No Scaramucci, Americans don’t want healthcare to be like the airline industry

“Only two men – Donald Trump and Anthony Scaramucci – who fly exclusively on private jets would want our health care system to be more like airline travel.  This administration is out of touch, and these comments, coupled with Trumpcare’s plan to ditch healthcare benefits in order to fund tax cuts for the rich are just the latest examples. These guys would rather see Americans treated like passengers on an overbooked flight,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on CNN’s New Day: “Why not disrupt and decentralize the system, make it more price-competitive, increase competition for the insurance companies, reevaluate the way we’re entering the primary care market the way Secretary Price wants to do it, and trust the process of the free market like in telecom, like in airlines.”

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Mooch Screws The Pooch On Ethics

“Donald Trump’s mini me is following in his own treacherous footsteps. Not only does Anthony Scaramucci stand to make millions from a shady Chinese investor while working in the White House – with overt approval from Trump’s administration – he’s ducking the law by holding onto his conflicts of interest.

“Trump and his swampy administration only care about one thing: Profiting from the White House at the expense of the American people.” — Kevin McAlister, American Bridge spokesperson


Think Progress: Like his boss, Scaramucci failed to divest before accepting White House job

The White House’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, has some significant loose ends to tie up related to his personal business interests. Like Scaramucci, President Donald Trump came into office with substantial personal wealth; instead of fully divesting or putting his assets in a blind trust, Trump handed the Trump Organization over to his two sons and placed his business in […]

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