GOP Solution For Gun Violence: Do Nothing

Jeb Bush kick-started the Republican Party’s conversation on doing nothing to protect our children from gun violence when he dismissed the role of government in creating safe communities by saying, “stuff happens,” but this is a common theme from other candidates. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and the rest of the GOP field have parroted Bush this week, blaming victims, mental health issues, or both.

Even today, Bush argued that more guns in more hands is the solution, saying in Muscatine, Iowa, “I think it reduces crime to have people have concealed weapons permits.” But, as the Washington Post reported, it’s “a stretch to say such laws are a slam-dunk reason for why crimes have decreased.”

Here’s what the GOP field has to say about gun violence:

Jeb Bush: “It’s just — it’s very sad to see, but I resist the notion, and I did — I had this challenge as governor. […]

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Bridge Brief — Week of August 24th, 2015

Jeb Bush is slipping in the polls, and it’s getting increasingly difficult for Team Jeb! to spin it. As Vox’s Jonathan Allen put it: “[T]he GOP doesn’t want a bland political insider.” But it isn’t just his deficiencies as a candidate or his family legacy.

The premise for his campaign is starting to crumble. Bush hoped to be seen as the “adult in the room” among a slew of candidates with narrow ideological appeal. But a series of media nightmares and sagging poll numbers have changed the game for Jeb.

After saying he would stay above the fray, Bush is now playing in the mud with and adopting the bombastic appeal of Donald Trump. Last week, Jeb sprinted right on immigration — following Trump in invoking “anchor babies,” a disparaging term used to describe American citizens born to undocumented immigrant parents. And just like The Donald, Jeb was unapologetic about it.

Even as the chief […]

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A Trump-Inspired Jindal Calls For Mayors Of Sanctuary Cities To Be Arrested

Hoping to pull the spotlight to his ill-fated presidential campaign, Bobby Jindal is now calling for mayors of sanctuary cities to be arrested. Nearly the entire GOP field, including Jeb Bush, have recently come out in opposition to sanctuary cities. Jindal’s latest comments and the field’s sprint to the right on sanctuary cities are clearly Trump-inspired. How long will it take the field to agree with Jindal at tonight’s WMUR New Hampshire non-debate in a desperate attempt to please their Trump-loving base on immigration?

BuzzFeed News: Bobby Jindal: Mayors Of Sanctuary Cities Should Be Arrested

By: Andrew Kaczynski, 8/3/2015

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told Boston Herald Radio on Monday morning that mayors of sanctuary cities should be arrested.

“Absolutely, I would hold them as an accomplice. Make them criminally culpable,” the Republican presidential candidate said when asked if he’d arrest mayors of sanctuary cities . “I’d also make them civilly liable so that families, […]

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What The Donald Made You Miss In Ames

The headlines out of this weekend’s Family Leadership Summit in Ames were dominated by Donald Trump’s tranformation into an insult comic, but he was just one of nine Republican candidates addressing the crowd. Here’s a look at what the rest of the field was saying:

Marco Rubio 
Raising the retirement age, privatizing Medicare:  Video
President Obama is killing too many terrorists:  Video
Donald Trump
Ripping Common Core:  Video
Quadrupling down on his comments about Mexicans:  Video
Leaving the door open for a third party run:  Video
Jeb Bush would have no chance negotiating against China:  Video
Ben Carson
Calling for troops on the ground to fight ISIS:  Video
Calling for an across the board federal spending cut:  Video
Ted Cruz 
Burning Frank Luntz by asking who wants a conservative president:  Video
Standing ovation for defunding Planned Parenthood:  Video
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Bridge Brief — Week of June 29th, 2015

The Supreme Court last week did what the Republican Party refuses to: It respected the Affordable Care Act as the law of the land and deemed it unconstitutional to ban people the right to marry based on their sexual orientation.

The momentous decisions will continue to ripple into the campaigns of those running for the White House this week, putting in stark relief the GOP’s inability to offer positions and policies that reflect the direction America is moving, not the way they hoped it was.

None of the GOP’s leading presidential candidates celebrated the decision to legalize gay marriage. Their responses ranged from woefully tepid (see Jeb Bush’s contradictory statement on preserving the freedom to discriminate based on sexual orientation) to the laughably extreme (see Bobby Jindal’s suggestion to eliminate the court).

In the week ahead we can expect more of the same, as the GOP further reinforces their image as hopelessly out of touch. It’s not just about Scott Walker proposing a constitutional amendment — all it’s going to take is one question for Chris Christie about Social Security and we’ll see his announcement transform into an anchor for the whole party.

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This presidential candidate just reached zero percent nationally

Who is Bobby Jindal?

The GOP is so eager to elect an extreme conservative that Bobby Jindal is jumping into the race – a governor who’s polling in Louisiana at 31.8 percent to 64.7 percent. You’d have to double his favorability and add one to get to his unfavorables.

Yikes. Sit back and enjoy the show. Social issues like religious discrimination and marriage inequality are about to be an even bigger litmus test then they were before.

American Bridge’s Scouting Report on Bobby Jindal

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SRLC Roundup: GOPers can’t help but talk extreme social issues

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City dealt the latest blow to Jeb Bush after coming in sixth in the straw poll while Ben Carson ran away with first. The race to the right continued with Bridge catching Scott Walker and Rick Santorum threatening to close the door on legal immigration. Bush is so scared of W’s shadow that he starts off speeches telling the crowd how much he loves his brother (and his policies, we’d note.) Bobby Jindal couldn’t help but remind voters about how extreme the GOP slate of candidates is with Indiana-style RFRA discrimination laws, Hobby Lobby, and his belief that the Republican Party shouldn’t be supporting big business.

Take a look at the highlights from the week:

Scott Walker

“Wake up” that immigrants have “other motives” than jobs. 

Chris Christie

Calling to raise the retirement age.

Jeb Bush

“I’m proud of my brother.”

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Courting the King: GOP Field Races to the Right in Iowa

The Republican 2016 field visited Iowa this weekend to court the king — Steve King that is. The cantaloupe-conspiracy theorist, and right wing svengali of today’s Republican Party, was in fine form — jabbing Jeb Bush on immigration and comparing immigrants to Santa Ana’s army.

Picking up where King left off were the GOP’s White House aspirants. From Bobby Jindal’s defense of discriminatory RFRA laws to Scott Walker touting his anti-worker agenda as a qualification for the presidency, the day was chock-full of red meat.

It’s official, the race to the right is on.

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The 2016 GOP Field is Hopelessly Backwards on Women’s Healthcare

The 2016 GOP presidential wannabees came out in full force to show their support for heinous House legislation restricting women’s access to healthcare. Not to be outdone, Chris Christie and Scott Walker have also backed legislation limiting women’s right to choose. The bill erects senseless barriers for survivors of rape and incest, making it even more difficult to get timely healthcare. Rape victims would be required to undergo multiple trips to different health care providers and endure a 48 hour waiting period.

This issue has proven toxic for the GOP in general elections, but the conservative base demands purity — and they’re getting it. Meanwhile, 62 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Independents say this is the wrong issue for Congress to be spending time on.This latest outpouring of support from presidential contenders makes it abundantly clear that instead of trying to help working families, the 2016 field would rather spend their time pushing their extreme anti-choice agenda.

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South Carolina Cattle Call Whistles Past GOP’s Electoral Graveyard

Another Republican cattle call has passed, this time the South Carolina Freedom Summit, and even SNL is in on the gag by this point— the endless parade of events is primed to remind voters of everything they don’t like about the Republican party. From Jim DeMint equivocating “the left” to ISIS to the latest and greatest in Steve King’s musings to shots at Jeb and endorsements of so-called Personhood laws, the cast in Greenville was doing their best to conjure the ghosts of election losses past. Here’s the lowlights:


Defends Wall Street: YouTube

Proud of enacting voter ID: YouTube


Calling for cuts to legal immigration: YouTube


Contrasting with Jeb, reminds that his family isn’t “rich and famous”: YouTube

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