Arizona candidate calls for a border wall with California

“Sometimes Republicans say things that are so stupid that it’s difficult to put an appropriate response into words. This is one of those instances,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. 

Watch a video of her calling for a wall between California and Arizona here.


Los Angeles Times: Arizona candidate jokingly (?) calls for a border wall with California

By Noah Bierman | March 20, 2018

“President Trump hosted a round-table at the White House Tuesday in which conservative politicians and law enforcement officials from around the country and the federal government took turns one-upping each other with disgust over California’s sanctuary city law.”
“But one elected leader bested them all. Rep. Martha McSally, an Arizona Republican, said Trump’s famous promise to build a wall with along the Mexican border should be extended — to protect her state from the liberals to the west.”
‘”As we look in Arizona, we […]

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Tarkanian’s Scorched Earth Anti-Heller Campaign Continues

Danny Tarkanian is continuing his scorched earth interview series, this time on Nevada’s Heidi Harris Show. Tarkanian blasts the Washington establishment for forcing him out of the race and says that “they are just underestimating the outrage people have in Nevada for Heller” — because Heller has disappointed his base. Tarkanian’s far-right base will “never vote for Heller even though they’re strong Republicans.” The host backs up Tarkanian, saying “I have certainly seen that…Boy people just don’t want to vote for him.”

Q: Why did Trump want you to get out of the way to protect Dean Heller?

DT: “That is why I never thought President Trump would do this. First of all, they say he is a very loyal person and there’s been nobody that’s been more supportive in Nevada than I have been and they also say he holds a grudge and remembers […]

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QUICK CLIP: Rick Scott’s Administration Ignored Voicemail Warning of Bridge Problems

Six months after Rick Scott came under fire for ignoring voicemails from a South Florida nursing home where 14 people died during Hurricane Irma, his administration dropped the ball again. This time six people died after the collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Miami. An engineer left a voicemail for the Florida Department of Transportation regarding cracks on the bridge just two days before the fatal collapse. Nobody listened to the voicemail until three days later — when it was far too late.

Watch the full clip here.

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BREAKING: Mark Amodei’s feelings are hurt

“If Congressman Amodei can’t handle criticism from a student constituent speaking out against gun violence then he should just find a new line of work that’s more suited to his constitution,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.  “The time Amodei spent tattling would’ve been better spent re-thinking his opposition to basic gun safety reforms that the vast majority of Americans – including gun owners – strongly support.”

Nevada Independent: Amodei defends his office’s response to a ‘vulgar’ phone call from a student
By Jackie Valley, Humberto Sanchez
March 19th, 2018 – 5:43pm

Congressman Mark Amodei won’t apologize to a Washoe County high school student who was suspended after delivering profanity-laced remarks to the lawmaker’s office during the national walkout last week.

The ACLU of Nevada sent Amodei a letter on Monday, urging him to issue the student — 17-year-old Noah Christiansen who attends Robert McQueen High School — an apology because a complaint from the congressman’s staffer […]

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Tarkanian Blasts Heller For “Fake News And Lies… About A Fellow Republican”

Fresh after bowing out of the Nevada GOP Senate primary, Danny Tarkanian attacked Dean Heller in brutal terms, calling him out for lying, flip-flopping, and taking politically convenient positions:

On the Michael Castner Show on 840 AM: “It’s all fake news and lies, I discussed this earlier with you on your show. when anybody who understands the circumstances — when I go out and speak to the, whether its women’s clubs or the men’s clubs on the Republican side,  I explain what happened and every single person, there are gasps that this allegation could be made, and how low somebody has to be to make these kinds of allegations, so that’s the worst thing about Dean Heller and his campaigns, are the lies they made up in a Republican primary about a fellow Republican.”

On the Lars Larson Show: “Dean Heller wants to give citizenship to 15 million […]

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Pearce missing votes since launching campaign for governor

“Steve Pearce shouldn’t be collecting a six figure paycheck from the taxpayers if he’s not going to show up to work,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Pearce has missed over one third of House votes this year all while campaigning for Governor, and even skipped votes to attend fundraisers. If he thinks he can skip out on his job and have the people of New Mexico vote him into higher office in November, he is sadly mistaken.”

Santa Fe New Mexican: Pearce missing votes since launching campaign for governor
By Andrew Oxford | March 16, 2018

“Southern New Mexico did not have a voice one way or the other when it came time for the U.S. House of Representatives to vote on easing pollution limits on some coal plants, limiting regulations on bankers or changing the Americans with Disabilities Act.”
“U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, a Republican congressman from Hobbs who is campaigning […]

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American Bridge Statement on Trump’s Attempt to Bail Out Dean Heller

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement on Trump’s attempt to bail out Dean Heller:

“You know things are dire when you look to Donald Trump for help in your race, but that’s where Dean Heller finds himself now. Unfortunately for Heller, with or without a primary opponent, he’s still a spineless politician who has sold out Nevadans time and again. Voters aren’t going to forget that come November.”
Last year, Heller went back on his promise to Nevadans to protect the Medicaid expansion hundreds of thousands depend on for their health care, and voted, at Donald Trump’s behest, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. When that bill failed, he also sponsored another version of ACA repeal that was even worse.

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