Trump Forced to Withdraw Disgraceful Nominee for U.S. Sec. of Labor

“Less than 48 hours after Michael Flynn became the shortest-serving National Security Adviser in American history, the Trump administration is suffering its second massive defeat.  Andrew Puzder was strikingly unfit to represent the interests of working families at the Department of Labor: he has been a leading advocate for eliminating American jobs, he repeatedly cheated employees out of hard-earned wages, and he allowed sexual harassment to run rampant throughout his restaurants. This is very good news for the American people, but Puzder’s nomination in the first place is yet more proof that Trump must be held accountable for his empty economic rhetoric. If he isn’t, he will sell-out America’s working families as quickly as he can.” said AmericanBridge President Jessica Mackler.

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BREAKING: Nomination of Trump’s Labor Secretary In Jeopardy

Several Senate Republicans now reportedly oppose President Trump’s choice of Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary, putting his nomination in danger one day before his confirmation hearing is set to begin. Puzder has proven to be a controversial choice due to his employment of an undocumented immigrant, allegations of domestic abuse by his ex-wife on the Oprah Winfrey show, and his reputation for creating a workplace environment riddled with sexual harassment and unfair wage practices.

“Donald Trump should listen to the people and immediately pull his nomination of Andy Puzder,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “Puzder made his millions by ripping off his employees and he cannot be trusted to stand up for American workers as Labor Secretary.”

Here’s what Senate Democrats and Republicans are reading before tomorrow’s hearing:

Politico: Exclusive: Puzder’s ex-wife told Oprah he threatened ‘you will pay for this’
“The ex-wife of President Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee told […]

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American Bridge Statement On Andrew Puzder’s Nomination for Labor Secretary

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s nomination of Andrew Puzder to be Labor Secretary:

“Donald Trump has spent his life attacking working families. Even today, Trump continues to fight workers and their unions for standing up to him with facts. The simple truth is that Trump built his fortune by cheating small business owners, contractors, and his employees.

“What might be good for Trump and Andrew Puzder’s bottom line is disastrous for American workers. Both Trump and Puzder have stolen wages from their own workers — Trump at his hotels and Purzder at Carl’s Jr. chains.

“In Andrew Puzder, Trump found a Labor Secretary that would help him roll back the minimum wage, end the overtime rule that will raise wages for millions, weaken safeguards for workers, and to wipe out unions. Puzder’s nomination is more proof that Trump is not, and will never be, on the […]

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