Watch: “Trump/Pence Make America Mass-Deport Again!”

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Pence To Plug Anti-Working Families Ticket At Non-Union Manufacturer

It’s fitting that Mike Pence is today campaigning at a non-union, Pipersville, PA, manufacturer, because Pence and Donald Trump have a decidedly anti-working families agenda.

For starters, there’s Trump’s baffling hypocrisy on outsourcing. The self-styled “opponent” of outsourcing has not only profited off outsourcing companies that he’s criticized, but also outsourced the production of his own Trump-branded products and imported foreign workers at prolific levels.

And then there’s the Trump-Pence tax plan, which would add $10 trillion in debt and disproportionately boot top income-earners. Donald Trump’s tax proposal would also, among other things, deliver “extremely large and unprecedented tax-cut windfalls for people with incomes exceeding $1 million a year, almost certainly at the expense of low- and middle-income households.”

Here’s where else the Trump-Pence ticket stands:

Anti-Minimum Wage

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Joe Heck Can’t Hide His Real Record On Women’s Issues

Washington, DC –  Joe Heck has been campaigning to get the votes of women around the state of Nevada,  but the reality is that Joe Heck does not represent all Nevada women. On funding Planned Parenthood, equal pay, and providing resources to domestic violence programs, Joe Heck has repeatedly voted NO. Just this weekend, Joe Heck openly admitted he voted to defund Planned Parenthood, including the life saving prevention and screening services the organization provides.

“Congressman Joe Heck has been visiting GOP women’s events across the state, but he can’t hide his real record on women’s issues,”

President of American Bridge 21st Century Jessica Mackler.” The truth is Joe Heck has turned his back on Nevada’s women. He opposes equal pay for equal work, a living wage for working families, and wouldn’t fund domestic violence prevention programs. Heck hasn’t supported women as their representative- why would they ever give him a promotion?”


Joe Heck: Bad […]

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Pence Confirms There Is No Pivot

While in Cedar Rapids today, Mike Pence confirms Donald Trump is still the same racist, deport-them-all birther. Trump isn’t changing.

From KCRG-ABC interview in Cedar Rapids, IA:

REPORTER: There is some question of whether Trump is reworking his plan, which once called for the forced deportation of millions of illegal immigrants in the US. Pence says not to expect any changes.


PENCE: “Nothing’s changed. I think what you’re going to hear Donald Trump continue to do is give more and more detail to the policies that he’s been advocating from the very beginning of this campaign.”

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