Author: Jenn Loving


ICYMI: Daily Beast: RNC Speaker Boosts QAnon Conspiracy Theory About Jewish Plot to Enslave the World

“There’s no place for Mary Ann Mendoza’s anti-Semitic views. Sadly, under Donald Trump’s watch, anti-Semitism is on the rise and is now in the front and center at the Republican National Convention. This speaks volumes about the radicalization of the Republican Party under Donald Trump and where our country is […]


American Bridge 21st Century Announces Ad, Video Series Featuring Michael Cohen Ahead of RNC

Former Personal Attorney and Fixer Makes the Case Against Four More Years for Trump Ahead of the first night of the Republican National Convention, American Bridge 21st Century today announced a new video series and ad campaign featuring Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, fixer, and confidant Michael Cohen.  Starting tonight, American Bridge […]


ICYMI: Trump promised to bring back manufacturing in Pennsylvania. He didn’t. Will it cost him?

“The numbers don’t lie. Donald Trump made big promises to workers and manufacturers, but he’s completely failed to deliver results,” said American Bridge Spokesperson Kyle Morse. “Trump has put the needs of Wall Street ahead of Main Street, and voters across the country are putting him on notice. The Trump economy […]