From The Same Guys Who Brought You: ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran’

The GOP field is in a tizzy, but these canned statements are less about the right strategy for American foreign policy than they are transparent attempts to outflank their competitors through fear-mongering.  Consider the sources. It took Jeb Bush 13 years and one painfully long week to figure out whether invading Iraq was a good idea. Marco Rubio’s answer on the same question was harder to follow than Richard Kimble. And Scott Walker is the guy who thinks he can beat ISIS because he took on teachers and firefighters, and that foreign policy achievement amounts to firing air traffic controllers.

Read the red meat, or just skip right to this classic GOP hit, “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran”:

Jeb Bush
“The nuclear agreement announced by the Obama Administration today is a dangerous, deeply flawed, and short sighted deal.

“A comprehensive agreement should require Iran to verifiably abandon […]

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NEW VIDEO: Marco Rubio’s Foreign Policy Flop

Need to know the definition of nation building? Or wondering if you should liquidate your retirement funds? Don’t ask Marco Rubio. With one flustered response after another, it’s become clear that Rubio’s finances aren’t the only thing that don’t stand up well to scrutiny. Between his botched answer on the Iraq War and reputation as an absentee member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, the Florida senator’s standing as a foreign policy “expert” has fallen flat.

Watch the latest from American Bridge on Rubio’s Foreign Policy Flop:

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Jeb Gets Four Pinnochios on ISIS, Takes on More Water Over W

Jeb Bush is taking on still more water as he struggles to avoid his brother’s disastrous political legacy. First, the Washington Post Fact Checker awarded Jeb four Pinocchios for his botched attempt to pass the blame on his brother’s mess in Iraq:

Bush seems to have fallen prey to Washington conventional wisdom, in which ISIS suddenly emerged into consciousness in the past year or so. That may be fine for armchair analysts or journalists. But that’s little excuse for a presidential candidate, who might have to grapple with this problem if he or she is elected president.

Instead, Bush flatly stated as fact that ISIS did not exist when his brother was president — and that al-Qaeda in Iraq was wiped out when Obama took office. Both statements are false and worthy of Four Pinocchios.
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VIDEO: ‘Misoverestimated': Jeb Bush’s Terrible Week

Jeb Bush isn’t even a candidate for president but he’s already close to ruining his chances. His week could be best described as a series of amateur, unforced errors and stark revelations about the former governor’s views on foreign policy and the Iraq War. What’s clear is that Jeb isn’t his “own man.” More worrisome, his failures on the campaign trail makes one wonder: Will he be an even worse president than his brother?

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‘Misoverestimated': Jeb Bush’s Terrible Week

It’s only Thursday and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Jeb Bush has had the worst week of any presidential candidate this cycle. He’s aligning himself with his brother’s disastrous foreign policy, running scared from the conservative wing of his party, flubbing answers to simple questions and, unsurprisingly, tanking in the polls. Speaking in the language coined by his brother, Bushism, it looks like we “misoverestimated” Jeb and his bid for the White House.

Take a look at Bush’s wince-inducing week:


Politico: Was Jeb dropped on head as a child?: “So to fully appreciate the importance of Jeb’s revelation that George W. will be his chief adviser when it comes to the Mideast, you’ve got to keep in mind that Jeb’s entire campaign is built around one selling point: Jeb is the smart one in the family.”

New York Times: Wow, Jeb Bush Is Awful: “The bottom line is that so far he seems to be a terrible candidate. He couldn’t keep his ‘I’m-my-own-man’ mantra going through the spring. He over-babbled at a private gathering. He didn’t know how to answer the Iraq question, which should have been the first thing he tackled on the first day he ever considered that he might someday think for even a minute about running for president.”

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Fourth Time’s a Charm? No One’s Buying Jeb’s Iraq War Shifts

After four days and four different answers from Jeb Bush on the Iraq War, no one’s buying Jeb’s Iraq War “shifts.” It’s like he’s not related to the president who made that decision…or hasn’t heard about it’s disastrous consequences… or hasn’t been thinking about running for president for years. His team wants you to think he’s unprepared, but he’s not: Jeb is unprincipled and no one is buying his Iraq war “shifts.”

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Indecider in Chief: Brutal Headlines Follow Jeb’s Iraq War Tiptoe

Given the power of hindsight and what we know today about failed intelligence, Jeb Bush says he STILL would have ordered an invasion of Iraq if he were president in 2003 — even Ted Cruz knows better than that. After getting battered for that answer to Megyn Kelly, Bush passed on the chance at damage control in a softball interview with Sean Hannity. Instead of cleaning up his mess, he stepped in it.

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Run, Walker, Run: Scott Walker Flees Press and State Budget Woes

Where in the world is Scott Walker? This week, he’s in Israel, conveniently far away from the press and Wisconsin’s budget woes. Not that Wisconsinites or the press should expect anything else — the governor has a habit of disappearing when things get tough and his advisers are likely terrified of another foreign policy slip up.

Between his flub-filled trip to London in February and comparing hard working union members to ISIS, Walker already has more than his fair share of gaffes. But that’s no excuse for leaving the country when his state’s budget faces severe cuts to education, health care, and emergency services. Walker is just too busy not running for president to take care of his governing responsibilities. It looks like, for now, Wisconsin will have to fend for itself.

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MEMO: Paging Marco Rubio’s foreign policy experience

As Marco Rubio prepares for what his campaign is billing as a “major” foreign policy speech at the Council of Foreign Relations on Wednesday, his lackluster foreign policy resume is a good reminder that Rubio’s shift to ultra-hawk has been sloppy at best. Like his vertigo-inducing swing right on immigration, Rubio has tacked to the extreme right to appease the Tea Party base that still controls the Republican Party.

Rubio likes to remind voters that he has the most foreign policy experience of any GOP presidential contender with spots on the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees, but those assignments haven’t translated into substantial achievements.

Here’s what that “experience” actually covers.

The Indecider: On Iraq, Jeb Says Knowing What He Knows Now, He Still Doesn’t Know.

If the Iraq War was a fiasco, trying to follow Jeb Bush’s position on it mystifying. Did the brother of George W. think he was really going to ride to the presidency without giving a strong answer on this question? Or is he just woefully unprepared for the office he seeks?

Listen to Jeb with Megyn Kelly of FOX News yesterday:

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