New GOTV Ad Featuring Creepy Bill Schuette Video Urges Michigan Women to Vote Nov. 6

Watch the new ad here

American Bridge launched a new GOTV ad in Michigan today featuring the infamous video of Creepy Bill Schuette sexually harassing a female reporter. The original footage was released by American Bridge earlier this month. Since then, Schuette’s campaign has struggled to regain its footing.

Yesterday news broke that Schuette’s campaign was canceling most of their remaining television ads. But Schuette’s awful day didn’t stop there. Huffington Post reported yesterday that Schuette’s campaign lied about the video’s origin in an odd attempt at damage control. Schuette’s campaign originally tried to downplay the video’s significance, dismissing it as “heavily edited” and old news. Both those claims have now been proven false.

The GOTV ad featuring the video also highlights Schuette’s comments in a debate that his sexually harassing the reporter was simply him “trying to be funny.” The […]

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American Bridge Sends Possible FBI Suspect Bill Schuette a $456,400 Invoice For Money Owed To Taxpayers For Not Doing His Job

American Bridge sent possible FBI suspect Bill Schuette a $456,400 invoice today for wages he has collected for work he didn’t do. In the Republican primary, Schuette ran television ads criticizing his opponent for collecting a taxpayer funded salary while pursuing a Harvard degree. But an analysis reveals that Schuette’s charges were stunningly hypocritical given his own record of collecting tax dollars for work he did not appear to do.

As Michigan’s current Attorney General, Schuette receives an annual salary of $112,410. Between January 1, 2011, and July 5, 2018, Schuette would have been expected to have made $844,460.90 for his salary as Attorney General. According to an analysis by Michigan’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, of the 1,950 work days since Schuette took office, his calendar reveals 1,054 lax work days where either no items were listed on Schuette’s public calendar or only a handful of meetings/interviews/phone calls were listed. According to American Bridge calculations, this accounts […]

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American Bridge Launches First General Election Ad Against Possible FBI Suspect Bill Schuette

Watch the ad here

GOP Lt. Governor Brian Calley: “I don’t think there is any question whatsoever that the Attorney General has broken the law for political purposes.”

American Bridge will launch its first ad of the general election tomorrow against new Republican nominee and possible FBI suspect Bill Schuette. The ad highlights how even Michigan Republicans believe voters can’t trust Bill Schuette.

Schuette has faced multiple scandals over his use of taxpayer resources for personal and political purposes. In May 2018, Crain’s Detroit reported that Schuette sold $7.2 million in Virgin Islands real estate while in office and used his Attorney General staff to notarize documents related to that sale. The reports prompted Republican Governor Rick Snyder to call the issue a serious matter and lead Ingham Country Prosecutor Carol Sieman to refer a request for a grand jury investigation to the FBI.
Then, last week, the Detroit Free Press reported that emails revealed that Schuette asked staffers to talk “presidential politics” on state time and […]

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Schuette Again Gives Lip Service to Flint Victims While Working to Deny Them Justice

Possible FBI suspect and GOP candidate for Michigan Governor Bill Schuette went on a radio show yesterday to say the Flint investigation “is all about justice.” But while Schuette pays lip service to Flint victims and their families, his record as Attorney General tells a different story.

Schuette sought to exclude the state from class action lawsuits seeking damages for thousands of Flint residents. Schuette and his cronies attempted to have the suits dismissed by claiming that the state had immunity under the constitution, the plaintiffs missed the statute of limitations, Flint’s emergency managers were not state employees, and by claiming there is no constitutional right to clean water. In other words: Schuette tried to find every excuse under the sun to deny Flint victims justice.

“When he isn’t using state employees as his own personal real estate agents, Bill Schuette is actively trying to stop Flint victims from […]

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