Seven Most Shocking Trump U Document Revelations

Trump University sales documents read like a how to guide for setting up a high pressure con to trick people who can’t afford it into giving Trump their money. Here are the seven most startling examples:

1.) Trump University Documents encourage the use of tax loopholes. Any surprise Trump refuses to release his tax returns?

2.) Trump University recruiters encouraged to take prospective marks on “the Roller Coaster of emotions.”

3.) No money? No problem! Trump University Recruiters encouraged people to put their “tuition” on credit cards.

4.) No money? No problem! Trump University recruiters were told to ask about retirement savings and advise clients to speak with a tax attorney about using their savings to cover “tuition”.

5.) The program touted “Donald Trump’s professional Real Estate instructors.” Turns out, Trump couldn’t name a single instructor.

6.) Single parent who needs money to feed and clothe your children? Perfect mark!

7.) Trump U recruiters told potential marks […]

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Searchable Trump U Documents Released

Following a court order by U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel–a man derided by Donald Trump as a “hater” and a “Mexican,” (despite being born in Indiana)–documents revealing the inner-workings of Trump University are being released to the public.

These documents offer insight to the selection of faculty for Trump U courses as well as how Trump U targeted potential students. Depositions have already revealed that Trump’s claim that, ‘‘We are going to have professors and adjunct professors that are absolutely terrific . . . and these are all people who are going to be handpicked by me,’’ was far from accurate.

Trump fought hard to keep these documents secret from the public; we’re happy to provide them as searchable PDFs and will continue to do so as more documents become available.

The searchable Trump U documents are available here:

Notice of Filing Unsealed versions of Playbooks

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More Tax Return Hypocrisy From Donald Trump

After months of stalling and lies, Donald Trump, who steadfastly refuses to release his own tax returns, is still stalling — and now he’s hypocritically requiring that the veterans charities to which he’s pledged money release IRS documents before he disburses the funds he’s raised.

This is Trump’s latest tax disclosure hypocrisy after he recently announced that he’ll require potential running mates to disclose their tax returns, even as he continues to hide his tax rate, investment income, and charitable giving, among other things that his tax returns would reveal.


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Reminder: Johnson Aides Ignored Tomah VA Tips, Senator Blamed “Job Interviews and Stuff”

Senator Ron Johnson is still trying to pawn off the blame for the issues at the Tomah VA that lead to the deaths of three veterans. In an interview with Face The Nation on Sunday, Johnson said government inefficiency was at the heart of the problems:

“So, from my standpoint, the root cause really is the government that is doing so many things that it never was intended to do and doing it quite badly. Look at the VA health care system. We’re holding a hearing in Tomah, Wisconsin, about problems that have been known since 2004. The bureaucrats, the Office of Inspector General did nothing to solve those problems.”

What Johnson failed to acknowledge was that his own office was at the center of the mishandling of the problems at Tomah VA. In fact, Johnson aides “sat on whistleblower tips” about the health center for months, failing to make sure […]

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Trump’s Military Record

“I always thought I was in the military. I felt like I was in the military in a true sense.”
—Donald Trump, who thinks he knows what it means to serve in the military — because he went to prep school.

Donald Trump has disparaged prisoners of warlied about his donations to veterans charities, and described his alleged avoidance of sexually transmitted diseases as his “personal Vietnam.”

Donald Trump claims to respect servicemen and women, but he’s diminished military service to the equivalent of navigating New York’s dating scene.

This is Donald Trump’s military record:

Trump: Avoiding STDs Was “My Personal Vietnam.”

Trump: “We Have Our Own Vietnam. It’s Called The Dating Game.”

Trump: “Dating Is Like Being In Vietnam.”

Trump: I Felt “A Little Guilty” For Not Serving In Vietnam Because Of My “Foot Thing.”

Trump On Why He Didn’t Serve In Vietnam:  “I Was Going […]

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WATCH: Trump “goes through the roof” if his wife doesn’t have dinner ready

Don’t worry, Donald Trump doesn’t want to sound like a chauvinist but there are consequences if his wife doesn’t have dinner on the table when he comes home from work.

“I have days where I think it’s great, and then I have days where I come home — I don’t want to sound too much like a chauvinist but when I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof ok?”

The Daily Show uncovered the 1994 clip and aired it last night.

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Introducing Tower Of Lies: New American Bridge Website Focuses On Trump’s Lies

Donald Trump’s lies have taken on a life of their own, transcending “Pants on Fires” and “Pinocchios” to become something much more nefarious. Since the start of his campaign, Trump has lied about his finances, his personal life, his policies and of course, his taxes. Today, American Bridge is announcing a new website dedicated to revealing the truth behind Trump’s lies: Tower Of Lies. will be updated regularly as part of American Bridge’s commitment to holding Trump accountable. With every speech and interview, Donald Trump’s list of lies grows — and so too will our website. Americans deserve to know who the Republican nominee actually is, not just who he claims to be. 

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