Reminder: Trump’s NATO Policy Puts Poland, U.S. Allies At Risk

Today, Donald Trump spoke at the Polish American Congress in Chicago. During the event, Trump praised Brexit — which is highly unpopular in Poland — and attempted to downgrade the effects his NATO policies would have on Poland. In reality though, the risk Trump poses to Poland and U.S. allies is too great to ignore.

We already know that Trump is temperamentally unfit to hold the nuclear codes, and that his vague “secret” plan to fight ISIS is likely nonexistent. That alone is enough to keep him out of the Oval Office. Then there’s Trump’s outlandish and dangerous opinion of NATO.

Trump has repeatedly called NATO “obsolete,” said we should “get rid of” it,  and made criticisms of key allies for “ripping off the United States.” Added to that already terrifyingly uninformed foreign policy is Trump’s admiration for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Norweigian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was right when she […]

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Congrats Senator Rubio!

You’re finally making it to a hearing on North Korea! The last one, in January 2016, was a little close if you recall. After getting universally skewered for choosing a fundraiser over a classified briefing, Rubio changed his schedule at the last minute and still missed 80 percent of the briefing.

Doesn’t say much that Rubio is only deciding to go to committee hearings now that he’s in a tough reelection campaign — especially after missing 68 percent of committee hearings since 2011 and missing 60 percent of Foreign Relations hearings.

From CNN:

The Florida Republican was scheduled to be at a fundraiser in his home state Monday at 6 p.m. after campaigning there in the afternoon, which would have prevented him from going to Washington.

Monday afternoon, after publication of this story and others highlighting the schedule conflict, a spokesman for Rubio’s Senate office said he would be at the hearing after […]

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Confessed con artist, foreign policy amateur, all-around ignoramus

When Trump wasn’t being racist or sexist at last night’s debate, he found time to betray his foreign policy ignorance, anti-science views, and con artist mentality.

1.) Trump said China should invade North Korea

“You look at North Korea, we’re doing nothing there. China should solve that problem for us. China should go into North Korea.”
2.) Trump defended cheering on the housing crisis

“That’s called business.”
3.) Trump lied about calling climate change “a hoax.” (He did.)

“I did not.”

4.) Trump admitted to not paying federal income taxes

“That makes me smart.”

5.) Trump admitted to stiffing small business owners

“Maybe he didn’t do a good job and I was unsatisfied with his work.”

6.) And claimed that a federal agency endorsed him. (Wrong again!)

“I was just endorsed by ICE; they’ve never endorsed anybody before.”

Donald Trump: Con artist, foreign policy amateur, all-around ignoramus. 

Unfit to be commander in chief.

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Trump’s Terrifying Approach To North Korea

Last night, news broke that North Korea has likely conducted a successful nuclear test — this would be the fifth test by the country and the second one in just 8 months.

That’s concerning enough on it’s own. Now, add to it that the GOP presidential nominee has said “you’ve got to give [Kim Jong Un] credit” and believes our policy on North Korea should be to tell China,“you solve the problem,” and it’s down right terrifying. Just like he’s praised Vladimir Putin, Trump has admired dictators Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong Un.

Today on CBS This Morning, Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway refused to explain how he would handle the situation because “he’s not going to reveal all of his plans.” But the few foreign policy “plans” Trump has revealed — such as saying Japan and South Korea should have their own nuclear weapons — show a complete lack […]

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Trump Pushing More Kremlin Talking Points On DNC Hack?

Three months after Donald Trump openly asked Russia to conduct cyberespionage on a political opponent and meddle in the U.S. election, Trump’s pleading ignorance to the whole ordeal.

At the time Trump also specifically cited Russia as having potentially hacked emails.

But appearing today on Russia’s state-owned RT — a week after Vladimir Putin praised the hack but claimed no involvement — Trump pled ignorance on the hack and as to who was responsible:

“I don’t have any opinion on it. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know who hacked; I’m not sure who. I mean, you tell me who hacked. Who did the hacking?”

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No Wizard Behind The Curtain, Just Dangerous, Dictator-Loving Trump

Last night gave America a preview of what to expect in the upcoming presidential debates from Donald Trump — spoiler alert: it’s more of the same. For months, Trump has repeatedly insulted U.S. military leaders, lavished compliments on dictators like former KGB officer Vladimir Putin, and displayed a total ignorance of foreign affairs.

Trump’s ego reared its ugly head several times, especially when he was asked about our military leaders. “The generals have been reduced to rubble,” he said. From the Khans to his past comments on Vietnam, it’s obvious that Trump doesn’t understand sacrifice. Last night, he showed America he doesn’t understand respect either.

The GOP nominee didn’t back down from previous comments on military sexual assaut. Trump stood by a 2013 tweet where he insinuated that women shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the armed forces and offered no substantial plan on how to address the issue.

On foreign […]

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Trump’s Shady Foreign Business Ties Create “Unprecedented” Conflict Of Interest

“I’m campaigning, I’m running a business, I’m doing a lot of things” — here’s what you need to know about Trump’s sketchy business dealings and conflicts of interest:

“[Trump’s control of over 500 companies] is certainly going to present an unprecedented ethical dilemma if Trump wins,” a leading ethics lawyer told CNNMoney back in March.

And when you look at Trump’s extensive history of sketchy businesses and attempts to drive business with unsavory characters from around the world, those concerns are doubled.

Given Trump’s consistent willingness to put his business interests first — especially when someone else is on the hook (particularly his campaign donors) — there are very real concerns about conflicts of interests that might arise should he make it to the White House.

What would Trump put first: America’s best interests or his own personal wealth and business ties to foreign governments?

Trump was paid “at least […]

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Donald Trump: Russian Investing Doll?

Donald Trump, tonight: “I think I would have a very, very good relationship with Putin.” So, no sign Trump’s backing off his pro-Putin foreign policy agenda anytime soon.

For over a year, Donald Trump’s long been a prolific Vladimir Putin admirer, and even hopefully mused, “[W]ill [Putin] become my new best friend?

Trump’s additionally co-opted Kremlin talking points on Crimea and brought on key advisers with ties to the Russian government, all while continuing his praise for Putin, which has earned him the praise of the Russian media.

Oh, and Trump openly asked Russia to conduct espionage on Hillary Clinton, even going so far as to suggest that the country might be rewarded for doing so.

A minor slip-up would be one thing, but months of praising Putin, using Kremlin messaging, and hiring two staffers with deep ties to the Russian government is no accident.

And then […]

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American Bridge Statement On Trump Saying He’d Abandon U.S. Allies On North Korea

At a town hall this afternoon, Donald Trump said that, as president, he would refuse to address the problem of North Korea, adding, “China can solve the problem.”

The remark fits into a larger trend of Trump indicating he would abandon important U.S. allies in a time of crisis, and it’s just the latest indication of his profound foreign policy ignorance.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on the latest indication of Trump’s lack of commander-in-chief readiness:

“North Korea regularly threatens attacks on the United States and other key American allies, but Donald Trump today telegraphed that he would do nothing to prevent North Korea from following through on its threats.

“Trump went as far as saying he’d remove American leadership and cede our role as the dominant superpower safeguarding the world to China. Trump continues to prove his reckless form of foreign policy, if one can even call it […]

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Why Does Toomey Support Pro-Kremlin, Anti-Ukraine Trump?

How on earth can Pat Toomey even show his face today at Philly’s Ukrainian Independence Day celebration when he stands behind pro-Kremlin, anti-Ukraine Donald Trump? Until Toomey stands up to Trump the bully, he is allowing Trump continue his dangerous pro-Russia posturing that threatens our economic and national security. Toomey is proving over and over again that he is nothing more than a cowardly politician contorting himself into politically expedient positions because he’s facing an uphill battle to win reelection.

Toomey stood by while Trump continues to prove that his presidency would threaten Ukraine and advance Vladimir Putin’s anti-U.S. agenda:

Trump threatened to disband NATO and abandon our allies like Ukraine if Russia invaded.

Trump specifically questioned the U.S.’s need to be involved in Ukraine.

Trump pledged to recognize Crimea as part of Russia, despite U.S. and international opposition — seeing it as a Ukrainian territory invaded by Russia in 2014.

Trump promised to improve relations […]

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