Well This Is Awkward…  

In case you missed it — This weekend, the Arizona Republican Party voted in Kelli Ward as their new party chair. Yep, the very same Kelli Ward who lost to unelected Senator Martha McSally in the GOP Senate primary last year.

As McSally gears up for a run in 2020, she’s going to have to play nice with Ward, who now has control of the Arizona GOP’s election strategy next cycle. But these two have a lot of bad blood.

Check out some of the things Ward had to say about McSally in 2018 — then ask yourself how in the world McSally will win back the trust of Arizona Republicans before 2020.

Watch the video here.

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Senate Brief: Breaking Down AZ-SEN’s “Trumpian Hugfest”

Week of Monday, August 27.

IN BRIEF: The “Trumpian hugfest” in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary is thankfully less than 36 hours away from being over forever. Let’s take a look at our contenders.

Martha McSally has distinguished herself with a string of egregious flip-flops on issues from DACA to Donald Trump. Faced with brutal attacks from the GOP’s right wing, outside groups have been forced to spend at least $4 million to drag her over the finish line. Expect her wishy-washy record to follow her through to November, where she’ll have to explain her ever-shifting positions to a much less forgiving electorate.
Kelli Ward is criss-crossing the state on a bus tour with a who’s who of conspiracy theorists and MAGA Twitter. When asked by MSNBC about guest speaker Mike Cernovich’s belief that “diversity” is “code for white genocide,”  Read more after the jump.