Republicans Get Xenophobic On Syrian Refugees

President Obama just laid out a compelling vision for supporting refugees fleeing for their lives from Syria. The contrast couldn’t be greater with the Republican Party’s backwards and xenophobic rhetoric that quickly devolved into who could offend Muslims quicker.

Trump was by far the loudest, but other Republican presidential candidates and senators running for reelection were quick to latch onto Trump’s egregious proposals. It’s clear why: 59 percent of Republicans agreed with Trump’s ban on Muslims entering the U.S.


When asked about closing mosques, Marco Rubio said we should close down “any place where radicals are being inspired.”
Ted Cruz proposed legislation that would ban Syrian Muslims from entering the country and voted against rejecting Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims.
Jeb Bush has said we should only allow Syrian Christians into the United States, proposing a religious test refugees would have to pass before entering.
Ben Carson has said he doesn’t think a Muslim should be president and compared Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs.”
Chris […]

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Republicans Don’t See Need To Act On Gun Violence

While President Obama has tried to work with Republicans in Congress to pass sensible gun safety laws, almost all Republicans refused to take commonsense steps and blocked reform.

Now, Republicans on the presidential campaign trail and here in the Senate and House are firmly in the grip of the NRA and its lobbyists and at odds with their constituents on universal background checks: 88 percent of Americans, including 79 percent of Republicans, support background checks.

And Republicans opposed a bill that would prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns, in a shocking display of ineptitude that goes against their rhetoric of making the country safer from terrorists.

Here are the Republican excuses for inaction on gun violence:

Jeb Bush: “It’s just — it’s very sad to see, but I resist the notion, and I did — I had this challenge as governor. Because we had, look, stuff happens, there’s always a crisis. And the impulse is always […]

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At Kemp Forum, Republicans Continue Their War On Poor Americans

Today in South Carolina, Speaker Paul Ryan is moderating the Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity, which features six GOP presidential hopefuls, Governor Nikki Haley, who never misses an opportunity to promote herself for this year’s GOP Veepstakes, and Senator Lindsey Graham.

The Republicans hope that talking about poverty will help voters forget that they have acted little to help low income families. Instead, the Kemp Forum will make it clearer than ever that the GOP’s days of “compassionate conservatism” are a relic of the past. Why else would Ryan be the first choice to moderate a forum on “combating” poverty?

As the newly minted leader of House Republicans, Ryan is well known for championing extreme anti-poverty measures. He’s even earned the title “Robin Hood in reverse”  for pushing policies that give to the rich and “punish the poor.” Across the GOP, proposing drastic cuts to critical programs like food assistance — combativeness over compassion — has become boilerplate policy. Today, American Bridge is […]

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GOP Run Over By Auto Rescue Success

The auto industry is making big headlines today for its record breaking comeback. Car manufacturers sold 17.5 million cars with Americans spending roughly $570 billion on new trucks or cars.

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Car Sales Set Record in 2015

There’s no arguing this is clear evidence of the U.S. economy’s strength and the rescue’s success — unless of course, you’re a Republican.

Republicans stood against auto workers and the auto rescue when they needed help most. Despite the rescue’s success, it’s standard practice among Republicans — including most of the 2016 field — to double down on condemning the rescue and President Obama’s economic decisions:

Donald Trump said “you would have wound up in the same place” with or without the auto rescue.
Ted Cruz was asked about the 2.6 million jobs saved by the auto rescue. He said, “I don’t think the federal government should be engaged in bailouts.”
When asked about the auto rescue, Marco […]

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GOP Gun Violence Discussion Hardly Qualifies As Debate

Most discussion of the issues in the Republican Party hardly amounts to a debate; that is never more true than on the topic of gun violence. Faced with gridlock among Republicans in Congress, President Obama is preparing to announce new executive orders to prevent gun violence. Meanwhile, the GOP has nothing to add to the conversation but some variation of a shrug and Jeb Bush’s “stuff happens.” Their loyalty to the gun lobby is so strong, truly nothing — not even keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists — will change their extreme, absolutist position.

Here’s some of the embarrassing rhetoric the GOP field spouts on gun violence:

Donald Trump: “Whenever I see gun-free zone, that’s a flag for the whackos to come in and start shooting people.”

Trump: “If the people in Paris had guns, you know what, you wouldn’t have had 134 people and many more to follow get killed. And if people in […]

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The Year Trump Took Over, Pt. 4: Anti-Women’s Health

Donald Trump’s bombastic rhetoric has defined the 2016 GOP field on every issue — including women’s health, which brings us to #4 on our list of the Year Trump Took Over.

The Republican frontrunner says he would defund Planned Parenthood if elected president, referring to the women’s health organization as “an abortion factory.”  After the shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Trump talked about the falsified Center for Medical Progress videos. He said, “There is a tremendous group of people that think it’s terrible, all of the videos that they’ve seen, with some of these people from Planned Parenthood talking about it like you’re selling parts to a car.”

The real estate mogul’s offensive rhetoric has extended to the rest of the GOP field, as the entire party takes their War on Women to a new extreme. By campaigning on anti-choice policies including no exceptions for rape or […]

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The Year Trump Took Over, Pt. 2: Trump’s Discriminatory Policies

Though he ratcheted up the rhetoric more than anyone, Trump wasn’t the Republican field’s first anti-immigrant candidate to advocate anti-immigrant ideas. But the egregious anti-Muslim and anti-refugee policies that have saturated the GOP primary? Those are all his…

The disgraceful, fascist-tinged policies and rhetoric Trump’s influenced the field to adopt with respect to Muslims — both refugees and American citizens. No matter how offensive and discriminatory Trump gets, the rest of the field eagerly matches his every move — increasingly timid in their refusal to offer substantive criticism. Not one GOP candidate used the most recent debate to meaningfully criticize Trump’s proposed Muslim ban — very clearly living in fear of the 60% of GOP voters who support his proposal.

But there’s a more obvious reason they’ve refused to go beyond saying they “disagree” with his plan: Their own discriminatory proposals are equally rooted in xenophobic fear-mongering — this is the Party of Trump. Their Islamaphobia and calls […]

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The Year Trump Took Over, Pt. 1: Anti-Immigrants

He may not have won “Person of the Year,” but as far as the Republican Party is concerned, Donald Trump is the center of the universe. The Summer of Trump turned to autumn, then winter, and he’s continued to thrive through pundit-predicted fall, after fall, after fall — because the GOP base loves him and everything he stands for.

To commemorate the year Trump took over — his dominance and uncanny ability to influence the rhetoric and policy positions of the rest of the GOP field — American Bridge is closing out 2015 with a five-day countdown of the extreme, far-right policies that Donald Trump has reinforced and left as his legacy.

Donald Trump was late to the party when he called Mexicans “rapists.” Trump’s campaign kick-off might have crystallized the GOP’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, but he’s definitely not the first one to espouse far-right conservative policies against immigrants.

If anything, Trump was playing catch up in June […]

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Reminder: GOP Field Pledged To Support Trump

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Rand Paul have all promised to support Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination. 


Earlier this year, the RNC announced that “all 17 Republican presidential candidates have pledged to support our eventual nominee.” Even after Trump’s abhorrent and un-American call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, including Muslim Americans who are abroad, the GOP field is standing by the pledge.


When asked about the Muslim ban, Ted Cruz said, “I disagree with that proposal. I like Donald Trump. A lot of our friends here have encouraged me to criticize and attack Donald Trump. I’m not interested in doing so.” 
Marco Rubio similarly avoided revoking the pledge, telling Hugh Hewitt, “What [Trump] proposed was not well thought out. It was impulsive. He didn’t think it through. It violates the Constitution. It places a […]

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