Author: Zach Hudson


VIDEO: Hypocrite Chris Sununu Takes Credit for American Rescue Plan He Opposed

After opposing the American Rescue Plan, watch Sununu hypocritically praise ARP for helping to lower New Hampshire’s property taxes  Chris Sununu hypocritically took credit yesterday for the property tax relief New Hampshire homeowners are about to receive thanks to the Sununu-opposed American Rescue Plan. At a press conference designed to […]


American Bridge 21st Century Calls on Ron Johnson to Resign Over Racist January 6 Comments

Johnson said yesterday that he wasn’t worried when white insurrectionists stormed the Capitol because they “love this country,” but that if they had been Black Lives Matter protesters he would have been concerned for his safety American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd released the following statement calling on Senator […]


Millionaire Ron Johnson Says Constituents “Don’t Need” COVID Relief, School Reopenings, or Vaccines

Watch Johnson claim his struggling constituents don’t need $1,400 checks Yesterday, millionaire politician Ron Johnson said in an interview that Americans “didn’t need” the American Rescue Plan. Yes, this is the same Ron Johnson who gave himself and his rich friends a massive tax cut, but won’t lift a finger to help […]