Bruce Rauner’s Shift to the Far Right

Bruce Rauner tries to paint himself as a moderate, but his recent staff shakeup reveals his true colors. He’s replaced key leadership staff with people from the far-right Illinois Policy Institute, a group that advocates for the repeal of the state income tax, which would gut essential public services and put lives at risk.

Illinois voters see through Gov. Rauner’s charades. He can’t claim to be a moderate if he surrounds himself with extremists who are out to hurt Illinois’ families.


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No Staff Changes Will Clean Up Rauner’s Mess

Governor Rauner’s staff are “dropping like flies,” with a total of 20 staff members out after the legislature over-rode his budget veto, a devastating political blow for the governor on the eve of an election year. And this week, Rauner’s ‘body man,’ who had a history of racist and homophobic tweets was fired, despite the fact that his behavior isn’t so far off from past staff members, one of whom beat up a man, punched two women, and drug a third by her hair through a parking lot (all in one night, no less).

A staff shakeup won’t change Rauner’s disastrous leadership. There’s a reason he’s one of theleast popular governors in the country – because he’s ineffective.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“When Bruce Rauner doesn’t get […]

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Rauner Veto: Economic Destruction Over Solvency

It has been over two years since Illinois had a budget. The state is just days away from having its credit downgraded AGAIN – this time, to “junk bond” status, a title no state has ever received. Just days away from running out of funding altogether – for schools, transportation, infrastructure, and social services – the legislature came together and passed a budget to get Illinois’s economy moving again. The only thing left was a signature from Governor Bruce Rauner, but it never came.

Not only did Governor Rauner veto the budget, but today, he actually instructed the legislature not to override his veto.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Rauner doesn’t care about Illinois or solving problems for the people of Illinois. Instead of signing a budget that would save Illinois from falling off a financial cliff, Gov. Rauner chose forced layoffs at universities, […]

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Missing Backbone: Gov. Rauner Complicit on Dangerous TrumpCare

The Congressional Budget Office finally released the non-partisan scoring of the newest TrumpCare plan.  Not only will this bill rip away health care coverage from 22 million Americans, it will also cause insurance premiums for those with chronic conditions to skyrocket, and slash funding for Medicaid.

Gov. Rauner has previously said he’d work with a bipartisan group of Governors to oppose TrumpCare’s cuts to Medicaid, but his name was missing entirely from a bipartisan letter  from governors that came out earlier this month.  He’s clearly hiding from this disastrous bill that would leave Illinois families paying more for less coverage and roll back efforts to fight the opioid epidemic… all for a few tax breaks for the wealthiest few.

State Waivers For Cutting Benefits: The new TrumpCare bill allows states to obtain a waiver to drop protections of essential health benefits like maternity care […]

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Rauner Hammered By Local Press For Silence On Mean-Spirited Health Bill

As Rauner continues to shirk his responsibility to Illinois by staying silent on the health care bill that could ravage the state’s Medicaid rolls, he gets hammered by editorials and columns. The bill shifts much of the rule-setting of health insurance to the states, which means that Rauner himself would have a lot of say in how Illinois enacts the reforms… just with less money this time. The bill has been described as “wrong-headed,” stripping Medicaid funds from the state, putting more strain on hospitals and the state’s budget… if that even existed.

And yet “Rauner is AWOL,” as the Chicago Sun Times summed up. Rauner has been slammed as abdicating his responsibility, “disappointing in his reluctance to take a firm stand,” and failing to fight for his state.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“True to form, Governor Rauner has refused to stand up for […]

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Bruce Rauner is taking Illinois down with him

In Morning Consult’s new rankings of governors, Governor Rauner ranks in the top ten of governors with the highest disapproval rating, adding yet another poll to the heap that show voters are unhappy with his failed leadership.

“It’s no wonder Gov. Rauner’s popularity is tanking as badly as Illinois’ credit ratings,” said American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price. “While Rauner is taking Illinois down with him, Illinois voters are stuck with the results of his failed record: lost jobs and a public school funding disaster. ”

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More Governors Back Away From Trump And His Racism — But Not Pat McCrory

Republican governors from across the country — e.g., Scott WalkerCharlie BakerLarry HoganBill HaslamJohn KasichRick SnyderSusana MartinezBruce RaunerDennis Daugaard — are declining to endorse Donald Trump, the GOP’s racist and misogynistic conspiracy-theorist-in-chief.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory? Not so much. Pat McCrory’s still all in for Donald Trump — and even helping him raise money.

On Tuesday, McCrory Gave Trump a boost by making an appearance at one of his fundraisers. And apparently McCrory made quite the impression on Trump. At a rally later that evening, Trump praised Governor McCrory as a “great governor” who’s “doing a fantastic job.”

Sounds about right — if Trump means McCrory’s doing a bang-up job of enabling and normalizing Trump’s bigotry, misogyny, and racism. 

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The Greedy Outsourcing Party

It’s no secret that Mitt Romney’s checkered business career was part of what doomed his election hopes in 2012. When people looked at Mitt Romney, they saw a vulture capitalist who was willing to close down American plants, lay off workers, and ship jobs overseas, so long as it helped their bottom dollar.

Having run for president, Romney’s business practices are likely the most infamous among Republican politicians, but he’s hardly alone. This year, key GOP candidates in close senate and gubernatorial races espouse the same self-interested philosophy — reaping profits while hurting American workers.

In Georgia, David Perdue’s campaign was rocked as POLITICO reported that Perdue had stated plainly in a 2005 deposition that he had “spent most of his career” outsourcing. This statement itself would have been severely damaging to Perdue’s candidacy, but what was even more detrimental, perhaps because it was so revealing, was Perdue’s dumbfounded response to the story. Asked how he would defend his outsourcing career, Perdue looked surprised — “Well defend it? I’m proud of it!”

In Illinois, billionaire gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, who took a page out of Romney’s playbook and funneled millions in profits to Cayman Island tax shelters to avoid paying American taxes, has demonstrated similar priorities. Rauner’s vast portfolio while at GTCR, the private equity firm he co-founded, included directing H-Cube, a “premier global business outsourcing firm.” And just this month, we learned that a lawsuit has been launched by the former CEO of LeapSource, another outsourcing company where Rauner sat on the board, alleging personal threats from Rauner over her lack of success as their CEO.

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One Rauner Hour Equals Two Years Of Minimum Wage Work (VIDEO)

Good news: billionaire Bruce Rauner finally released last year’s tax returns. Bad news: they only serve to further emphasize just how out-of-touch he truly is.

Rauner made an astounding $30,000 per HOUR last year. To put that in context, it would take a full-time minimum wage worker in Illinois almost two years to earn what Bruce Rauner earns in 60 minutes.

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Dishonesty Personified: Bruce Rauner’s New Minimum Wage Lie

Bruce Rauner is out with a new ad that makes a laughable claim. The ad, “Screwed Up,” claims that Rauner’s plan will responsibly raise the minimum wage. Seriously.

Bruce Rauner will raise the minimum wage? That seems pretty unlikely considering his complete and utter distaste for the minimum wage. Rauner made his views perfectly clear, as caught by an American Bridge trackers, when he said he was “adamantly, adamantly against raising the minimum wage.

Moreover, Rauner has actually advocated for LOWERING the Illinois minimum wage, or doing away with the minimum wage altogether!

If you believe Bruce Rauner will raise the minimum wage, then I’ve got a $140,000 wine club membership and a $100,000 extra parking spot and a couple cattle ranches to sell you…

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