Adam Laxalt to Campaign With Man Who Assaulted a Woman and Mocked a Migrant Child With Down Syndrome

Fresh off a new story this morning revealing he tried to hide a secret condo in Virgnia from Nevada voters, Washington, D.C., native Adam Laxalt is bringing the Washington swamp to Nevada today. Laxalt is set to campaign this afternoon with Vice President Mike Pence and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Remember Lewandowski?  He’s the guy who was arrested for assaulting a female reporter in 2016 and mocked a migrant child with Down Syndrome only months ago. In other words – just the type of person you’d expect Adam Laxalt to hang out with.

“After looking the other way when a supporter of his was accused of raping someone, Adam Laxalt is now campaigning with a Washington operative who was arrested for physically assaulting a woman,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Adam Laxalt […]

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BREAKING: Nevada Independent: Adam Laxalt Exploited Legal Loophole to Hide Secret Condo in Virginia

“Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt got caught exploiting a legal loophole to hide his secret condo in Virginia from Nevada voters,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Considering he has only lived in Nevada a short time, refuses to answer even basic questions from the media, and is propped up by shadowy billionaires, Nevadans deserve to know what else Adam Laxalt is hiding.”

Excerpts from the Nevada Independent story are below. Read the full story here.

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt owns and likely rents out a two-bedroom condominium in Virginia, but because of a unique provision in state law isn’t required to report it on state campaign finance disclosure forms.”
“Records obtained by The Nevada Independent show that Laxalt purchased the two-bedroom, one-bathroom in January 2006, and the property is listed on online rental portals updated as recently as two months ago. Laxalt, the Republican attorney general and grandson […]

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While He Was Ignoring Allegations Into Rapist Supporter, Adam Laxalt Took Money From “Legitimate Rape” Todd Akin Supporter

Shot: Laxalt contributor Rex Sinquefield invoked KKK in effort to dismantle public schools. [Nevada Current, September 5, 2018]

Chaser: Sinquefield Donated To A Super PAC That Supported U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin After He Made Comments About “Legitimate Rape.” [Politico, July/August 2014]

“At the same time Adam Laxalt was ignoring allegations against an alleged rapist supporter of his, he was taking money from someone who supported ‘legitimate rape’ Todd Akin,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “From Steve Wynn, to Gerald Antinoro, to Elliot Broidy, to Rex Sinquefield, the company Adam Laxalt keeps sends an alarming message to Nevada women.”

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Sexual Assault Hypocrite Adam Laxalt Failed to Meet Deadline for Rape Kit Backlog

Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt released a desperate new ad today on Nevada’s sexual assault kit backlog. Laxalt, who has spent the last few months avoiding questions about an alleged rapist supporter of his, has based his campaign on his office’s supposed efforts at reducing Nevada’s sexual assault kit backlog. But what you don’t hear in Laxalt’s latest special interest-bankrolled attack ad is Laxalt’s office has incompetently struggled to meet their own deadlines for ending the rape kit backlog.

Laxalt’s office quietly pushed back the deadline by months because they weren’t able to meet it. In 2016, Laxalt’s office said testing of the rape kits would be completed by December 2018. A January 2018 report, however, noted that all kits collected prior to 2015 would be tested by the end of 2019. This significant delay was confirmed in an August 2018 report from Laxalt’s office. Since […]

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American Bridge Launches First General Election Ad Against Pay-to-Play Adam Laxalt

Laxalt was secretly recorded last year pressuring a gaming regulator on behalf of one of his biggest campaign donors

Watch the ad, “Bought and Paid For,” here

Tomorrow, American Bridge will launch its first general election ad against Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt. The ad, called “Bought and Paid For,” details the scandal that rocked Nevada politics last year when Laxalt was caught trying to pressure a Nevada gaming regulator to help his top campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson. The regulator was so uncomfortable with Laxalt’s behavior that he secretly recorded his conversation with Laxalt and turned it over to the F.B.I..Republican Governor Brian Sandoval distanced himself from Laxalt’s behavior, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board asked Laxalt to recuse himself from the case because of his conflicts of interest. Adelson has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Laxalt and spent millions […]

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BREAKING: NV Indy Exposes Adam Laxalt’s Sham Investigation Against Rapist Supporter

The Nevada Independent reported this morning that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt has been lying to Nevadans about his office’s supposed investigation into Laxalt’s supporter, alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro.

“This report confirms what we already suspected: Adam Laxalt’s supposed investigation into the alleged rapist supporting his campaign is a complete sham,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Adam Laxalt has used his office to strong arm regulators on behalf of his biggest donor, but he won’t lift a finger for the women making these serious allegations against Laxalt’s friend. It’s a shame Gerald Antinoro’s victims can’t afford to write the checks Laxalt’s billionaire puppet masters can write to Laxalt. Maybe then they’d get some justice.”

Key points:

“A top official in the attorney general’s office asserted that allegations of sexual misconduct and perjury made against a controversial Storey County sheriff are outside the statute of limitations, according to a lawyer […]

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BREAKING: Adam Laxalt to Campaign With Rapist Sheriff

The Nevada Independent reported this morning that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt will campaign this weekend with alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro. Weeks ago, American Bridge launched ads against Laxalt over his support of Antinoro. Laxalt was then confronted in Las Vegas about the Sheriff, but ran away without answering a voter’s question on why he continues to support an alleged rapist. Laxalt has also faced protests outside his office for supporting Antinoro.

Even worse, Antinoro is only one of a series of sexual predators and misogynists Laxalt has aligned himself with. Here is a quick summary of some of Laxalt’s other most prominent supporters:

Steve Wynn: Wynn, who resigned from his company over numerous allegations of sexual harassment, was one of Laxalt’s biggest supporters.
Elliot Broidy: Broidy donated $10,000 to Laxalt’s campaign. Broidy was forced to resign from his […]

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DAMAGE CONTROL: After Saying He Wouldn’t Spend Money on Ads During Primary, Adam Laxalt Forced to Go On TV to Defend Support of Alleged Rapist Sheriff

Las Vegas Sands Review-Journal employee Victor Joeks “reported” today that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt will be launching television ads next week. This comes just days after Laxalt told a group of supporters he would not be spending money on television ads until the general election.

At the same event, Laxalt was asked about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. While Laxalt ran away from the question, the pressure didn’t stop there. The very next day American Bridge launched new ads against Laxalt on his standing with sexual predators over female victims. The ads followed previous Facebook ads American Bridge launched against Laxalt over his support of misogynists and sexual predators. Nevada women have also protested outside Laxalt’s offices in Las Vegas and Reno over the last few weeks.

“Adam Laxalt is […]

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BREAKING: Adam Laxalt Finally Confronted About Support for Alleged Rapist Sheriff, Runs Away

Watch the video here

In a rare public appearance, Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt was finally confronted about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro.

As Laxalt’s handlers nervously watched, perhaps contemplating how someone got between them and the candidate they’ve been sworn to protect from interactions with actual voters, Laxalt was asked about recent Facebook ads regarding his support for Antinoro. Instead of using the opportunity to renounce his numerous supporters like Antinoro who are accused of sexual harassment and assault, Laxalt refused to answer the question and awkwardly ran away.

“Adam Laxalt’s handlers finally failed at keeping Laxalt away from questions about his support of an alleged rapist and sexual harasser,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Unfortunately, Laxalt still refused to provide a straight answer – or any answer – on why he continues to tout the endorsement of an alleged rapist. […]

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American Bridge Launches New Ad Against Adam Laxalt for Standing With Sexual Predators Over Female Victims

American Bridge launched a new ad today around the ongoing scandal engulfing Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt over his support of alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, Gerald Antinoro. Last week, American Bridge launched digital ads and a petition calling on Laxalt to denounce the sexual predators supporting his campaign. Laxalt has refused to do so, allowing his handlers to keep him in a bubble and refusing to deviate from his tight script in his rare public appearances.

The new ads feature media reports detailing the allegations against Antinoro, as well as Laxalt’s continued support for him. The ads begin running on Facebook and Twitter today and are targeted to female swing voters in Reno and Las Vegas.

“While Adam Laxalt’s handlers try to hide him from the media, Nevada women are seeing firsthand that Laxalt is standing with alleged rapists and sexual predators over female victims,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “What will it take for Adam Laxalt to finally […]

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