What Hasn’t Trump Apologized For?

For someone so insistent on demanding apologies, Donald Trump, at least by our count, hasn’t apologized for anything.

Here are a few inflammatory, offensive, and flat-out racist things that the man “who like[s] to not regret anything” has yet to apologize for:

1. Maligning immigrants as “rapists” who are “bringing drugs,…crime.”

Refusal to apologize: “I love the Mexican people, but no apology because everything I said is 100 percent correct. All you have to do is read the newspapers.”

2. Mocking a reporter with a disability. 

Refusal to apologize: “I don’t take that back because the person was groveling in terms — if you read his statements about well, did you say this and did you write this paragraph, he was really grasping for straws.” 

3. Disparaging prisoners of war and Senator John McCain for getting “captured.”

Refusal to apologize: “No, not at all…I got a standing ovation, […]

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Ayotte Received Donations From Trump-U Style School That Hurt Vets

Between 2015 and 2016, Senator Kelly Ayotte received $8,000 in donations from Bridgepoint Education, a Trump U style for-profit college that has been under investigation for making “false promises” and ultimately hurting its students. Just like Trump-U, it targeted and hurt those who were trying to better themsevles through education, especially veterans.

According to the Huffington Post:

Among the allegations levied against the outfit are claims that it lures students with false promises, offers a poor education, and has an enormous dropout rate. Its students are then left with mountains of debt and no degrees.

And while Ayotte, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has taken a personal interest in education benefits for veterans, working to preserve GI Bill payouts as recently as April,veterans have been named as a particular target of Bridgepoint, whose Ashford University branch was allegedly motivated by the lure of the federal cash […]

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Donald Trump “Loves The Vets,” But His Actions Prove Otherwise

Today Donald Trump will speak about veterans’ affairs in Virginia Beach. You never know what Trump will say, but his words and actions throughout the campaign have made one thing abundantly clear — he lacks the respect and honor for the men and women who serve our country.

Despite having “always wanted to get the Purple Heart,” Trump sought at least four draft deferrals to avoid serving in the Vietnam War and then later compared dating and STD’s to his own personal Vietnam War. While not brave enough to serve his country, he did have the courage to wage a campaign with pen and paper, writing letters asking to have veterans banned from working as street vendors on Fifth Avenue.

Ahead of Trump’s remarks, here are his most offensive comments about veterans and their service to our country:

Merely a month after launching his campaign, Trump disparaged Senator John McCain and prisoners of war generally, saying “I like people […]

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Donald Trump Fails Commander In Chief Test With Disrespect for Veterans

This morning, Donald Trump is in Cincinnati to address the American Legion Convention. Regardless of what Trump says today, his words and actions throughout the campaign have made one thing abundantly clear — he lacks the respect and honor for the men and women who serve our country that is required for a Commander in Chief. 

Ahead of Trump’s remarks, here are some of his most offensive, outrageous remarks about veterans and their service to our country: 

In late July, Trump attacked a Gold Star military family after the parents of slain Muslim American Army Captain Humayun Khan spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Trump’sattack on the Khan family earned a swift and strong rebuke from both sides of the aisle, but he pressed on and continued to publicly attack the family. 

At an August rally, Trump minimized the sacrifices of Purple Heart recipients saying, “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. […]

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Angry Unhinged Buddies Take The Granite State By Storm

New Hampshire State Rep. Al Baldasaro, who made national news a couple weeks ago calling for Hillary Clinton to be “put in the firing line and shot for treason,” still gets a special shoutout  whenever Trump comes to the Granite State. 

Baldasaro brags about his access to the presidential nominee, having this direct line to Trump to discuss issues and policy ideas. Trump continues to show how he’s dangerous and unfit to be president, so it’s not too shocking that he would look to someone like Al as an adviser. 

Watch Al and Donald’s week of bad behavior in New Hampshire:

Donald recognizes his “favorite vet” Al:

Al stumping for Trump, says he can talk issues with Donald:

Al says Donald was “telling the truth” when he called Mexicans rapists and killers:

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Donald Trump’s History Of Firing, Disparaging, And Fleecing Veterans

Donald Trump — whose campaign’s veterans adviser has repeatedly called for Hillary Clinton’s execution — talks a big game when it comes to his support of and respect for veterans, but Trump’s repeatedly diminished military service, and he’s stiffed and slighted veterans for years.

Trump Disparages Prisoners Of War: “I Like People Who Weren’t Captured.”

Senator John McCain commands respect from both sides of the aisle over his military service — but not from the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. In July 2015, Trump said of McCain: “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”
Later on, when asked if he owed McCain — and prisoners of war everywhere — an apology, Trump said, “No, not at all.”

Trump Businesses Fired (At Least Three) Veterans 

Count ’em: Onetwo, and three.

Trump Opposes The GI Bill

Here’s what Donald […]

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Winning With Veterans: Trump Opposes The GI Bill

Donald Trump regularly promises that under his leadership we’re going to “win with veterans”. Trump’s record, however, shows an uniformed conman cynically using veterans as political props.

Asked on CNN’s New Day if he would support the continuation of the GI Bill, Donald Trump gave a meandering answer about immigration before abruptly stating that “No,” he would not support the continuation of the GI Bill.

On the 241st birthday of the United States Army, Donald Trump campaigned on the theft of funds earmarked for rebuilding Iraq by American troops.  Thousands of servicemen and women served with honor and bravery in Iraq, but Trump instead chose to demagogue isolated incidents for political gain and diminish the service of the men and women who served honorably.

Trump has insulted John McCain’s record of service and tried to have veterans working as street vendors kicked off Fifth Avenue. Trump’s record of disrespect for veterans is staggering; he talks a big game on “winning with […]

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Trump Never Enlisted, But He Did “Feel Like A Great And Very Brave Soldier”

Donald Trump today had a lot of lip service about his respect for American servicemembers and veterans, but his sad history with veterans and lack of military service shows it’s all empty rhetoric.

Trump has disparaged prisoners of warlied about his donations to veterans charities, and repeatedly compared of serving in Vietnam with navigating New York’s dating scene.
Trump has never served in the military, pursuing four draft deferments as a student to avoid going to Vietnam. After graduation, ABC News reports that Trump was subsequently “declared medically unfit to serve” over what he’s since called “a foot thing.”

Donald Trump never served his country but that doesn’t mean he didn’t “feel like a great and very brave soldier” facing off against sexually transmitted diseases in “his personal Vietnam,” New York’s dating scene.
This is Trump’s record of “military service”:

Trump: Avoiding STDs “is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider.”

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Reminder: Johnson Aides Ignored Tomah VA Tips, Senator Blamed “Job Interviews and Stuff”

Senator Ron Johnson is still trying to pawn off the blame for the issues at the Tomah VA that lead to the deaths of three veterans. In an interview with Face The Nation on Sunday, Johnson said government inefficiency was at the heart of the problems:

“So, from my standpoint, the root cause really is the government that is doing so many things that it never was intended to do and doing it quite badly. Look at the VA health care system. We’re holding a hearing in Tomah, Wisconsin, about problems that have been known since 2004. The bureaucrats, the Office of Inspector General did nothing to solve those problems.”

What Johnson failed to acknowledge was that his own office was at the center of the mishandling of the problems at Tomah VA. In fact, Johnson aides “sat on whistleblower tips” about the health center for months, failing to make sure […]

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