Welcome to the wonderful world of Kochville! In the Koch brothers’ self-serving utopia, horrible things like the minimum wage, social security and environmental protections have been disbanded, and the Kochs’ hand-picked candidates are welcome.

American Bridge’s new online advertising campaign is set to hold these extreme Republican candidates accountable for sharing the self-serving agenda the Kochs have been pushing for decades — an agenda that further rewards the wealthiest at the expense of working families. Watch the ads below and learn more at RealKochFacts.com.

Pilot: Welcome to Kochville

Our pilot ad offers an introduction to Kochville; and what a lovely place it is: A world where the Kochs can pay workers as little as they want, spill oil wherever they’d like, and keep growing their insane fortune without losing a dime to those greedy seniors hoping to retire.

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Episode 1: Speaker Tillis & His Magic Gavel

This ad focuses on North Carolina, which the Kochs’ Americans For Prosperity has made a model state for their agenda. Extreme Republican Senate candidate and state house Speaker Thom Tillis was a key part of executing those plans, pushing through a massive budget overhaul that gave huge tax cuts to the wealthiest North Carolinians, shifting the tax burden onto working families and paying for it by gutting education funding. In turn, AFP has traveled around the state championing Speaker Tillis’s detrimental budget and airing false smear ads against his opponent, while the Kochs opened up their own wallets to donate directly to his campaign.

Episode 2: Pulling Gardner’s Strings

In this episode, Cory Gardner shows off his talent as a (bad) ventriloquist in hopes of impressing the Koch brothers.

From the billionaire brothers’ perspective, there is much to like about Cory Gardner. Gardner has been in the pocket of big oil for his entire career, rejecting the science of climate change and attempting to eliminate environmental protections. Gardner has worked to end Medicare’s guarantee and turn it into a voucher program. He’s fought against raising the minimum wage, both nationally and in Colorado.

But the Koch brothers don’t just need shills for their extreme self-serving agenda — they need shills who can expand the map. And Cory Gardner’s abysmal record on women’s issues throws a wrench into that. Gardner sponsored a bill that would punish the doctors who perform abortions on rape victims more harshly than the rapists themselves, and he is still sponsoring a personhood bill that would outlaw common forms of birth control. It’s hard to court female voters with that résumé.

See what happens when Gardner tries to pitch himself as a new, women-friendly candidate to the Kochs.

Episode 3: What Can Brown Do For You?

This episode features a floundering Scott Brown trying to make his case to the Koch brothers. It really mirrors his painful attempt to sell himself to New Hampshire voters quite nicely.

Scott Brown has been a fiend for Koch cash for years now. After receiving the billionaire brothers’ backing in his 2010 special election, Brown was caught thanking David Koch profusely and begging for more financial support for his 2012 election.

So Brown and the Kochs go way back, and he’s made them proud, fighting to protect special interests like Wall Street and Big Oil at the expense of working families. There’s one major problem though for Scott Brown and the Koch brothers — he’s running a laughable campaign.

Scott Brown has never given people much to get excited about. But his decision to take his show on the road, driving his famed truck to a brand new state so he could run for Senate again only served to underscore that Scott Brown cares about one thing: Scott Brown.

The Kochs might love Scott Brown’s values, doing the political bidding for billionaires like them, but they’d probably prefer a candidate with a shot at actually winning, or all his twisted priorities are for naught.

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Episode 4: Joni’s Song

This episode features Joni Ernst doing a song and dance for the Koch brothers — which is pretty fitting.

Ernst and the Koch brothers have quite the rapport. Ernst made it clear how instrumental the Kochs were at their secretive billionaires summit when she credited them for having “started[her] trajectory.”

In return, Ernst supports the entire Koch agenda: privatizing social security, philosophical opposition to the Renewable Fuel Standard, getting rid of the federal minimum wage, massive tax cuts for the wealthy while shifting the tax burden to working families, eliminating the Department of Education, and the list goes on.

Joni Ernst and the Koch brothers have been through a lot together. They must be so proud to see her all grown up and trying to give them one more senator in their pockets. But it isn’t going to happen — Iowans want a senator who works for Iowans, not for billionaires and special interests.

Episode 5: Better Call Mitch

The final ad in our animated Kochville series features Minority Leader Mitch McConnell discussing his new recruits with the Kochs and helping to ensure they are all kept in line with the billionaires’ self-serving agenda.

McConnell has spent 30 years in Washington looking out for himself and special interests while throwing his own constituents under the bus. He made his priorities very clear when he attended the Koch brothers’ secretive billionaires summit this year and laid out what a McConnell-run senate would look like:

“And we’re not going to be debating all these gosh darn proposals. That’s all we do in the Senate is vote on things like raising the minimum wage…”

McConnell also made the remarkable statement:

“The worst day of my political life was when President George W. Bush signed McCain-Feingold into law.”

In 30 years in Washington, Mitch McConnell’s single worst day was the day a Republican president signed a bipartisan campaign finance law? That must be music to the Koch brothers ears, though they’ve found plenty of new ways to continue buying elections and pushing their extreme agenda.

If Mitch McConnell becomes the Majority Leader of the Koch Party, it won’t be a pretty sight for working families.

Stay tuned for more visitors to Kochville in the coming weeks, and as always, American Bridge has all the Real Koch Facts you need on these secretive billionaires and the extreme Republican candidates like Thom Tillis who support their self-serving agenda.