FLASHBACK: Earlier this Year, Graham, Cassidy, Heller Said CBO Scores Vital to Vetting Health Care Bills

This week, Senate Republicans once against exposed their partisan hypocrisy by recklessly dismissing the need for a full CBO score of the Graham-Cassidy-Heller health care bill before voting on it, even though–as recently as this summer–Senators Dean Heller, Lindsay Graham, Bill Cassidy, and many others said they needed a CBO score to evaluate health care bills.

Without a CBO score, basic information such as how many people will lose coverage, how much premiums will increase, and how much more care for common pre-existing conditions will increase will not be known. The Senate GOP’s game plan is to keep Americans in the dark — because they know the more the American people learn about their latest Trumpcare plan, the more they hate it.

“The same senators trying to ram this latest disastrous Trumpcare bill though Congress were — just months ago — eloquently explaining why a comprehensive analysis by the Congressional Budget Office […]

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GOP busted in immigration doublespeak days before 2016 hopefuls kiss King’s ring

After American Bridge busted Republicans speaking out of both sides of their mouths on immigration reform last night, the Washington press corps is taking note of one of the most cynical political ploys you’ll ever see.

And remember– this is just days before 2016 hopefuls fly to Iowa to kiss Steve King’s ring. King, for his part, didn’t mix messages last night, sticking to calling one of the president’s guests “a deportable.”

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True Life: The Kochs Started My Trajectory; Now I’m Giving The GOP State Of The Union Response

It has just been announced that Sen. Joni Ernst will deliver the Republican Party’s State Of The Union response next week — and what a revealing choice it is. In case you aren’t familiar with Ernst from her recent Senate run, let us give you a quick primer, and we’ll start right from the beginning.

As Joni Ernst put it herself at the Koch brothers’ secretive billionaires retreat last summer, the Koch network “really started my trajectory.” And boy, they couldn’t be prouder with the politician she grew into. Staying true to the Koch agenda, Ernst has stood behind eliminating the Department of Education and gutting the EPA argued against having any federal minimum wage, and she seems eager to privatize Social Security and student loans.

And believe it or not, Ernst’s extreme views go far beyond her ultra-conservative policy platform.

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VIDEO: Ernst Faces Backlash For Shunning Iowa Newspapers

Yesterday, it came to light that Joni Ernst was refusing to sit down with the Des Moines Register’s editorial board. Then it became clear, she was refusing to sit down with the editorial board of essentially every newspaper in Iowa.

As she spurned the Iowa press, she still managed to find the time to meet with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd yesterday (and had the audacity to tweet a picture of this with the hashtag #IowaKnows Best — no, really!), and to sit down with FOX News this morning.

It’s understandable why Joni Ernst is desperate to hide her extreme agenda from Iowa — support for privatizing social security, wanting to eliminate the federal minimum wage, opposition to subsidies like the RFS, etc. — but her little Houdini act backfired.

Check out Ernst getting blasted on local TV for cheating Iowa voters out of the opportunity to know where she stands on the issues:

The Greedy Outsourcing Party

It’s no secret that Mitt Romney’s checkered business career was part of what doomed his election hopes in 2012. When people looked at Mitt Romney, they saw a vulture capitalist who was willing to close down American plants, lay off workers, and ship jobs overseas, so long as it helped their bottom dollar.

Having run for president, Romney’s business practices are likely the most infamous among Republican politicians, but he’s hardly alone. This year, key GOP candidates in close senate and gubernatorial races espouse the same self-interested philosophy — reaping profits while hurting American workers.

In Georgia, David Perdue’s campaign was rocked as POLITICO reported that Perdue had stated plainly in a 2005 deposition that he had “spent most of his career” outsourcing. This statement itself would have been severely damaging to Perdue’s candidacy, but what was even more detrimental, perhaps because it was so revealing, was Perdue’s dumbfounded response to the story. Asked how he would defend his outsourcing career, Perdue looked surprised — “Well defend it? I’m proud of it!”

In Illinois, billionaire gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, who took a page out of Romney’s playbook and funneled millions in profits to Cayman Island tax shelters to avoid paying American taxes, has demonstrated similar priorities. Rauner’s vast portfolio while at GTCR, the private equity firm he co-founded, included directing H-Cube, a “premier global business outsourcing firm.” And just this month, we learned that a lawsuit has been launched by the former CEO of LeapSource, another outsourcing company where Rauner sat on the board, alleging personal threats from Rauner over her lack of success as their CEO.

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The Company You Keep… Allen West Endorses Joni Ernst

You can tell a lot about a person by the people they associate themselves with. For Joni Ernst, her cavalry just got even more extreme.
Ernst has already credited the Koch brothers with starting her trajectory, said she was “flattered’ to be compared to Sarah Palin, trumpeted Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theory, and now she’s earned the adoration of Allen West, who just cut this spot endorsing her.

In case you’re not familiar with Allen West, here are a couple of lovely quotes that highlight his worldview, though this is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • “When I see anyone with an Obama bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”
  • “So I’m here as the modern-day Harriet Tubman to kind of lead people on the Underground Railroad away from that plantation [of the Democratic Party]”
  • On Social Security benefits: “So once again we are creating the sense of economic dependence which, to me is a form of modern, 21st-century slavery.”

Allen West. Sarah Palin. The Koch Brothers. Glenn Beck. Joni Ernst. #TeamExtreme

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Joni Ernst and the Kochs want to dismantle the Clean Water Act

Joni Ernst is preparing for a big debate, but before she takes the stage, let’s take a look at who she would really represent in the Senate.

According to audio released from the Kochs’ secretive donor summit, Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst gushed that the Koch brothers’ donor network is to thank for her political “trajectory.” Ernst went on to attribute the Kochs’ backing to her support for “rolling back… rules and regulations.” It’s an apt observation from Koch Crony Joni, who has gone so far as to oppose the Clean Water Act, a critical environmental protection that Koch Industries and its subsidiaries have run afoul of no less than 18 times in the Hawkeye State alone.

Earlier this year, while campaigning for the Republican party nomination for Iowa’s open Senate seat, Ernst said that she considers the Clean Water Act to be “damaging” to business and that she supports replacing it with “voluntary measures.” The extreme remark even rankled members of her own party, with Republican operatives citing her opposition to the longstanding, successful environmental protection as proof positive that she had tacked too hard to the far right. Despite the push back it received from some establishment Republicans, Ernst’s rant against the Clean Water Act is a perfect example of the type of anti-regulation rhetoric that, as she herself speculated, likely piqued the Kochs’ attention.

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Hello Ernst and Ryan; Goodbye Social Security and Medicare

Joni Ernst is in serious trouble in her Iowa senate race. Paul Ryan really wants to be president. So when Ryan comes to Iowa to campaign for Ernst tomorrow, everybody’s a winner!

Except Iowans.

Paul Ryan pioneered plans to privatize Social Security and slash Medicare, and Joni Ernst was his number one cheerleader. Ernst said “Ryan is a do-er, especially on budget issues,” and she gleefully voted to endorse his budget in the Iowa Senate. She’s voiced her support for privatizing Social Security on the campaign while refusing to offer any details, and claimed that Medicaid recipients “have no personal responsibility for their health,” another program that would be gutted by Ryan’s budgets.

Joni Ernst is a fringe candidate, and it shows in the company she keeps and the people she admires. She’s thanked the Koch brothers for “starting her trajectory.” She said she was flattered to be compared to Sarah Palin because Palin is the kind of politician she admires. She appeared with Ted Cruz, who said there was no candidate he was more excited about across the country than Ernst. And now she’s campaigning with anti-retirement crusader, Paul Ryan, who she calls a “do-er.”

Joni Ernst doesn’t want Iowans to believe that she’s extreme. But facts are facts. Ernst and Ryan want to privatize Social Security and roll back Medicare. That’s pretty extreme.

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Are Those Palm Trees in Iowa, Joni?

Yesterday, right in the middle of prime campaign season with just 42 days to go until Election Day, Joni Ernst took a break from her usual rough and tumble schedule of pandering to the Koch brothers to pander instead to some wealthy donors in….sunny Florida. American Bridge was there to document Ernst’s fun in the Sunshine State, including her arrival and departure in a fancy chauffeured SUV and cracking jokes with her wealthy new Floridian friends. How positively, um, Iowan, of her.

Watch Ernst’s trip to the Sunshine State here:

Welcome to Kochville

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kochville! In the Koch brothers’ self-serving utopia, horrible things like the minimum wage, social security and environmental protections have been disbanded, and the Kochs’ hand-picked candidates are welcome.

American Bridge’s new online advertising campaign is set to hold these extreme Republican candidates accountable for sharing the self-serving agenda the Kochs have been pushing for decades — an agenda that further rewards the wealthiest at the expense of working families. Watch the ads below and learn more at RealKochFacts.com.

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