Lou Barletta Trashes His Own Record On Crime

On the radio last week, Lou Barletta essentially trashed his own record on crime to defend his do-nothing policy on gun violence, saying making something illegal only helps criminals like drug dealers and makes their business “skyrocket.”


That’s right, on Sue Henry’s radio show, Lou Barletta undermined his entire career of bragging about tough-on-crime policies as Mayor of Hazelton.


“Rep. Barletta’s ridiculous defense for doing nothing to protect Pennsylvanians from gun violence is either completely disingenuous, or he had a brief bout with amnesia,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “If Barletta truly believed what he said, that means the tough-on-crime policies he promoted as mayor of Hazelton and loves to talk about only helped ‘gangs and drug dealers.’”


Listen to the full clip radio here.
Full transcript:


“It’s unfortunate, and nobody really wants to talk about this. But as a mayor I saw it. You know when we make something […]

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QUICK CLIP: Lou Barletta Doubles Down on Social Security and Medicare Cuts

Rep. Lou Barletta took to local radio this week to double down on his desire to cut Social Security and Medicare—lifelines that millions of Americans depend on and have paid into their whole lives–and balance the country’s debt on the backs of the middle class.


In an interview he did on on KDKA radio yesterday, Barletta said, “We need to look at entitlement packages and reform. They’re on auto pilot right now, where that’s really what’s driving our debt and they’ve been unwilling to have a discussion about that…”


Listen to the clip here.


“Entitlements,” of course is code for Social Security and Medicare, the hugely popular benefits that Americans have earned, and that middle class families and seniors depend on. They are also not the main cause of our national debt.


Meanwhile, a little more than a month ago, Barletta voted for huge tax giveaways to millionaires, billionaires and corporations that added $1.8 trillion to the country’s debt. 


“Lou […]

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Was Lou Barletta Illegally Raising Campaign Cash In a Government Building?​

​”Under fire from his own party for lackluster fundraising, ties to Holocaust deniers and defense of a sexual harasser, Rep. Lou Barletta is so desperate to fix his campaign, he’s ​making fundraising phone calls in in a Senate office building. Which, someone should probably tell him, would be illegal,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

​SHOT: ​“Republican officials in Pennsylvania are fretting that Rep. Lou Barletta’s anemic fundraising and strategic misfires are jeopardizing the party’s opportunity to pick off a winnable Senate seat.” – Washington Examiner

​CHASER: “SPOTTED — REP. LOU BARLETTA (R-PA.), who is running for Senate, was camped out in the Senate Chef this morning making phone calls and pouring over a spreadsheet.”– Politico

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Following Reports About His Connections to White Nationalists, Lou Barletta Attends Event with Other Notorious White Nationalists

The same day that reports surfaced that Pennsylvania Congressman and Senate candidate Lou Barletta had connections to holocaust deniers and anti-immigrant extremists, he attended a rally with known white nationalist, Jack Posobiec. Michael Cutler, who’s written for xenophobic publications and hosted other events with Barletta, was also a speaker at the event.

Posobiec is an alt-right conspiracy theorist who’s known for leading the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, among many other debunked theories. He was also one of the organizers of the Deploraball, and after the 2016 election, Posobiec was the mastermind behind a plan to smear anti-Trump protesters by planting a “rape Melania” sign at a rally.

Posobiec tweeted and livestreamed from the event, a pro-Barletta rally held by the Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party Group.

“Instead of distancing himself from white nationalists, it looks like Lou Barletta is doubling down,”said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “From legitimizing publications […]

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GOP Senate candidate Lou Barletta did interview in 2006 with Holocaust-denying publication

An explosive new report raises serious questions about Lou Barletta’s judgement and beliefs. Barletta’s inflammatory views span his entire career, from his anti immigration legislation that was struck down as unconstitutional in federal court to lending his name to Holocaust deniers.

“If you needed more evidence that Lou Barletta is unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate, look no further than his pattern of associating himself with anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists. These associations will come back to haunt him — count on it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

CNN: GOP Senate candidate Lou Barletta did interview in 2006 with Holocaust-denying publication
By Andrew Kaczynski and Chris Massie | January 25, 2018

“As mayor, Barletta did an interview with a fringe publication that promotes Holocaust denial and headlined a rally where a political activist and musician who has questioned the Holocaust and promoted conspiracies about the September 11, 2001 attacks also […]

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Lou Barletta STILL Defends Congressman Who Says Staffer “Invited” Sexual Harassment

As Republicans run as fast as they can from creepy Congressman Pat Meehan — who told the New York Times today that his staffer “invited” his sexual harassment —  his friend and colleague from Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta is still sticking with him.

On Chris Stigal’s radio show Monday, Barletta praised his colleague as “a very good member” and criticized the bipartisan consensus that Meehan should face severe consequences, saying, “We should not just rush off to judgement until we have all of the facts.”

In fact, Barletta was so defensive of his buddy, he said four times during the interview that Pennsylvanians should wait until they have “all the facts.” He’s remained silent on Meehan since.

Meanwhile, Meehan continues his press tour defending his behavior, saying that the woman was his “soul mate” and telling the New York Times Tuesday that the woman he settled a sexual harassment case with ” […]

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Lou Barletta Defends Meehan As “A Great Legislator”

As Republicans flee doomed Congressman Pat Meehan — who admitted today to making improper sexual overtures to a Capitol Hill employee — one man is boldly standing by him: Rep. Lou Barletta.

On Chris Stigal’s radio show yesterday, Barletta praised his colleague as “a very good member” and criticized the bipartisan consensus that Meehan should face severe consequences, saying, “We should not just rush off to judgement until we have all of the facts.”

So desperate was Barletta to defend Meehan, he said Pennsylvanians should wait until they have “all the facts” four times. 

“As disturbing allegations surfaced that Congressman Meehan harassed a staffer and used a taxpayer-funded slush-fund to settle a legal case with her, Lou Barletta went on the radio to defend his colleague and question his accuser’s account. It would be an understatement to say that Lou Barletta is out of step with mainstream Pennsylvania values. He’s […]

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Barletta Helps Congress Pass Sham Bill That Raises Taxes on Middle Class

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement after Rep. Lou Barletta voted to pass the GOP tax scam that hurts the middle class:

“Lou Barletta just sold out middle class Pennsylvanians to give big corporations and his wealthy campaign donors a Christmas gift. He helped pass this sham bill that will raise taxes on millions of middle class families, make health care more expensive, cut Medicare, and skyrocket our deficit, all to give the super-wealthy huge tax breaks. Put simply, it’s a complete betrayal of working Pennsylvanians, and they will hold Barletta accountable for breaking his promises.”

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Barletta votes to raise taxes on middle class Americans, cut Medicare, and send jobs overseas 

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement in response to Rep. Lou Barletta’s vote to pass the House Republican tax plan:

“Putting his party over what is best for Pennsylanians, Rep. Lou Barletta just voted to raise taxes on 36 million middle class Americans — including 713,000 Pennsylvanians — cut Medicare by $25 billion, and outsource American jobs — all to cut taxes for the very rich and big business. This is a disastrous plan that sells-out hardworking, average Americans who are counting on jobs and a better economic future. Voters deserve better, and they will hold him accountable.”

Yesterday, American Bridge’s Bridge Project released a new digital ad running nationally on Facebook, “Trumps Tax Plan Sells You Out,” which highlights warnings that the Republican tax plan would break Donald Trump’s #1 promise and help outsource American jobs he said […]

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Every Single GOP Congressman Running for Senate Fails to Hold a Town Hall

Republican House members running for Senate — and those who are considering it — are probably relieved that the August recess is coming to an end. After all, they’ve already spent the last three weeks dodging their constituents and failing to hold town halls.

Reps. Lou Barletta (PA-11), Evan Jenkins (WV-03), Barbara Comstock (VA-10), Luke Messer (IN-06), Todd Rokita (IN-04), and Kevin Cramer (ND-AL) have robbed their constituents of the chance to express their thoughts and concerns to their representatives. They have a responsibility to listen to their constituents, but these six Republicans are putting their political ambition ahead of doing their jobs.

“Six Republican members of Congress are looking for a promotion, but instead of doing their job they are more concerned with promoting their personal political ambition,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Hearing from your voters — whether you like what they say or not — is part of the job. […]

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