American Bridge Files Sunshine Law Request For All Correspondence Between Josh Hawley’s Campaign and A.G. Office

Today, American Bridge filed a request under Missouri’s Sunshine Law (Sec. 610.011.1, RSMo Supp. 2006) requesting copies of all incoming and outgoing correspondence between Josh Hawley’s U.S. Senate campaign and the Office of Missouri Attorney General.

Today, National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar reported that Josh Hawley’s campaign “said that it was planning to release fundraising numbers last Wednesday, but got distracted by breaking Greitens news.” And Jake Sherman of Politico added, “the campaign should have absolutely no involvement with the Greitens issue.”

This represents a startling on-the-record admission from Josh Hawley’s political campaign that it was involved in Hawley’s law enforcement actions against Gov. Eric Greitens.

“Why is Josh Hawley’s political campaign involved in law enforcement decisions at the highest levels of Missouri government?” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Hawley took $50,000 in campaign contributions from Gov. Greitens in 2016, and now Hawley’s next campaign is involved in Hawley’s decisions regarding the Attorney General’s office. Hawley needs to come clean […]

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SENATE BRIEF: The Shaky Foundations of Rick Scott’s Senate Bid

Week of Monday, April 9

IN BRIEF: Florida’s going to be close – duh. But Rick Scott’s decision to run for U.S. Senate will go down as one of the great mistakes in recent political history. When Scott announces a bid for Senate (via Facebook Live, no Republican enthusiasm required) he will stake his candidacy on his stewardship of Florida’s economy. But regular Floridians are well aware of what top economists are saying: under Rick Scott, Florida’s economy is rewarding the wealthy and big corporations, while millions of Floridians struggle make ends meet.

Consider this shocking report from the Tampa Bay Times: a majority of Florida counties (36 out of 67) have fewer jobs today than they did at the beginning of 2008. Meanwhile, “new jobs are paying workers significantly less than the jobs they replaced.”

Listen closely. You can already hear the cracks in the foundation of Rick Scott’s candidacy:

Rick Scott takes credit for […]

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QUICK CLIP: Local News Slams Josh Hawley’s Faux Investigation Into Greitens

Josh Hawley is continuing to do the least possible in his investigation into Eric Greitens, covering up for the Governor in order to protect his own partisan political ambition.  He didn’t even interview  Gov. Greitens because of an “executive privilege” that literally does not even exist under Missouri Law. Now, negative news stories on Missouri TV are showing that if Hawley thinks he can refuse to do his job and have Missourians vote him into higher office, he is sadly mistaken

Watch the full clip here.

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After Disastrous Week, Hawley Runs Away From GOP Convention

“It’s impossible to overstate how disastrous last week was for Josh Hawley — who Mitch McConnell has extolled as his ‘top recruit.’ In five days, Hawley’s campaign chaotically careened from poor fundraising numbers, to his condemnation of birth control, to revelations that concerned Republicans are trying to recruit Rep. Ann Wagner to the race,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. 


Kansas City Star: Ann Wagner’s “potential entry to the race could severely complicate Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s path to the nomination”

By Brian Lowery | 3/3/18

“U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner had a palpable presence at the Missouri Republican Party’s convention in Kansas City this weekend without ever setting foot inside the hotel.
“Hawley had…disappeared from the convention by Saturday afternoon.”
Hawley “canceled his scheduled appearance at a panel of statewide elected officials that afternoon and left for Columbia without plans to return for that evening’s dinner and keynote address.”
“He was the only state-level Republican officer absent from the afternoon panel.”
“Austin Petersen, a Kansas City Republican also seeking […]

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Then and Now: Hypocrite Hawley Says He Supports Birth Control After Repeatedly Bragging About his Role in Anti Birth Control Case

On the campaign trail, Josh Hawley has been known to brag and inflate his role arguing on behalf of Hobby Lobby in the well-known Supreme Court case that restricted women’s access to birth control. He even got his right-wing friends to exaggerate the work he did to allow bosses to control whether their female employees could get birth control. Yesterday, though, he tried to get himself out of the hot water he was in for blaming sex trafficking on the sexual revolution, by claiming to be a proponent of access to birth control.

THEN: “Josh Hawley, college professor and Republican candidate for attorney general, has been touring the state for well over a year speaking at Republican events and touting his accomplishments arguing last year’s Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling” (Missouri Times, 9/29/15)

NOW: “Get real. I’m for contraception & women working.” (Josh Hawley Campaign Twitter, […]

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Josh Hawley Blames Sex Trafficking on Women

At a recent closed-door meeting Missouri Senate GOP hopeful Josh Hawley said that American “culture” and modern beliefs about contraception have led to sex trafficking. “The sexual revolution has led to exploitation of women,” Hawley said.

Hawley is blaming victims for sex trafficking.

Let’s be clear: linking the horrible crime of sex trafficking with “a cultural shift in the 1960s and 1970s that eliminated the social stigma for premarital sex and contraception” is a thinly disguised attempt to blame women for crimes committed upon women.

Just as disturbing, Josh Hawley is unaware that violence against women is an age-old problem, and apparently thinks it was invented in the 1960s.

Inflammatory, ignorant remarks like these will remind Missouri voters of Congressman Todd Akin, who in 2012 insultingly claimed women were biologically immune to pregnancy resulting from rape as justification for a near-total ban on a woman’s right to chose.

“Let’s not mince words: Josh Hawley is […]

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