MEMO: GOP Turns To Damaged Rubio To Salvage Florida Senate Hopes

It appears that the Orlando terror attack gave Marco Rubio just the callous opening he needed to continue moving forward with his clearly pre-planned re-entry into the Republican Senate primary. Less than 24 hours after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, Rubio and his buddy, Carlos Lopez Cantera, were discussing how to use the terrorist attack to their political benefit according to Politico.

All signs have pointed to Rubio laying the groundwork for at least the last month to fight for his current Senate seat after calls have grown within the GOP for Marco Rubio to renege on his promise that he would not run for the Senate again.

Rubio is poised to enter the primary with significant hurdles – not least of which is that other candidates have said they intend to remain in the race. It’s important to remember that the perennial politician’s failed presidential campaign left him even […]

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AB21 Statement on Florida GOP Field After Trump’s Indiana Win

AB21 Statement on Florida GOP Field After Trump’s Indiana Win

With Trump all but clinching the GOP nomination after winning the Indiana primary, American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler released the following  statement on the Florida GOP Senate field’s position in the #PartyOfTrump:

“Rivaling the chaos of the GOP presidential primary, the Florida GOP Senate candidates are all in the #PartyOfTrump — all nine of them. From David Jolly saying Trump resonates with voters, to Todd Wilcox calling the Donald an entertainer, there’s no lack of GOP support for Trump in the Sunshine State. With Trump at the top of the ticket, and his hateful rhetoric on full display in the general Florida GOP Senate candidates are sure to suffer from anti-Trump blowback in November.” 

Florida senate candidate David Jolly said he would support the GOP nominee and that “Donald Trump is resonating with our voters,” and that “Trump might be at the top of our ticket.” Jolly expressed that he’s open to […]

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Florida GOP Field Ignoring Serious Threat Posed By Climate Change

Florida GOP Field Ignoring Serious Threat Posed By Climate Change

On Earth Day, American Bridge is highlighting the Florida GOP field’s awful records on environmental issues.

“Floridians are already seeing the effects of climate change, and rising sea levels pose a serious threat to the state’s residents and wildlife. However, the Republican senate candidates are set against taking action to abate pollution and environmental damage,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “The GOP field needs to go beyond recognizing climate change as a reality — they should support important programs that will help rein in emissions and protect the environment.”




Jolly Admitted Climate Change Was A Problem But Refused To Do Anything About It

Jolly Said That He Was “Sick And Tired” Of The GOP Position On Climate Change And Said That Congress Needs To “Stop Arguing About The Science.” According to Tampa Bay Times, “It was something few Republicans say and the crowd in Tampa ate it […]

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GOP Senate 2016ers Are The Party Of Trump

On Super Tuesday, American Bridge 21st Century highlights the GOP Senate 2016ers support for Donald Trump. Whether it’s pledging their support, finding Trump entertaining, or scoring some campaign cash through Trump’s face, the GOP has not just embraced the Republican front-runner — they’ve defined what it means to be the #PartyOfTrump. 

“Today wouldn’t be complete without remembering the 2016 Senate GOPers and their support of the GOP front-runner. The #PartyOfTrump has not only supported, but cashed in on Trump’s image despite his hateful and incendiary rhetoric,” said American Bridge 21st Century Press Secretary Katie Lewallen. “The GOP Senators seeking re-election and Congressman Joe Heck have proudly worn the Tea Party banner, winning election or reelection in 2010, and now they’re joining forces to spread their divisive policies and message from the Silver State to the Granite State.” 

Watch the #PartyOfTrump on full display:

Read more comments by Republican senators and senate candidates in support of Trump:

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte called Donald Trump’s candidacy “a positive thing.” She’s refused to condemn Trump’s […]

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Absentee Senator “Sounds Endorsy” Of Absentee LG

Florida Politics reports that Senator Marco Rubio “sounds endorsy” of Florida Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera, who is running for Rubio’s (essentially vacant) Senate seat. Considering they keep the same work hours, this news is less than shocking…

Rubio tops the list of the most absentee federal lawmakers. And, as you can see, his buddy Carlos Lopez-Cantera has been largely absent as the Lt. Governor of Florida:

Carlos Lopez-Cantera Absenteeism

Lopez-Cantera Has  Been Largely Absent From His Job As Lt. Governor Since He Announced His Run For US Senator In July 2015

Lopez-Cantera Asserted That He Was Always On The Job

Lopez-Cantera Responded To A Question About Scheduling By Saying That “He Is Always On The Job.” According to Political Fix Florida, “Lopez-Cantera has taken heat in recent weeks for his schedule. The lieutenant governor’s sole constitutional duty is to replace the governor in the event he’s incapacitated or deceased. Many days the official […]

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Lopez-Cantera: All Dressed Up And Nothing To Do

Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Carlos “Nothing to Do” Lopez-Cantera is officially running for the U.S. Senate, and he’s touting his experience as LG to get him to DC.

But what record does Lopez-Cantera have to point to since he’s been serving Florida as LG?

Well, there’s costing Florida taxpayers $8,000 for weekly travel so he can spend his weekends at his home in Miami.
And there’s the $120,000 paycheck he plans to keep while he’s running for Senate.
Oh, and then there’s the fact that Florida’s constitution gives the lieutenant governor NO OFFICIAL DUTIES.


Lopez-Cantera’s own schedule shows that he had NOTHING TO DO for the majority of his last two months as lieutenant governor. He’ll have his hands full now, entering into what is sure to be a bloody and costly GOP primary.

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