Amodei hypocritically defends holding 17-year-old high school student to a higher standard than himself

During an interview on KNPR 88.9 FM this morning, Congressman Mark Amodei (NV-2) was asked about a Reno Gazette-Journal report revealing how he had gone on “a profanity-laced tirade aimed at Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke” at a Churchill County Republican Party dinner just days before defending how his office got a high school student suspended for swearing on the phone while advocating for gun safety reforms.

In response, Amodei said today, “listen, I stand by it. It’s like, you know I’ve got a reputation as a plain talker.  And so sometimes when I think that the use of words that may be not ‘Oh, gosh, gee whiz,’ then you know what, in public, I have used those words from time to time and I take complete responsibility for it.”

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates reacted with the following statement:

“It is embarrassing for a tough-talking congressman to hold a 17-year-old student to a higher standard than […]

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Tarkanian’s Scorched Earth Anti-Heller Campaign Continues

Danny Tarkanian is continuing his scorched earth interview series, this time on Nevada’s Heidi Harris Show. Tarkanian blasts the Washington establishment for forcing him out of the race and says that “they are just underestimating the outrage people have in Nevada for Heller” — because Heller has disappointed his base. Tarkanian’s far-right base will “never vote for Heller even though they’re strong Republicans.” The host backs up Tarkanian, saying “I have certainly seen that…Boy people just don’t want to vote for him.”

Q: Why did Trump want you to get out of the way to protect Dean Heller?

DT: “That is why I never thought President Trump would do this. First of all, they say he is a very loyal person and there’s been nobody that’s been more supportive in Nevada than I have been and they also say he holds a grudge and remembers […]

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BREAKING: Mark Amodei’s feelings are hurt

“If Congressman Amodei can’t handle criticism from a student constituent speaking out against gun violence then he should just find a new line of work that’s more suited to his constitution,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.  “The time Amodei spent tattling would’ve been better spent re-thinking his opposition to basic gun safety reforms that the vast majority of Americans – including gun owners – strongly support.”

Nevada Independent: Amodei defends his office’s response to a ‘vulgar’ phone call from a student
By Jackie Valley, Humberto Sanchez
March 19th, 2018 – 5:43pm

Congressman Mark Amodei won’t apologize to a Washoe County high school student who was suspended after delivering profanity-laced remarks to the lawmaker’s office during the national walkout last week.

The ACLU of Nevada sent Amodei a letter on Monday, urging him to issue the student — 17-year-old Noah Christiansen who attends Robert McQueen High School — an apology because a complaint from the congressman’s staffer […]

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Tarkanian Blasts Heller For “Fake News And Lies… About A Fellow Republican”

Fresh after bowing out of the Nevada GOP Senate primary, Danny Tarkanian attacked Dean Heller in brutal terms, calling him out for lying, flip-flopping, and taking politically convenient positions:

On the Michael Castner Show on 840 AM: “It’s all fake news and lies, I discussed this earlier with you on your show. when anybody who understands the circumstances — when I go out and speak to the, whether its women’s clubs or the men’s clubs on the Republican side,  I explain what happened and every single person, there are gasps that this allegation could be made, and how low somebody has to be to make these kinds of allegations, so that’s the worst thing about Dean Heller and his campaigns, are the lies they made up in a Republican primary about a fellow Republican.”

On the Lars Larson Show: “Dean Heller wants to give citizenship to 15 million […]

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American Bridge Statement on Trump’s Attempt to Bail Out Dean Heller

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement on Trump’s attempt to bail out Dean Heller:

“You know things are dire when you look to Donald Trump for help in your race, but that’s where Dean Heller finds himself now. Unfortunately for Heller, with or without a primary opponent, he’s still a spineless politician who has sold out Nevadans time and again. Voters aren’t going to forget that come November.”
Last year, Heller went back on his promise to Nevadans to protect the Medicaid expansion hundreds of thousands depend on for their health care, and voted, at Donald Trump’s behest, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. When that bill failed, he also sponsored another version of ACA repeal that was even worse.

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(Nearly) Live Look: Heller’s On The Run From His Own Campaign Announcement

Dean Heller’s on the run — from his own reelection announcement. After the details leaked on Twitter, Sen. Dean Heller abandoned his own campaign announcement event, scheduled for this morning, and “snuck into the Capitol and filed on Friday without any fanfare.”

“Dean Heller is running so scared, he’s even running away from his own campaign events and supporters. And no wonder: in recent days, he’s been caught denigrating immigrants, hoping for a hail-Mary Supreme Court vacancy to energize his base, and been hit with an ethics complaint over his unlicensed multi-million dollar hay farm. The only surprising thing to Nevadans is how fast Dean Heller can run away from them with all that baggage,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Just a week ago Heller was (by all appearances) excited to file for reelection:

Now, take a (nearly) live […]

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Dean Heller: Silent and Absent on Guns

“Locked in a divisive primary, Dean Heller is campaigning like a Trump true believer,  but he won’t even go to a meeting with Trump on something as important as gun violence prevention. This was his opportunity to try to prevent another tragedy like the one in Las Vegas from happening — but Dean Heller is too spineless to advocate for the safety of Nevadans,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Nevadans will remember this failure at the ballot box.

AP: Vulnerable lawmakers answer a noisy gun debate with silence

By Steve Peoples | March 4, 2018

“They crowded around the White House conference table this past week, lawmakers from California, Connecticut, Texas and Florida, eager to share their state’s painful experience with gun violence. One key state was not represented…The office of Nevada’s senior senator, Republican Dean Heller, would not say why did he did not attend the White House meeting.”
“Heller, who is facing […]

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HellerOnTheRun: Hiding Dean Heller Hasn’t Held a Town Hall in 10 Months

Today, American Bridge 21st Century re-launched to hold Dean Heller accountable for running away from his constituents. 

With the U.S. Senate in recess for the next week, senators should be at work in their states, but Heller hasn’t held a public town hall meeting with his constituents since last April and has none currently scheduled. He’s denying Nevadans the opportunity to share their views and ask questions about his lurch to the right and his recently uncovered shady business dealings.

For a second-by-second look at just how long it’s been since hiding Dean Heller had a town hall meeting with Nevadans, head to

“Dean Heller is running from Nevadans, hiding behind closed doors because he knows he can’t defend his sketchy business practices and his votes to sell out Dreamers and put women’s health at risk,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Dean Heller hasn’t held a […]

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BREAKING: Dean Heller Runs An Unlicensed  Business Worth Millions of Dollars

Today, the Reno Gazette-Journal published an explosive story about Sen. Dean Heller running an unlicensed farm in direct violation of Nevada law, running up fines that could total tens of thousands of dollars.

His defense? That he didn’t even need a business license, despite earning over $160,000 from his farm. But as soon as the RGJ started asking question, Heller ran straight to his old office and applied for a business license from the Secretary of State.

Here’s what you need to know about this breaking story…

Reno Gazette-Journal:  Heller ran revenue-rich Smith Valley farm without a business license, until asked about it 
By James DeHaven | Feb. 15, 2018

1. Heller has failed to obtain a business license for his multi-million dollar farm for seven years. He says he didn’t need one — but as soon as the Reno Gazette-Journal started asking questions, Heller applied for a license.

“U.S. […]

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Dean Heller Puts Partisan Politics Before Nevada Women AGAIN

“Dean Heller once again sided with the most extreme parts of his party at the expense of Nevadans’ health and well being,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Heller’s repeated votes to let politicians make decisions that should be made between women and their doctors is a total betrayal of Nevada women and they won’t soon forget it.”


Reno Gazette-Journal: Heller puts politics above Nevada women’s health: Gilbert

By Jan Gilbert | February 6, 2018

“Last week, Senator Dean Heller voted to advance a bill imposing a dangerous ban on nearly all abortion after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. This irresponsible legislation undermines a woman’s right to make her own personal medical decisions – and even fails to include an exception for the mother’s health.”
“Back in 2015 a similar irresponsible bill came up in the U.S. Senate – a bill so reckless that multiple professional medical groups announced strong opposition to it. Dean Heller […]

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