Richard Burr, Blocker Of Judge Confirmations, Says Courts Should Decide HB2

Senator Richard Burr won’t be competing for a profile in courage any time soon. 

Last night, Burr refused to condemn Gov. Pat McCrory’s discriminatory HB2 that is hurting the people and economic well-being of North Carolina, instead saying the courts should decide the law. In and of itself, the deflection might seem harmless, but Burr has a record of preventing the courts from deciding anything.

Burr is currently holding up two important court vacancies: joining his party in Supreme Court obstructionism and perpetuating a decade long vacancy by blocking the president’s nominee in the U.S. Eastern District of North Carolina, the same district that the HB2 suit will be heard. 

It’s time for Senator Burr to stand against job-killing laws like HB2 and do his job and fill the courts.

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McCrory’s Intransigence Puts Education Dollars At Risk

Governor Pat McCrory’s predictable response to the challenge the Justice Department’s letter finding HB2 to be discriminatory in court puts North Carolina at risk of losing up to $4.5 billion in federal education funding. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has already found that denying transgender people access to bathrooms is a form of sex discrimination, prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The Justice Department also found HB2 to violate the Violence Against Women Act and Title IX.  

This year alone, North Carolina K-12 public schools received $861 million in federal funds. Those federal dollars are used to pay teachers, teacher aids, subsidize nutrition programs for low-income students, support economically disadvantaged students through Title I, and assist with disabilities through IDEA.  

While McCrory’s budget director claims that increasing wages for teachers is a “matter of priority,” the Governor continues to demonstrate his willingness to put […]

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Bank Of America & NCAA Not Backing Down On Push Against McCrory’s Anti-LGBT HB2

North Carolina has already lost millions in revenue since Governor Pat McCrory signed HB2 into law five weeks ago, and the hits just keep coming.

Bank of America and the NCAA made headlines this week, calling for North Carolina to repeal the discriminatory law, or else:

CNBC: BofA’s Moynihan to keep fighting controversial ‘bathroom bill’

ESPN: Officials: North Carolina must show proof of discrimination-free zone, or lose NCAA tournament games

Despite the negative effect of HB2 on the state, McCrory as well as Senator Richard Burr continue to defend the anti-LGBT legislation. The Republicans are set on putting their bigoted views ahead of economic security and prosperity for North Carolinians.

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Carolina Walkback: McCrory’s Desperate Political Ploy Won’t Help NC

Facing unrelenting national criticism and the addition of Deutsche Bank to a steady parade of scrapped North Carolina business expansions, Pat McCrory on Tuesday attempted to undo the damage wrought by his signing of HB2. In a poorly cloaked political maneuver, McCrory signed Executive Order 93 which, as noted by the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh’s News & Observer, doubles down on the worse provisions of HB2:

Businesses can continue to discriminate with impunity.

Workers who face discrimination still can’t bring their grievances to a state court.

Municipalities are still forbidden from acting to extend additional protections to their residents. 

The Governor’s decision to sign HB2 has damaged North Carolina’s reputation, but now he’s more worried about salvaging his own his own in time for November than he is in helping North Carolinians or North Carolina’s economy recover from his wrongheaded political priorities.

News & Observer: McCrory spins on HB2 when he should back its repeal

–To borrow a phrase […]

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Sen. Burr Doesn’t Think HB2 Is Having A Negative Effect On Business…


Senator Burr Says HB2 Isn’t Hurting Business In North Carolina,
“I continue to have businesses come in my office, talk about their desire to come and move to North Carolina, invest here, create jobs and when they stop, then I’ll question whether some policy we’ve done deters that.”


as of 4/6/2016

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Burr’s Backwards Beliefs

For Immediate Release
April 6th, 2016
Contact: Katie Lewallen, 318-617-3258

Burr’s Backwards Beliefs

Washington — Senator Richard Burr claims  that HB2 does not discriminate and “doesn’t involve federal issues.” Senator Burr, however, has pushed similar discriminatory policies at the federal level as a co-sponsor on Senate bill 1598.

“Senator Burr should be ashamed of his defense of HB2 and he should remove his name from the equally discriminatory federal bill he’s co-sponsoring in the United States Senate,” said American Bridge 21st Century Press Secretary Katie Lewallen. “Burr’s backwards beliefs on discrimination are not only hateful, but harmful to the economic success of North Carolina.”

Burr’s history of support for discriminatory legislation goes far beyond his silence on HB2 or his support for SB 1598.


SB 1598: Senator Burr signed on as a co-sponsor of SB 1598–the “First Amendment Defense Act”–on July 9th, 2015. The bill would open same-sex couples, as well as anyone engaging in sexual conduct outside a marriage between a man and a woman, […]

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Pat McCrory: Running And Hiding From HB2

Desperate to change the subject away from his signature of HB2 into law, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory hoped a sign unveiling along U.S. 70 would do the trick:  It didn’t. 

After praising the assembled media on their interest in roads, the tone quickly shifted as McCrory grew frustrated with questions regarding his defense of anti-transgender legislation. McCrory issued a curt reply–dodging the questions and pivoting to jobs and roads–and quickly retreated to his waiting car. 

A day after the signing of a letter by 80 business executives calling for repeal of HB2, it is intriguing that McCrory would tout job growth while simultaneously defending a discriminatory law that puts North Carolina’s workforce at risk. 

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McCrory Ban On Anti-Discrimination Measures Goes (Further) Awry

​(via Kevin Siers/The Charlotte Observer)

Donald Trump’s taking heat for lying and defaming a reporter clearly harassed by his campaign manager, but North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s had a tough past few days, himself.


McCrory should have seen the backlash coming: He signed and is actively shilling for House Bill 2, a law that leaves his constituents unprotected and vulnerable to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.


More than eighty companies, including IBM, Apple, Microsoft, and Bank of America are calling for the repeal of the law. The NBA, which is slated to stage its 2017 All Star Game in Charlotte, has expressed concerns over the law, as has the NCAA.

Pat McCrory is on the wrong side of history and in over his head, with no idea how to remedy the situation. So far he’s decided to go with a “blame the media” strategy, and aggressively defended his […]

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WATCH: McCrory Uses Trumpian Excuse For Discriminatory LGBT Law

Facing increasing criticism for signing HB2, a discriminatory anti-LGBT law that eliminates local nondiscrimination laws North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory has decided to re-up his credentials with the #PartyOfTrump. In an interview with NBC News, McCrory used Donald Trump’s favorite crutch, awkwardly laughing through his claim that Americans are suffering from being too politically correct:

“We are too much politically correct. We have this political correctness in our nation that’s taking over common sense.”

Gov. McCrory can’t stop coming up with ludicrous excuses for the job-killing and discriminatory bill he signed in the dark of the night. What will he come up with next?


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WATCH: Gov. Pat McCrory Attempts To Spin The Truth About Anti-LGBT Law, Fails Miserably

Today, Governor Pat McCrory attempted to spin the truth about his new law that allows for discrimination against the LGBT community. Playing defense at a press conference, McCrory said the media’s portrayal of the law has been “inaccurate.” 

McCrory’s true colors are showing and North Carolinians don’t like what they see. If McCrory didn’t want the nation to see his #PartyOfTrump bigotry, he should’ve vetoed HB2 instead of rushing to sign it into law under the literal cover of darkness.

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