Trump Hoped For Home Foreclosures And Economic Pain, That’s “What America Needs”

In response to criticism of his 2006 statements hoping for a housing crash, Trump claimed in a statement to NBC News that, “This is the kind of thinking our country needs.” Trump doubled down on those statements tonight in Albuquerque, NM reiterating that, “That’s the kind of thinking we need,” and, “If it goes down, it goes down.

Trump’s callous disregard for the millions of Americans affected by the housing crisis reveals a man more concerned about his bottom line than the good of the country. While millions lost their homes and retirement savings, Donald spun a profit. Trumps’s reckless, self-serving approach represents the worst of our society, not the best; and it definitely doesn’t belong in the White House.

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Jeb Bush Is Still Running For President, And Now His Tax Plan Would Cost $8 Trillion

While Jeb Bush’s tax plan mirrors other Republican plans like Marco Rubio’s and give the largest benefits to the wealthy — including $800,000 annually in Jeb’s pockets — it’s now projected to cause an $8.1 trillion deficit that Bush has promised to fill by slashing government programs like Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The revised cost is 238 percent more than the $3.4 trillion cost his own economists projected in September, meaning even more drastic and damaging spending cuts that disproportionately hurt working families.

Read more: New York Times: Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan Would Cause $8.1 Trillion Budget Hole, Analysis Finds

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Rubio Thinks “There Has To Be Oversight” — Just Not For Wall Street, Apparently

Last night, Marco Rubio, prolific opponent of Wall Street regulations, got worked up about wasteful and fraudulent USAID and Department of Defense spending. Adamant that “there has to be oversight,” Rubio also agreed with host Greta Van Susteren on going after perpetrators of fraud:


VAN SUSTEREN: I really think it’s come to the point where people are prosecuted for, you know, fraud — investigated, I should say…

RUBIO: Well, if there’s fraud, there’s no doubt about it…


Meanwhile, Marco Rubio, who just picked up another Wall Street backer in billionaire investor Paul Singer, has voted four times to repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Rubio’s voted against increasing small-investor protections designed to prevent crowdfunding scams. And he’s voted for loosening public disclosure laws for small companies seeking investors.


Rubio’s taken hundreds of thousands from Wall Street investors — and he wants to eliminate taxes on investment income to make sure the money keeps coming.


Marco Rubio’s […]

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American Bridge Statement On Tonight’s GOP Debate

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on the dumpster fire that was tonight’sRepublican debate:

“This debate was supposed to be focused on the important issue of how to continue growing our economy. For this field of candidates the bar was set low, but somehow tonight they managed not to meet it. According to folks like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, America needs to cut earned benefits for our seniors in order to finance massive tax cuts for Wall Street and self-interested billionaires like Charles and David Koch. This ‘debate’ — if you can even call it that — was a childish display that exemplified Republican politicians’ backwards economic policies and utter incompetence.”

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With A 27% Favorability Rating, Ron Johnson Does A “Full Flop” On Ex-Im

Senator Ron Johnson is vulnerable. A recent Wisconsin poll has Johnson losing re-election to the Senate, with a 27% favorability rating. It’s not easy shilling a job-killing, outsource-promoting agenda.


Looking for a rebound in the polls, Johnson’s doing a “Full Flop” on his support for the Export-Import Bank, according to PolitiFact Wisconsin. Johnson opposed and voted against the bank’s reauthorization back in 2012 — a vote that’s today costing Wisconsin jobs.


General Electric recently announced that it will close a Wisconsin plant, and shift the entire operation — including 350 jobs — north of the border to Canada. GE’s explanation? The Ex-Im Bank’s expiration made it impossible for them to compete, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Johnson’s desperately claiming he supports the Ex-Im Bank. But it’s too late — he’s already voted against Wisconsin’s interests, and a symbolic “full flop” won’t change that.

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NEW VIDEO: Marco Rubio’s Hypocrisy On Working Families

Marco Rubio yesterday borrowed from Jeb Bush’s playbook of revealing just how out of touch and extreme his positions are, conceding, “You can’t live on $10 an hour, you can’t live on $11 an hour.”


If Rubio doesn’t think $10 is a living wage, then why is he so opposed to raising a minimum wage that’s just $7.25 to $10? He’s opposed to raising it to $9 an hour and voted against raising it to $10.10.


All in all, it wasn’t a great day for Rubio, who showed just how far he’ll go to put up barriers for working families. Earlier in the day, he echoed Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush’s out-of-touch “free stuff” condescension.


Watch American Bridge’s new video about Rubio’s hypocrisy on working families:


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Marco Rubio’s Wall Street Recess

Marco Rubio is in New York this week making the rounds on Wall Street, but cozying up to hedge fund managers and big financiers isn’t new for him. Back during his 2010 campaign, Marco Rubio hauled in $117,000 from a single fundraiser hosted by hedge fund manager Paul Singer the same day Congress passed Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

In the intervening years, Marco Rubio’s proven his loyalty to Singer and Wall Street by voting four times to repeal Dodd-Frank.

There’s a reason hedge fund managers and financial industry executives were one of Rubio’s highest bank-rollers in 2010, and continue to fill that role today: Rubio will keep doing whatever it takes to line the pockets of his Wall Street backers at the expense of American working families.



Rubio & Wall Street


✓  Rubio said “I’m not anti-Wall Street,” and argued that millionaires should be treated “fairly.”

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Jeb Gets Trumped… By The Economy

BREAKING: Economy grew at 3.9 percent rate in spring, helped by stronger consumer and business spending.

— The Associated Press (@AP) September 25, 2015

Golly! Given the absolute encumbrances to economic growth that are Obamacare and the “growth-stifling” regulations instituted by the Obama Administration, Jeb Bush must have been shaken to his core this morning to learn that the economy grew at a rate of 3.9 percent in the spring, according to the Associated Press.

On a number of occasions, Jeb’s justified his candidacy on the claim that “we got an anemic economy growing at barely 2% a year,” as he wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion — a growth rate he claims Democrats have begrudgingly accepted as the status quo.

Jeb, you’ve said you’re running on the purpose of getting to 4% growth — sometimes you’ve got to know when to take a hint: This is the forces […]

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Portman Holds Politically Motivated Senate Hearing

Washington, DC – The U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations today held a hearing that appears to be politically motivated. The subcommittee, chaired by thevulnerable Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), heard from a panel of corporate executives – including ones who oversaw corporate inversions –the moving of business operations to a foreign country, in order to avoid paying American taxes.

What Portman doesn’t want you to know, is that he benefited from corporations – including some once based in Ohio – that used inversion in order to skirt paying U.S. taxes.

But Portman’s support of policies that encouraged outsourcing is even more extensive than merely shipping jobs overseas and serving in the Bush Administration at a time when nine corporations committed some form of tax inversion.Unsurprisingly, Pro-Portman PACs, as well as his campaign, have received contributions from corporate inverters and outsourcers, including the Koch Brothers and Ohio companies that took […]

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