RECAP: Jeff Flake’s Smug, Condescending, Grinning,Water-Gulping Town Hall Disaster

Arizonans to Flake: “You work for us.”

At last night’s town hall, Sen. Jeff Flake finally had to hear from his his constituents… and it was clear why he had delayed talking to them for so long.

Arizonans held Jeff Flake accountable for his actions in Washington — wanting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, supporting the defunding of Planned Parenthood, his smug, condescending demeanor on stage, his refusal to hold Donald Trump accountable and his lockstep support for Trump’s dangerous agenda.

Facing the heat from his constituents, Flake refused to answer questions, repeatedly lectured his constituents on how Congress works, awkwardly gulped water and made an awkward joke about Marco Rubio — that fell embarrassingly flat with his audience.

Here’s a recap of what happened last night in Mesa, Arizona…

“The #ACA saved my life… I’d love to stay alive for my family.” 

“I’m a scientist…and […]

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Arizonans to Jeff Flake: “When Are You Going to Choose Your Country Over Your Party?”

In response to Jeff Flake’s town hall in Mesa, Arizona tonight, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Over and over, Jeff Flake ignored questions from his constituents tonight, choosing to smugly lecture them instead of listening to them. Flake’s condescending non-answers are a smokescreen for his lockstep support of Trump’s dangerous agenda. Tonight, Flake heard from mothers who need the Affordable Care Act to keep their kids healthy. He heard from Arizonans concerned about Russia’s interference in our elections and women who depend on Planned Parenthood for their health care. But unfortunately for Arizonans, Jeff Flake did exactly what he’s done for the past four years — grin and ignore them.”

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New American Bridge Snapchat Filter Targets Jeff Flake Town Hall

As Jeff Flake reluctantly comes out of hiding to meet with his constituents for the first time in months, American Bridge is launching a Snapchat geofilter that allows Flake’s constituents to tell him what’s really on their minds. The ad calls out Flake for his disastrous vote to gut Internet privacy protections, allowing your internet service provider to sell your browsing history to the highest bidder, something that will affect every single American.

The Snapchat filter will be available during Jeff Flake’s town hall, which takes place at the Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Arizona from 7:00 to 9:00 PM local time.

“Jeff Flake has avoided his constituents for months, either too afraid or too embarrassed to hold a public town hall with the people of Arizona. Now, Flake has to come out of hiding and explain to his constituents why he voted to sell them out and why he continues to […]

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Five Questions Jeff Flake Hopes Arizonans Don’t Ask Him Tomorrow

Jeff Flake has been avoiding his constituents and refusing to hold a town hall since Congress began. Instead, he’s spent the last three months putting partisan politics ahead of what’s best for Arizonans, supporting Donald Trump’s agenda 100% of the time in the Senate.

Tomorrow, Arizonans finally have an opportunity to ask the tough questions. Here are five questions Jeff Flake really, really, really hopes Arizonans don’t ask him tomorrow:

1. Why did you lead the effort to repeal the rules that would have protected our privacy on the internet and call it a “good thing”? You wrote the bill to let internet service providers sell individuals’ internet browsing history — exposing their financial matters and their health information to whoever wants to buy it.

2. Why do you still refuse to call for a special prosecutor and an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia? Every week we learn something new and disturbing about Donald […]

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Jeff Flake Promised Arizonans a Town Hall. Where is It?

Flake Has Two Weeks To Make Good On His Promise

The Senate won’t meet for two weeks, so Jeff Flake has plenty of time to fulfill his promise to hold a town hall meeting.

It’s been a busy 90 days in Washington, and from Republican plans to strip 420,000 Arizonans of their health care to his fight to allow internet service providers to sell consumer’s internet history for their own profit, Arizonans’ questions are piling up for Senator Jeff Flake.

So, Senator, where’s the town hall you promised?

Flake has failed to announce a single town hall since making his promise three weeks ago. Back then, he said “he wasn’t avoiding them” and blamed his busy schedule — even though the Senate has only been in session 52 days this year. He hasn’t held a single public event in Arizona in months, denying his constituents the opportunity to share their views on how he’s doing his job.

American Bridge spokesman Joshua […]

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Jeff Flake Votes to Confirm Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

 Today, Senator Jeff Flake voted to confirm Donald Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, a far-right activist judge who puts corporate profits above the constitutional rights of regular Americans.

American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“Arizonans lost today, because an activist judge who will always put their constitutional rights second to his far-right, pro-business agenda has been handed a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Instead of selecting a mainstream nominee, Donald Trump — with the advice and consent of conservative groups pumping $10 million into the process — chose Neil Gorsuch, who consistently sides with the wealthy and the powerful, and against working families and women’s health care. Instead of standing up for the people of Arizona, Senator Flake continued his unbroken streak of voting for Trump’s reckless agenda 100% of the time.”

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Jeff Flake Voted to Protect the Conflict Diamond Trade

In response to Jeff Flake’s Senate hearing today on conflict minerals, American Bridge released the following statement:

“Jeff Flake is a career politician with no core principles, trying to give something to everyone. Today, he’s going to spend a few hours pretending to care about human rights in Africa — but his record in Congress tells a different story. Jeff Flake has a history of voting to protect the conflict diamond market, twice voting against cracking down on the illegal trade in diamonds, which were used to fund bloody civil wars and terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda. It’s time for Jeff Flake to answer for his actions,” said American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp.

Background: Jeff Flake Voted to Protect the Conflict Diamond Trade in the U.S.
April 5: Flake Will Chair A Subcommittee Hearing On Conflict Minerals

April 5, 2017: Flake’s Foreign Relations Subcommittee Is Scheduled To Hold A Hearing on Conflict Minerals. On Wednesday, […]

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New Bridge Project Web Ads Target Jeff Flake and Dean Heller on Internet Privacy

Today American Bridge 21st Century announced new web ads holding Sen. Jeff Flake and Sen. Dean Heller accountable for voting to gut FCC privacy rules, putting consumers’ most private information at risk.

The web ads will run this week in Arizona and Nevada, heading into the Senate’s two-week recess.


“Senator Jeff Flake led the charge to overturn FCC rules that kept consumer’s most private information safe,” said American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp. “Because of Jeff Flake and Dean Heller, who have funded their campaigns with hundreds of thousands of dollars from the telecom industry, are giving their campaign donors permission to sell Americans’ internet history, from financial materials to health information, to the highest bidder. And not only is your online privacy for sale to big corporations — but so is the Republican Senate.”

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American Bridge Statement on Jeff Flake’s Vote for Neil Gorsuch

Following Jeff Flake’s vote to advance Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“By voting for Neil Gorsuch today, Jeff Flake played partisan politics and abandoned Arizonans. Judge Gorsuch has a reckless record of putting the profits of big corporations above the needs of ordinary workers. Just as bad, Gorsuch fails to recognize a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions — even arguing that employers have a right to stop their female employees from buying contraception with their own insurance.

“At Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings, Flake joked around instead of asking serious questions about how Gorsuch’s reckless judicial philosophy will impact Arizonans. But Arizonans won’t be surprised by Flake’s vote, because Senator Flake has already proven he doesn’t take his responsibility as a Senator seriously — and now he’s proven that not even our nation’s highest court is […]

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Even More Brutal Coverage for Jeff Flake

The brutal headlines are just piling up for Jeff Flake.

Flake “is full of hooey” for trying to claim “the high ground” on Neil Gorsuch’s nomination, writes the Arizona Republic’s E.J. Montini. It’s especially pretty rich, considering Flake is so desperate to put an ideological partisan on the Supreme Court he’s willing to nuke the filibuster to confirm Gorsuch.

Flake couldn’t even be bothered to take committee hearings on Gorsuch seriously, getting “goofy” on his “most consequential vote of the year, if not the decade.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. House will vote tomorrow on Flake’s proposal to “continue to allow companies to share your browsing history on the web and even to sell that information without having to tell you.”

And the TV news reports aren’t any prettier, with one station reporting Flake’s plan “would allow internet providers to sell consumer’s personal online data without them knowing.”

No wonder Jeff Flake’s “too busy” to meet with his […]

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