WATCH: Danny on Dean

#TBT! Before Dean Heller and Danny Tarkanian take the stage with President Trump tonight in Las Vegas, we thought we’d take a walk down memory lane.

We’re sure tonight will be all about unity, but just one short year ago, with Tarkanian and Heller locked in a bitter Senate primary fight, they weren’t what we’d call allies.

Here’s a round up of Tarkanian’s greatest hits against Heller, to start the night off on the right — or, at least, the honest — foot:

WATCH Danny on Dean here.

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Tarkanian’s Scorched Earth Anti-Heller Campaign Continues

Danny Tarkanian is continuing his scorched earth interview series, this time on Nevada’s Heidi Harris Show. Tarkanian blasts the Washington establishment for forcing him out of the race and says that “they are just underestimating the outrage people have in Nevada for Heller” — because Heller has disappointed his base. Tarkanian’s far-right base will “never vote for Heller even though they’re strong Republicans.” The host backs up Tarkanian, saying “I have certainly seen that…Boy people just don’t want to vote for him.”

Q: Why did Trump want you to get out of the way to protect Dean Heller?

DT: “That is why I never thought President Trump would do this. First of all, they say he is a very loyal person and there’s been nobody that’s been more supportive in Nevada than I have been and they also say he holds a grudge and remembers […]

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Tarkanian Blasts Heller For “Fake News And Lies… About A Fellow Republican”

Fresh after bowing out of the Nevada GOP Senate primary, Danny Tarkanian attacked Dean Heller in brutal terms, calling him out for lying, flip-flopping, and taking politically convenient positions:

On the Michael Castner Show on 840 AM: “It’s all fake news and lies, I discussed this earlier with you on your show. when anybody who understands the circumstances — when I go out and speak to the, whether its women’s clubs or the men’s clubs on the Republican side,  I explain what happened and every single person, there are gasps that this allegation could be made, and how low somebody has to be to make these kinds of allegations, so that’s the worst thing about Dean Heller and his campaigns, are the lies they made up in a Republican primary about a fellow Republican.”

On the Lars Larson Show: “Dean Heller wants to give citizenship to 15 million […]

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Terrified D.C. Republicans Trying to Rescue Dean Heller

After Dean Heller’s dismal fundraising quarter, in which he was lapped by his Democratic opponent, and with polls showing him in deep trouble, Heller’s Washington, D.C. insider friends are attempting to come to the rescue.

They’re so terrified that Heller could lose that they’re getting publicly involved in an intra-party primary, with Leader Mitch McConnell’s super PAC today releasing a new ad to prop up Heller and hurt his Republican rival Danny Tarkanian.

“After his years of broken promises and putting politics ahead of the people he’s supposed to represent, Dean Heller is in huge trouble and his Republican establishment friends know it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Nevadans realize they can’t trust spineless Dean Heller as far as they can throw him and they won’t forget it– no matter how much money Mitch McConnell spends trying to bail him out.”

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