NEW: NJ-Sen Candidate Bob Hugin Called Admitting Women to His All-Male Princeton Eating Club “Politically Correct Fascism”

“Women got the right to vote in 1920 —  in 1991, Bob Hugin was still fighting to turn back the clock,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman “Hugin can laud women’s equality on the campaign trail all he wants, but in light of these comments and the months-long legal battle he waged in defense of sex discrimination, it comes off as little more than a ham-handed attempt to over-correct for his sexist beliefs.” Republican U.S. Senate candidate Hugin fought to stop women from joining Princeton eating clubs
By Jonathan D. Salant | July 20, 2018

“Bob Hugin, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, fought efforts to open Princeton University’s famed all-male eating clubs to women, going so far as to call the ultimately successful attempt ‘politically correct fascism.’”
“Hugin opposed the efforts as president of one of the all-male eating clubs, theTiger Inn, a position he assumed after graduating from the university.”
“Undergraduate student Sally Frank, who had been denied membership, sued to open them in 1979 in a case […]

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Dean Heller Wrote a Tax Bill for the 1%. He Just Won’t Admit It.

Listen to Heller Dodge a Concerned Constituent’s
Questions About Heller’s Tax Cuts for the 1%

In a tele-town hall Tuesday evening, Dean Heller was confronted by a constituent about the tax bill he’s proudly touted, which has resulted in billions in stock buybacks for corporations’ wealthy shareholders and projected trillions added to the national deficit — all while wages remain stagnant for the majority of Americans.

But confronted with the tax bill’s unequal impacts, Heller didn’t explain himself. He didn’t own up to crafting a bill whose primary motivation was to further enrich the wealthy. A former “deficit hawk,” he didn’t even express proportionate concern about the ballooning national debt. Instead, he gave a condescending lecture to a constituent deeply worried about his economic future.

Key Points:

The constituent, Stan, said to Heller: “The tax bill, the way I see it, I’m just a middle class, normal American, and I figured that probably next year…I may get a $500 tax break…The people […]

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Bob Hugin in College: If I Met a Gay Student, “He Wouldn’t Last Long”

As a student at Princeton in the 1970s, wealthy pharma executive Bob Hugin told the local Home News newspaper that “if a member of Tiger” — his all-male private student club — “was found to be gay, ‘he wouldn’t last long.’”

These shocking anti-LGBT remarks show Hugin and his friends are prepared to intimidate or commit violence against LGBT students. The Home News story makes clear that Hugin’s comment is even more appalling in context: earlier in the school year, eight students broke into a pro-LGBT rights’ student’s room “and smashed chairs and tipped over the dressers.”

This new revelation comes hours after uncovered Hugin’s months-long legal battle to keep women out of Tiger, the all-male student club, when he was in his late 30’s.

“Bob Hugin can try to hide, but he can’t run from his bigoted, gay-bashing past. At a time when Princeton was taking steps to embrace LGBT rights, Hugin tried to marginalize gay students and […]

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QUICK CLIP: Out of Touch Hawley Fails to Address Tariff Pain Felt By Farmers & Manufacturers

“You know I think the President’s right” – Hawley


When asked about the reckless trade policies hurting Missouri farmers and manufacturers, rather than address the pain of his constituents or offer real solutions, Josh Hawley resorted to desperate partisan attacks.

Hawley to KOLR: “You know I think the President’s right to go out there and say we need a better deal for American farmers, Missouri farmers, for American workers, Missouri workers… I think the President is right to go out there and say we need to shake this up and we need to get a better deal. He’s right to go out there and fight for it. And I tell you who’s left Missouri farmers behind is Claire McCaskill. In twelve years what has she done for Missouri’s farmers? Zero.”

You read that right: Hawley said Trump’s harmful tariffs were “right” three times in a row.

Watch Josh Hawley’s total lack of empathy for struggling Missouri […]

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VIDEO: Watch Scott Wagner Dismissively Tell a Woman She’s “Young and Naive”

Watch Wagner here


Yesterday in Glenside, Harrisburg Insider Scott Wagner dismissively told a woman who asked him if his financial support from the oil and gas industry is related to his denial of climate change, “you’re young and naïve.” While Wagner’s comments are offensive, they’re unfortunately what we’ve come to expect from Wagner as his campaign struggles to gain traction with Pennsylvania voters. Wagner has a history of anger problems, and has even been called “violent” by other Republicans. Last week, he became increasingly flustered when a voter asked Wagner about his campaigning with a cult that teaches women to obey their husbands or face death. Wagner previously told the cult members he agreed with them on “98% of the issues.”

“Since he said last week he agrees on 98% of the issues with a misogynistic cult that teaches […]

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Rick Scott Still Won’t Investigate Putnam’s Background Check Fiasco

Scott, Who Once Said “The Buck Stops Here,” Refuses To Hold Putnam Accountable


In an interview yesterday, Rick Scott refused to commit to investigating Adam Putnam’s growing background check scandal. Despite promising to take responsibility for his Cabinet, telling Floridians that “the buck stops here,” Scott is aiding and abetting Putnam’s cover-up of his incompetent management of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

It’s been 40 days since the Tampa Bay Times first revealed that Adam Putnam failed to conduct background checks for more than a year. Since then, Floridians have learned hundreds of Floridians received a concealed weapons permit from Putnam’s department without proper vetting, and a whistle-blower revealed she was told by a Putnam employee she “worked for the NRA.”

With calls for an independent investigation in Putnam’s negligence growing, Scott is failing to hold Putnam accountable — instead giving […]

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Dean Heller Chooses Pro-Yucca Brett Kavanaugh Over Nevadans

“Dean Heller’s endorsement of pro-Yucca Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says it all: Heller won’t even blink before selling out Nevadans to please his establishment cronies,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.


Washington Post: The Energy 202: Kavanaugh’s court decision on Yucca Mountain could be campaign issue in Nevada Senate race

By Dino Grandoni | July 18

Dean Heller has “lauded” Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s “record of adherence to the Constitution.”
“But there is one spot in that record that may haunt Heller: an opinion penned byKavanaugh compelling the federal government to move forward with a nuclear waste storage project deeply unpopular in his home state of Nevada.”
“Five years ago, a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to consider an application to store nuclear waste within a remote mountain about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas.”
“Writing […]

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