MEMO: What To Expect In Nashua

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Brad Woodhouse, President, American Bridge 21st Century
RE: What to Expect in Nashua
DATE: April 17, 2015

Republican presidential candidates are descending like a swarm of locusts on Nashua, New Hampshire, this weekend for the NHGOP’s First in the Nation Leadership Summit. With more than 20 candidate events scheduled in addition to Friday and Saturday’s speaking slots, American Bridge will be working overtime to document every word from targeted candidates and continue our work holding Republicans accountable for their extreme positions and words. Here’s what we’re expecting to hear.

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Bush Takes More Heat on Religious Discrimination Stance(s)

Jeb Bush was quick to throw his full support behind Indiana’s discrimination law and bone up his social conservative credentials. But two days later, Bush was caught telling Silicon Valley donors a completely different position after a legislative fix was already in motion. Bush is willing to take the courageous position of telling you whatever you want to hear, whether you’re a voter or donor. This proves once again that no one can trust him.

Bush is facing negative numbers and weak support from Republican voters before he’s even announced his candidacy. Now, voters are reminded that he doesn’t have positions on many issues and is willing to change his views for political gain. If this is how Bush fares before he’s a candidate, imagine what lies ahead.

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VIDEO: Indiana’s RFRA: Par for the Course for GOP Presidential Candidates

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act has created a national uproar that serves as a stark reminder of the state of today’s Republican Party: par for the course is extreme policies for America.

Following a complete duff trying to defend the law on Sunday from Governor Mike Pence, the GOP’s leading presidential contenders didn’t lay-up, they doubled-downed. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, among others, took to the airways to unequivocally endorse Indiana’s RFRA.

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Cuccinelli clings to Tea Party extremism in final debate

At tonight’s debate, Ken Cuccinelli returned to his roots by embracing the extreme agenda of the Tea Party at every turn.
Virginians are seeking a mainstream leader to boost the Commonwealth’s economy and create jobs, so it’s no surprise that voters are rejecting a candidate who made a name for himself by waging unpopular fights to further his extreme agenda.

After three debates, voters know who Cuccinelli is and what he stands for:

When you stack up that extreme record next to the mainstream, bipartisan approach of Terry McAuliffe, it’s easy to see why Virginians are rejecting Ken Cuccinelli.

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Bridge Briefs for tonight’s VA-Gov debate

In preparation for tonight’s Gubernatorial debate between Terry McAuliffe and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, American Bridge released the following Bridge Briefs:

Cuccinelli’s Anti-Woman Record 

Cuccinelli, Personhood & Birth Control 

Cuccinelli’s Anti-Gay Views & Statements 

Cuccinelli’s Disastrous Tax Plan 

Cuccinelli’s Opposition to Bipartisan Transportation Plan

Cuccinelli: “What You See is What You Get?”

“Virginia needs a Governor who’ll be straight with you, not just tell you what you want to hear.”

That’s what Ken Cuccinelli had to say during his opening statement of today’s debate, right after he told Virginians “as your next Governor, I’ll advance policies that grow jobs for the middle class.” Riiiight.

A review of Cuccinelli’s career proves that he was not being straight with the people of Virginia today in Hot Springs. Despite running from his past throughout this campaign, Cuccinelli has devoted his entire career to imposing his extreme views on divisive social issues.

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