BREAKING: Adam Laxalt Finally Confronted About Support for Alleged Rapist Sheriff, Runs Away

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In a rare public appearance, Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt was finally confronted about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro.

As Laxalt’s handlers nervously watched, perhaps contemplating how someone got between them and the candidate they’ve been sworn to protect from interactions with actual voters, Laxalt was asked about recent Facebook ads regarding his support for Antinoro. Instead of using the opportunity to renounce his numerous supporters like Antinoro who are accused of sexual harassment and assault, Laxalt refused to answer the question and awkwardly ran away.

“Adam Laxalt’s handlers finally failed at keeping Laxalt away from questions about his support of an alleged rapist and sexual harasser,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Unfortunately, Laxalt still refused to provide a straight answer – or any answer – on why he continues to tout the endorsement of an alleged rapist. […]

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American Bridge Launches New Ad Against Adam Laxalt for Standing With Sexual Predators Over Female Victims

American Bridge launched a new ad today around the ongoing scandal engulfing Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt over his support of alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, Gerald Antinoro. Last week, American Bridge launched digital ads and a petition calling on Laxalt to denounce the sexual predators supporting his campaign. Laxalt has refused to do so, allowing his handlers to keep him in a bubble and refusing to deviate from his tight script in his rare public appearances.

The new ads feature media reports detailing the allegations against Antinoro, as well as Laxalt’s continued support for him. The ads begin running on Facebook and Twitter today and are targeted to female swing voters in Reno and Las Vegas.

“While Adam Laxalt’s handlers try to hide him from the media, Nevada women are seeing firsthand that Laxalt is standing with alleged rapists and sexual predators over female victims,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “What will it take for Adam Laxalt to finally […]

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Adam Laxalt in Damage Control Over Ties to Alleged Rapist

Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt is in full on damage control after facing mounting criticism for his ties to an alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser. Last week, Northern Nevada women protested outside Laxalt’s office in Reno, demanding Laxalt renounce the support of Gerald Antinoro. Antinoro has been accused of sexual assault and has admitted to sexually harassing a former employee. This week, American Bridge launched new ads demanding Laxalt renounce the support of sexual predators like Antinoro. Despite all this, Laxalt continues to stand by Antinoro – literally:

But while Laxalt continues to embrace alleged sexual predators like Antinoro, it hasn’t stopped him from trying to do damage control on the scandal. Yesterday, Laxalt’s office launched a “new website” and his handlers published a series of tweets designed to make people think Laxalt actually cares about helping victims of sexual assault. What’s missing from […]

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GOP Opponent Slams Adam Laxalt for Pay to Play Connection to Sheldon Adelson

LISTEN: “If You Want Governor Adelson, Vote for Laxalt”


This morning, Republican State Treasurer Dan Schwartz blasted Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt for being “in the pocket” of billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Schwartz went on to say that “if you want Governor Adelson, vote for Laxalt.”

Adelson is one of Laxalt’s biggest campaign donor, and Laxalt has returned the favor in kind by doing Adelson’s bidding as Attorney General. Adelson’s top political aides run Laxalt’s campaign, and Laxalt has even strong armed regulators to help Adelson.

“Adam Laxalt is a fully owned subsidiary of Sheldon Adelson and even an out of touch Republican like Dan Schwartz can see that,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Schwartz’s comments are a reminder that Adam Laxalt has spent his time as Attorney General protecting his billionaire donor’s bottom line, not the people of Nevada.”

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American Bridge Launches New Ads Featuring Adam Laxalt & Alleged Rapist Supporter

American Bridge launched new ads and a petition today on Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt’s support of an alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser. One of Laxalt’s top supporters, Gerald Antinoro, admitted to sexually harassing a subordinate and has also been accused of sexual assault. Despite all this, Laxalt continues to tout Antinoro’s endorsement on his campaign website. Nevada women protested Laxalt’s office last week, calling on Laxalt to rescind Antinoro’s support. Even worse, Antinoro is only one of Laxalt’s numerous supporters who have been accused of sexual harassment, misogyny, and threatening women.

The ads feature Laxalt and Antinoro standing together, and are the first phase of a prolonged digital campaign to hold Laxalt accountable on his support from Antinoro and other misogynists and sexual harassers. The ads are targeted to female swing voters in Las Vegas and Reno, and will direct viewers to a petition demanding Laxalt renounce the sexual predators supporting his campaign.

“Instead of doing his […]

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Alleged Rapists, Sexual Harassers, and Predators: Adam Laxalt’s Most Prominent Supporters

Washington, D.C. native and billionaire puppet Adam Laxalt wants Nevada voters to think he cares about helping victims of sexual assault. But the company Laxalt keeps tells a very different story. Days after being criticized for touting the endorsement of alleged rapist and sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro, Laxalt still features Antinoro’s name on his website. But it should hardly be surprising Laxalt has such a cavalier attitude about this. After all, Laxalt has surrounded his campaign with alleged sexual harassers, predators, and men with a history of threatening women.

Take a quick look at some of Laxalt’s most prominent supporters:

Steve Wynn: Wynn, who resigned from his company over numerous allegations of sexual harassment, was one of Laxalt’s biggest supporters.
Gerald Antinoro: Antinoro is facing numerous allegations of sexual harassment and rape. Laxalt has refused to retract Antinoro’s endorsement, even after a major Reno developer called […]

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Wynn, Broidy, Bolton: Instead of Cracking Down on Men Who Harass Women, Adam Laxalt Cashes Their Checks

In the latest sign that there is literally no one whose money he will not accept, Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt is raising money with incoming Trump aide John Bolton in New York City tonight. Bolton has a long record of displaying threatening behavior towards women, including going on a “warpath” and harassing a female employee who had the audacity to request maternity leave. Bolton also allegedly chased another woman through her hotel and threw things at her in a fit of rage.


So, naturally, Adam Laxalt is raising money with him. After all, tonight’s glitzy fundraiser comes just after Laxalt faced criticism for accepting $10,000 in contributions from a disgraced former RNC official who paid $1.6 million in hush money to a Playboy model he impregnated. Laxalt has also counted disgraced casino executive Steve Wynn as one of his biggest supporters. Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported devastating allegations […]

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Bad Year of Laxalt: Shady Favors, Cover-ups, and Ethics Scandals Galore

A Roundup of Adam Laxalt’s Terrible Year

Let’s face it – it’s been a bad year for Adam Laxalt. From February, when news surfaced about Laxalt’s attempts to convince the state’s chief gaming regulator to intervene in a lawsuit to benefit Laxalt’s largest campaign contributor, to being blasted for opposing Nevada’s involvement in a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, Laxalt has been awash in bad headlines all year.

In order to commemorate Adam Laxalt’s spectacularly bad year, American Bridge will be highlighting Laxalt’s terrible headlines all day long via Twitter using the hashtag #BadYearofLaxalt.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“This year, Adam Laxalt has proven the saying, ‘you reap what you sow.’ Laxalt has spent his short career pursuing policies that reward his donors at the expense of Nevadans – and now he’s wrapped up in so many ethics scandals, we’ve lost count. 2017 has been a terrible year […]

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Wrong Again, Laxalt

Following the Donald Trump’s DACA repeal, American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Not only will Laxalt refuse to look into the faces of the families whose lives would be torn apart by repealing DACA, but he also refuses to do the responsible thing for Nevada’s economy. Adam Laxalt has backed removing protections for 13,000 hardworking DREAMers who have jobs, are going to school and are improving Nevada’s economy. Nevadans deserve a leader who will look out for their best interest, not slash the state’s GDP because of politics.”

Nevada would lose $603,921,133 in GDP if 13,070 DACA Participants and 11,371 DACA workers were deported. [Center for American Progress, 7/21/2017]

Immigrant Families Attempted To Confront Laxalt Over His Opposition To DAPA And DACA, But His Staff Refused

America’s Voice: Immigrant Families Attempted To Confront Laxalt Over His Opposition To DAPA And DACA. According to a […]

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Adam Laxalt Complicit on Dangerous TrumpCare Bill

The Congressional Budget Office finally released the non-partisan scoring of the newest TrumpCare plan.  Not only will this bill rip away health care coverage from 22 million Americans, it will also cause insurance premiums for those with chronic conditions to skyrocket, and slash funding for Medicaid.

Adam Laxalt has previously called for the full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, but today he’s hiding his position on this disastrous bill that would leave Nevadans paying more for less coverage and roll back efforts to fight the opioid epidemic… all for a few tax breaks for the wealthiest few.

State Waivers For Cutting Benefits: The new TrumpCare bill allows states to obtain a waiver to drop protections of essential health benefits like maternity care and prescription drugs, potentially leading to women paying thousands more for maternity care and seniors choosing between their regular prescriptions and groceries.

State waivers could lead […]

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