Josh Hawley Worked An Average of 4.85 Hours Per Week As AG In 2017, 2.8 Hours Per Week In 2018

Hawley claims his calendars bear out his dedication to an aggressive agenda

Today in response to a bombshell Kansas City Star report that revealed Josh Hawley allowed the Missouri Attorney General’s office to be run by his D.C. political consultants, Hawley claimed:“From Day One, we’ve made combating human trafficking, taking on the opioid industry, protecting Missouri consumers a top priority. And I came into office wanting to do that and you can see that reflected in everything, from our notes, our meetings, our calendars, all of that from the very first.”

American Bridge received copies of Hawley’s official office calendars via a public records request. The calendars reveal Hawley worked an average of 4.85 hours per week during his first year in office and 2.8 hours per week through July 2018 — a lightweight schedule that just doesn’t square with the aggressive agenda he claims he pursued “from Day One.”

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WATCH: Hawley on Election Night 2016: “Consultants…your day is over”

Fresh off his 2016 win in the Missouri Attorney General’s race, Josh Hawley gave an *inspirational* speech in which he decried the influence of the “political class” on Missouri politics:

“To the political establishment in Jefferson City, those of you, consultants and the lobbyists and the professional political class who’ve gotten used to running our state — your day is over, business as usual is done.”

That’s pretty rich coming from someone who farmed out his Attorney General office to D.C. political consultants two months later.

Watch Hawley’s hypocrisy here:

Watch the full clip here.

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BREAKING: Hawley Left Running Of His AG Office to DC Political Consultants

“Missourians already knew Hawley had abdicated his Attorney General responsibilities to climb the political ladder,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Now it appears he outsourced the work of ‘Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer’ to a bunch of DC political consultants just TEN days after taking office. That’s disgraceful and irresponsible.”

The Kansas City Star/McClatchy: Out-of-state political consultants helped direct Josh Hawley’s Missouri AG office
By Lindsay Wise, Jason Hancock, and Steve Vockrodt | October 31, 2018

“Josh Hawley pledged to Missouri voters in 2016 that he was not the kind of career politician who would use ‘one office to get to another.’”
“But within weeks of Hawley’s swearing in as the state’s top law enforcement official, the high-powered political team that would go on to run his U.S. Senate campaign had stepped in to help direct the office of the Missouri attorney general — and raise his national profile.”
“Hawley’s out-of-state political consultants gave direct guidance […]

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Senate Brief: 1 Week | Closing Arguments

Week of Monday, October 29

IN BRIEF: One week out from Election Day, Republican Senate candidates are en route to fall far short of expectations. Here’s why:

This cycle’s map was supposed to be a Republican juggernaut. After the 2016 election, onlookers predicted a Republican sweep of 10 Senate seats held by Democratic Senators in states that Trump won.
But multiple recruitment failures, a deeply unpopular president, and Republican ineffectiveness have evened the playing field. States once thought to be in play — Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin — are effectively off the map. And even in redder states like Montana and West Virginia, flawed Republican candidates have failed to overtake popular incumbents.
The GOP has failed to find any meaningful message on which to campaign. Democrats have displayed across-the-board message discipline on the cycle’s #1 issue — healthcare — forcing Republicans to play defense on policies […]

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“Missouri’s Top Prosecutor” Josh Hawley Ignores Basic Facts

“Josh Hawley cares more about climbing the political ladder than actually serving the people of Missouri,” said American Bridge spokesperson Emma Beckerman. “His sham investigation into Eric Greitens is just one of many reasons why Missourians should not give him a promotion.”

The Kansas City Star: Hawley didn’t look into ‘most basic facts’ in Greitens investigation, attorney says
By Jason Hancock | October 26, 2018

“Hawley’s investigation of the former governor [Eric Greitens] is once again drawing scrutiny.”
“A text message from a Greitens staffer obtained by The Star this week appears to show that the governor’s office had advance notice about when the attorney general’s investigation would conclude. And a story in The New York Times over the weekend revealed Hawley’s office acceded to the governor’s demand that interviews with Greitens staff members who used Confide could last only 15 minutes.”
“The new revelations are adding to questions that were already lingering about the quality […]

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NEW MICROSITE: “Hawley’s Hiatus” Underscores Josh Hawley’s Lightweight Official Schedule

Today American Bridge launched, a microsite that uses public calendars released by the Office of the Attorney General to visually outline Josh Hawley’s time as Attorney General.

Hawley’s two years as Missouri Attorney General haven’t exactly been rigorous: an analysis of official scheduled events reveals Hawley has worked an average of three hours per week in 2018 during the months available.

“In most jobs, working three hours a week would get you fired. But GOP Golden Boy Josh Hawley thinks three hours a week is enough to merit a promotion,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Hawley’s slacker schedule is absolutely stunning, and absolutely disqualifying.”

Here’s a glimpse of Hawley’s lightweight schedule:


Check out the full site here.

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American Bridge FOIAs Missouri Attorney General’s Office for Hawley’s Private Emails, Phone Calls

Today American Bridge submitted a public records request to the Missouri Attorney General’s office for email correspondence sent via private email to or from Josh Hawley regarding official office matters.

The request follows Hawley’s claim that he does not use his official state email address, and instead has conducted business over the phone during his many days out of the office campaigning for Senate.

In accordance with Missouri’s Sunshine Law, American Bridge requested incoming and outgoing email and phone correspondences between Josh Hawley, his chiefs of staff, and his official scheduler. Download the request here.

“Hawley’s claim that he doesn’t use email in a 21st century workplace just doesn’t pass the smell test,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “If Hawley is conducting official business over a private email address, Missourians deserve to know what he is concealing before they go to the polls on Election Day.”

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NEW: “Missouri’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer” Josh Hawley Defects to Oklahoma

Josh Hawley didn’t go into his taxpayer-funded job as “Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer” today. He didn’t even hit up a campaign stop somewhere around the state, as he is wont to do during working hours.

Nope, he went across state lines to Oklahoma. Listen to Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe tell a Tulsa crowd that: “It happens to be that Jeff [sic] Hawley is upstairs now.”

So while Senator McCaskill used her Friday to discuss healthcare with Missourians, Josh Hawley skipped town to Tulsa.

Listen to the audio here.

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SAY IT AGAIN: Josh Hawley Is Trying To Take Your Healthcare

Josh Hawley has a lot to answer for at tonight’s Missouri Senate debate. At the top of that list? His campaign to undermine affordable healthcare.

We’re betting Hawley will attempt to distract from his horrific record on this cycle’s #1 issue. So here are the facts:

Hawley is one of 20 state Attorneys General suing the federal government to gut the Affordable Care Act. Hawley put his name on a lawsuit that would effectively nullify the ACA, including protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions — a provision that Hawley has claimed he’d protect, in direct contradiction to his actions.
Hawley’s political allies have spent nearly a decade attempting to overturn the Affordable Care Act. And just yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said his Republican caucus will try to repeal the ACA again, after the midterms.
Hawley’s healthcare alternative is a load of baloney — and it’s dangerous. Hawley wrote an op-ed proposing […]

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Senate Brief: 3 Weeks | GOP Recruitment Failures

Week of Monday, October 15.

IN BRIEF: Three weeks out from Election Day, the GOP’s sloppy recruiting is coming back to bite them. A cycle of lukewarm performances in must-win states has proven that even with a favorable Senate map, recruitment matters. 

This morning the Washington Post highlighted candidates in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan who have fallen far short of the party’s expectations. We agree.

But even beyond the states where Dems are running well ahead of their GOP opponents, candidates thought to be rock-solid have betrayed serious weaknesses.
In Missouri, the “GOP golden boy” Josh Hawley got off to a rough start by pissing off local Republicans with his entitlement and laziness. Now, he’s struggling to overcome a baked-in narrative about his burning desire to rid Americans of their health insurance.
In Indiana, “outsider” Mike Braun never really got off the ground. Just last month, Hoosier Republicans were marveling […]

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