Scott Fails to Stand Up for Floridians with Pre-Existing Conditions

A brutal op-ed in the Florida Sun Sentinel today blasted Governor Rick Scott for failing to stop his political ally Attorney General Pam Bondi from co-signing a lawsuit that could strip 7.8 million Floridians of protections for pre-existing conditions.

Scott has said nothing about the lawsuit except to lamely remind Floridians that the Attorney General is independently elected — but that excuse doesn’t pass the smell test. Here’s what Floridians are reading this morning:

Sun Sentinel: Pam Bondi seeks to end protections for people with pre-existing conditions
June 21, 2018

“If the lawsuit prevails, Obamacare’s core guarantee — access to health insurance for Americans with pre-existing conditions — will disappear, along with other provisions in the law.”
“This is a serious threat for Florida, where 1.7 million people enrolled in the federal health-insurance exchange last year to buy policies under the law. More than 90 percent of them […]

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VIDEO: Rick Scott Wants to Turn Back the Clock on Pre-Existing Conditions Coverag

Governor Rick Scott just admitted he thinks returning to a time when health insurance companies could favor or discriminate against patients based on pre-existing conditions is a good idea: “We’ve got to reward people for taking care of themselves…It’s no different from what companies have done the past,” Scott said today in an interview.

Scott prefaced his remarks by saying, “If you have a pre-existing condition, you need to still be able to get healthcare.” That begs the question: should people without pre-existing conditions receive preferential treatment?

WATCH Rick Scott defend insurance company policies that discriminated against Americans:

READ the full exchange below:

Reporter: Talking about access to healthcare and medicine, have you had a little more time to reflect on the Trump administration’s decision last week not to defend the Affordable Care Act, and some of the consequences of that?

Rick Scott: I believe that […]

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#MondayMemories: In 2015, Rick Scott Promised Floridians “The Buck Stops Here”

Rick Scott’s response to Florida’s concealed carry background check scandal has been disappointingly predictable: avoid all responsibility and pass the buck.

But in 2015, in the midst of yet another controversy, Rick Scott promised Floridians that “the buck stops here” when his cabinet is engulfed in scandal. “The buck stops here, and that means I take responsibility,” Scott said.

“Rick Scott promised to take responsibility for mishaps and scandals in his cabinet,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “But Floridians have watched Scott pass the buck again and again. Now, he’s refusing to admit that his lack of oversight caused hundreds — and possibly thousands — of concealed weapon permits to get into the wrong hands. That’s not leadership. That’s negligence.”

WATCH Rick Scott promise that the “buck stops here” — a promise he’s broken over and over again:

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American Bridge: Adam Putnam Should Resign Over Background Checks Scandal

This afternoon, the Tampa Bay Times reported that “proud NRA sellout” Adam Putnam’s office neglected to perform background checks for concealed carry permits for over a year. According to the Times, this allowed thousands of applications to be approved without a background check being conducted, all because Putnam’s Administration couldn’t figure out how to log in to the FBI background checks database.

“Adam Putnam should resign immediately,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Not being able to log into the FBI background checks system should have resulted in Adam Putnam’s office calling an IT professional, not approving concealed carry permits to potential criminals. Dangerous criminals and people with severe mental illnesses may have been allowed to carry deadly weapons due to Adam Putnam’s negligence. If Adam Putnam refuses to do even the most basic functions of his current job like performing background checks on concealed carry permits, he should resign from […]

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Rick Scott Won’t Stop Abusing his Official Office for Political Gain

“Rick Scott is clearly misusing state government — again — to aid his Senate campaign,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “It’s the height of hypocrisy for Scott to accuse Sen. Nelson of politicizing the tragedy in Puerto Rico — when Scott’s the unethical political scam artist.”

Tampa Bay Times: Timing of Rick Scott’s latest Puerto Rico announcement raises questions

By Steve Bousquet | 6/6/2018

“Florida is donating 25 used Dodge Charger police cars to Puerto Rico to help the storm-battered island. That piece of news came from Gov. Rick Scott’s office Wednesdayafternoon, about 45 minutes after Scott’s campaign launched a digital ad that claims he’s ‘the one public official who’s actually helping’ Puerto Rico recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria.”
“The timing of the messaging sure looked curious.”
“The text of the online political ad says: ‘Governor Scott has been to Puerto Rico six times since Hurricane Maria.’ Most of the 60-second spot accuses […]

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Risking Florida Jobs, Rick Scott Stays Silent on Trump Tariffs

“Rick Scott is playing politics with Florida jobs, refusing to speak out as Donald Trump’s reckless tariffs put Florida jobs at risk. And while Trump’s tariffs hurt Florida’s economy, Rick Scott isn’t tending the store — he’s busy fundraising from wealthy special interests in California. It’s clear there’s only one job Rick Scott really cares about: his own,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Tampa Bay Times: The price of beer could go up: How Trump’s ‘trade war’ may hurt Rick Scott

Budweiser’s parent, Anheuser-Busch, is “agitated” over tariffs, Sen. Bill Nelson says.

By Steve Bousquet and Alex Leary | June 6, 2018

Anheuser-Busch is synonymous with St. Louis, but what’s not as well-known is that the beer company has long had a big operation in Jacksonville, quenching Florida’s thirst.
Since 1974, the king of beers has produced aluminum beer cans there, cranking out up to 2,500 a minute — a thriving […]

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LOCAL VOICES: GOP Senate Candidates Come Under Fire On Their Home Turf

Here’s what voters in North Dakota, Florida, Missouri, and Nevada are reading in the opinion pages about their Republican Senate candidates:

Bismarck, North Dakota farmer Krisanna Peterson writes: Kevin Cramer Lets Down Farmers

“I’m so disappointed that Kevin Cramer, who claims to represent his state’s farming community, is a member of” the right-wing Republican study committee.
“Growing up in a third generation farm family” the RSC’s 2019 budget “was downright frightening for me to read.”
“The committee proposed a massive cut to the farm bill’s crop insurance program, shifting the costs on to farmers who are already struggling to make a living.”
“How can we trust our lone vote in Congress to stand up for farmers when he’s joining up with such a dangerous, ideological committee?”
“Cramer already left us in the dust by cheering on a trade war that would harm our ag producers. Now, this looks like the final blow.”

Florida State Representative […]

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Senate Brief: Montana Republicans Pick From Self-Destructing Candidates Tomorrow

Week of Monday, June 4, 2018

IN BRIEF: Montana Republicans head to the polls tomorrow to choose between three abysmal candidates who have launched bitter attacks against each other.

Matt Rosendale, a Maryland real estate developer who has been dogged by attacks from his fellow Republicans and news reports that he claims to be a rancherbut never owned any cattle; that he signed two documents under penalty of perjury claiming to be a Maryland resident in 2015; and that he is backed by out-of-state special interests, not Montanans.
Troy Downing, a California millionaire who has only lived in Montana for three years and is in legal jeopardy for pretending to be a Montana resident to buy discounted resident hunting licenses. “Downing is facing seven misdemeanors for unlawful purchase of or applying for a resident license by a nonresident,” reports the  Read more after the jump.

Since Rick Scott’s Having Trouble, We Made Him a List of the Trump Administration’s Failures in Puerto Rico

Yesterday, Rick Scott failed to come up with even one way he’d have done things differently than the Trump Administration in their response to Hurricane Maria. So we took the liberty of compiling just a few of the things disastrously executed by Trump and his allies in the aftermath of the storm.

Trump called Puerto Rico “an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.”
He also said, “this is a thing called the Atlantic Ocean, this is tough stuff.”
And Energy Secretary Rick Perry called Puerto Rico a “country.” (It’s not.)
Trump infamously threw paper towels into the crowd at a relief shelter like Oprah during a TV special.
…And defended his action by saying, “I was having fun, they were having fun.”
Trump “lashed out“ at San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz for criticizing his administration’s response.
And […]

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Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s Outsider Image as Senate Candidate Cashes with Florida Reality

A damning new report in today’s Tampa Bay Times rips off Gov. Rick Scott’s phony “outsider” mask and details Scott’s “long and controversial record of thriving in Tallahassee” that will “leave with the status quo intact and insiders still in control.”

“Gov. Rick Scott’s outsider pose couldn’t be a bigger lie. Instead of keeping his promise to end the power of special interests in Tallahassee, Rick Scott took lobbyists on dinner dates and made them even richer — then asked them for massive campaign checks. Rick Scott has always only looked out for himself and his cronies — not Floridians,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s outsider image as Senate candidate clashes with Florida reality

By Steve Bousquet and Alex Leary | June 1, 2018

“It’s the thrust of Gov. Rick Scott’s message as a U.S. Senate candidate: He’ll shake up the system and fix Washington.”
“But his populist […]

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