Credibility Counts And Other Lessons From Louisiana


TO:                 Interested Parties
FROM:           Jessica Mackler, President, American Bridge 21st Century
RE:                 Credibility Counts And Other Lessons From Louisiana
DATE:            November 21, 2015

Louisianaians have spoken. A Democrat will now take the helm as The Bayou State’s new governor, and ahead of 2016 elections, Republicans should take notice. The GOP has often thought they possessed strength on national security, but what should be learned from Louisiana is that credibility counts on national security.

Going in to the open primary pundits, pollsters, and political watchers assumed Vitter would be Louisiana’s next governor despite his past indiscretions. After trailing in a the polls and with national security fresh in the minds of Americans, again Vitter was believed to pull out a win . After his national security credentials were tested, not even David Vitter wanted to be the one talking about terrorists or using […]

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NOT THE ONION: Vitter’s Election Eve Spent At Men’s Only Event

Senator Serious Sin is at it again. Tonight, David Vitter will join the “Real Men” conference in Gonzales. According to its website, the conference explicitly doesn’t allow women to attend.

No, seriously. And there’s more…. The “Real Men” will hear from another guy who had an affair and was forced to resign. Really…. who thought this was a good idea?

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The Advocate: How John Bel Edwards, David Vitter will spend election eve

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Vitter Skipped Syria Hearings, Biological Warfare Hearing


For immediate release:
November 16th, 2015


 Vitter Skipped Syria Hearings, Biological Warfare Hearing


American Bridge 21st Century Communications Director Ben Ray released the following statement in response to Vitter’s statement on Syria in tonight’s Louisiana governor’s debate:


“While David Vitter is posturing about Syria, he doesn’t want you to know about his lack of attendance on Syria hearings or that he missed a hearing on biological warfare on the same day he called the DC Madam prostitute service. Named one of the least effective members of the Senate, it’s clear: Louisiana can’t trust David Vitter  — he’s too busy chasing call girls and lying to Louisiana.”

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Vitter’s “Hands-On” Approach Not Working: DC Madam Calls, Missed Syria Hearings

David Vitter wants to talk foreign affairs? We wouldn’t recommend that if we were on his team:

1. Vitter missed a hearing on biological warfare on the same day he was on the phone with the DC Madam.

2. Vitter missed every Senate Armed Service Committee Hearing on Syria.

Probably not the “hands on” approach Vitter was referring to. Whether it’s Vitter’s Senate record or his phone records, one thing is clear: Louisiana can’t trust David Vitter. 

Read more: The Other Time David Vitter Put Prostitutes Over Patriots

Bob Mann Blog: Vitter absent from all U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee hearings on Syria, 2012-14

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American Bridge President Statement On Vitter’s Bizarre Encounter

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on David Vitter’s desperate attempts to distract from his scandals:


“David Vitter still hasn’t come clean on his ‘serious sin’ so it’s no wonder he’s trying to lie and cheat his way out of his spying scandal, too. We’re releasing the video of his bizarre encounter with our tracker last night to show just how desperate he is to do anything other than own up to his spying scandal.”

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Rubio, Trying To Trump Donald, Signs On To Vitter Anti-Immigrant Bill

So much for Marco Rubio saving the GOP from Donald Trump and the rest of the presidential field’s runaway anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Today, the Senate is taking up a Marco Rubio co-sponsored bill — a bill “favored by the party’s staunchest immigration opponents, to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities,” according to Politico. The bill’s “spearheaded by Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), one of the most hard-line opponents of looser immigration policies,” and Marco Rubio wants everyone to know that he’s all-in: His campaign spokesman touted that Rubio rushed to co-sponsor the bill at the very earliest possible moment — “as soon as it was available,” Politico reported.

Marco Rubio’s tried to play up his potential to win over Latino voters, but he looks to be abandoning that effort entirely.

Rubio surpasses Donald Trump in rhetorical elegance, but his far-right actions are just as jarring — and today, he’s casting his lot with some of […]

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NEW VIDEO — Vitter Hypocrisy Alert: Common Core

Sen. David Vitter made headlines yesterday when he announced his new-found distaste for Common Core standards. The flip-flop by Vitter constitutes a transparent attempt to pander to the right ahead of his gubernatorial primary, proving his political compass is as unsteady as his moral one. Luckily for the voters, they can take a look at just how empty his new course reversal really is — here are just a few highlights of Vitter defending Common Core:

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