SIREN: Arizona Governor Green-Lights Graham-Cassidy-Heller Plan To Strip Care From 32 Million Americans

“Graham-Cassidy-Heller is the worst Republican healthcare plan yet, and any politician who supports this plan is going to have to answer to their voters for putting partisan politics above their health. This plan a disaster that could strip health care from 32 million Americans, end Medicaidas we know it, and gut protections for pre-existing conditions. That’s why nearly twenty patient and healthcare provider organizations are opposing this plan. In fact, it’s hard to find anyone who supports this plan, except Republican politicians desperate to score partisan points to appease their right-wing base — at the expense of all Americans’ health care,” said American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp.




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Don’t Be Fooled. Ducey Has No Backbone.

We already know Governor Ducey’s record on DACA, so don’t let his statement fool you. Ducey has had many chances to stand up for DACA recipients, but he’s refused to do so at every turn. Ducey refused to overturn an executive order that kept DACA participants from getting driver’s licenses. And although he claimed he wasn’t involved with the ensuing legal battle, the Attorney General’s office claimed Ducey left the Attorney General out of the matter altogether, instead hiring outside counsel to litigate the issue. Ducey was asked to remove Arizona as one of the plaintiffs challenging DACA in federal court – he passed. And when the Arizona Board of Regents voted to extend in-state tuition to DACA participants, Ducey, an ex officio member, did not participate in the vote.

While Ducey refuses to stand up for the thousands of Arizonans that are working and going to school, a […]

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Mitt Romney And Doug Ducey: Ice (Cream) Cold Businessmen

Mitt Romney is continuing his consolation tour of the nation, touting the ideas that handed him a decisive loss two years ago and “boosting” candidates around the country. Today, he’s taking his talents to Mesa, where he’ll campaign with Doug Ducey, a man with whom he has all too much in common.

The two slick-looking businessmen have made a lot of money in their careers, but neither of them seem to have workers in their best interests. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney belied a campaign promise by vetoing a minimum wage increase, which was promptly overridden by unanimous votes in both chambers of the state legislation. That kind of audacity must impress a man like Doug Ducey.

Ducey has consistently spoken out against raising the minimum wage, and even went so far as to institute his famed singing-for-tips policy at Cold Stone Creamery, in part to avoid paying higher wages to his workers.

Ducey and Romney share other things as well, like a history of presiding over corporate layoffs. All in all, the duo promises to be a real treat for the guys at the top, but their agenda isn’t so sweet for working families.

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Education Bullies Chris Christie And Doug Ducey Hit The Trail Together

Doug Ducey needs some support from his friends in his hotly contested Arizona gubernatorial race. So today Ducey is bringing in Chris Christie, a man who would certainly rather enjoy the sunny skies of Scottsville than address the fiscal fiasco he’s built in New Jersey.

Well Chris Christie and Doug Ducey have a good deal in common. Christie has presided over an impressive eight credit downgrades in New Jersey, while Doug Ducey’s Cold Stone had one of the highest franchise default rates of any company in the country. Both support massive tax cuts for the wealthy, shifting the burden toward the middle class.

But the biggest and most damning similarity between Ducey and Christie is their shared insistence on slashing education funding. Christie has cut $1 billion from education in New Jersey, and Arizona can expect much the same if Ducey gets his way. Ducey opposed a court order requiring Arizona to increase education funding. He promises huge tax cuts that would predominately help the richest Arizonans, but claims he will somehow implement them without touching the education budget — a plan that’s been written off as unrealistic. And that’s just the tip of the ice cream cone.

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Corroding the Classroom: Republican Gubernatorial Candidates’ Devastating Cuts to Education

In key gubernatorial races across the country, education funding has become a major issue — and that’s bad news for Republicans.

In 2010, a slew of GOP candidates rode a tea party wave to governorships, promising massive budget overhauls that would hand tax cuts to the wealthy and cut other programs to pay for them. Well they delivered on those promises, and one after the next gutted education funding as they reshaped their states in the tea party mold. Now they’re reaping what they’ve sown.

From Rick Scott and Scott Walker to Sam Brownback, Tom Corbett and more, Republican governors are getting slammed for slashing funds for schools, dealing a blow to their respective reelection bids, while prospective governors like Doug Ducey have promised to do the same. Locked in tight races, these Tea Party governors are floundering to explain their draconian cuts to concerned constituents by twisting numbers and distorting their records.

But there is no explaining away the truth: these governors put tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations ahead of children’s education, and families in their states are paying the price.

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The Cold Hard Truth About Doug Ducey’s Cold Stone Legacy

The Wall Street Journal reported this week on the “10 worst franchise brands in terms of Small Business Administration loan defaults.” Despite touting its rampant success as a reason he would make a good governor, Republican Doug Ducey’s Cold Stone Creamery was found near the top of that list, with its franchisees “defaulting at more than double the rate for SBA borrowers who invested in” other chains, per the Journal’s analysis.

Like an ice cream cone in the summer heat, Cold Stone’s business plan, for which Ducey has claimed credit, created a sticky mess for many franchise owners. Numerous franchisees have been quoted saying Cold Stone’s business model was “defective” and pushed the cost of running a store so high that it was difficult for individuals owners to make a profit. Franchisees have called Ducey’s business practices “deceptive,” and said the company’s business model pushed personal bankruptcies, cost savings, and homes.

What does Doug Ducey have to say to Ken Gornall, who was left to fend for himself using his personal savings when his Cold Stone business was struggling – and eventually had to file for bankruptcy and lost his house? When asked by the press, Cold Stone declined to comment.

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New Web Ad: Ducey Misleads On His Record At Coldstone

Former Cold Stone Creamery CEO Doug Ducey has repeatedly bragged about building his ice cream empire without any help from the government, but that doesn’t have a lick of truth to it. The reality is that Cold Stone Creamery received millions of dollars in Small Business Administration loans and defaulted on around 40% of those loans — a remarkably high rate.

Ducey’s running on a business record that is sprinkled with problems, but he’s clearly not afraid to misrepresent it. So whatever he says in his first debate against Fred DuVal tonight, just remember, the real scoop might come out later.

American Bridge is at the ready with our new web ad, available here:

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Doug Ducey’s Rocky Road To Defeat

Primary season has come to an end in Arizona, and former Cold Stone Creamery CEO Doug Ducey managed to hole up down the stretch and emerge as the Republican nominee for governor. The Tea Party favorite poured nearly $3 million into his own campaign and skipped a slew of debates en route to his unceremonious victory tonight. But the shady businessman can hide no longer — and when the spotlight shines on his record, his political ambitions are bound to melt away.

Ducey has touted endorsements from the likes of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, but was spurned by conservative Governor Jan Brewer, who opted to support a less extreme candidate to be her successor. Perhaps health care is at the root of their chasm — Brewer worked to expand Medicaid in Arizona, calling it a “moral issue,” while Ducey has decried the expansion as a “middle class entitlement.”

But Ducey’s extremism is hardly limited to ensuring access to health care for his constituents. Ducey has close ties to the billionaire Koch brothers and their operatives, and unsurprisingly, he toes the Koch agenda line on nearly every issue. Ducey has opposed raising the minimum wage, expressed outrage that the poorest Americans aren’t paying enough taxes, supported the claim that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, and the list goes on.

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