American Bridge Launches

Today, American Bridge 21st Century is launching a new website called The site highlights the terrified antics of Republican Senators and Congressmen as their constituents demand accountability for their support of Trump’s disastrous agenda.

The site features such scared Senators as Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, and Marco Rubio. is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly as Republicans continue to duck and dodge their constituents.

Statement from American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“Republicans are literally running away from their own constituents out of fear they’ll have to answer for Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda. Whether it’s embracing Trump’s racist Muslim ban or voting to take health care away from 32 million Americans. Rather than admit they’re marching to Trump’s tune, these spineless Republicans are using every excuse in the book to avoid their own voters.”

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Party Over Principle: Rubio, McCain, And Graham Fold On Tillerson

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham kissing Trump’s ring on Rex Tillerson’s nomination:

“It’s disgraceful — but, ultimately, unsurprising — that the self-marketed anti-Putin and anti-Iran hawks are caving to Trump and now calling for U.S. foreign policy to be dictated by a man who is close friends with Vladimir Putin and who oversaw millions in sales with state sponsors of terrorism while he led ExxonMobil.”

After two weeks of putting on a show of standing up to Trump’s Putin-allied (and honored) secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham have each folded and lined up behind Tillerson’s nomination.

Tillerson is so close to Russia that Vladimir Putin personally presented him with the “Russian Order of Friendship” award. And while Tillerson led Exxon, the company lobbied hard against U.S. sanctions on Russia — […]

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Marco Rubio votes early for Donald Trump

Marco Rubio thinks Donald Trump is:

“wholly unprepared to be president of the United States”

“a con artist”

“has no ideas of any substance on the important issues”

an “erratic individual” who can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes

…and yet, Rubio is voting early today in West Miami for Donald Trump. Rubio is a complete coward for seeing the real Donald Trump who is unfit to be commander in chief and still voting for Trump to be president.

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Rubio’s Ties To For-Profit College Costing Taxpayers $350 Million

There’s a Republican with ties to a for-profit college that “hurt far more students” than Donald Trump’s Trump University (a massive scam that promised Trump’s real estate secrets but mostly just took people’s money).

It’s Rubiooo!! Marco Rubio accepted nearly $28,000 in political donations from Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit college currently under federal investigation for “false advertising, deceptive marketing and misrepresenting job placement rates.” Corinthian even targeted veterans to turn a profit.

In return, Rubio pushed a higher education plan that would’ve pushed students toward for-profit colleges like Corinthian. According to USA Today, Rubio “went out of his way to help” Corinthian when the investigation started and asked the Education Department for “leniency” on behalf of Corinthian.

And now, Rubio’s political benefactors are costing taxpayers upwards of $350 million because the Education Department is helping former students with their student debt. It’s yet another example of […]

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American Bridge Statement On Marco Rubio’s Debate in Florida

American Bridge president Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Marco Rubio’s debate:

“Marco Rubio spent his second debate trying to prove that he has accomplished anything for Floridians, but his problem is the few things that he’s accomplished as a senator have made Florida worse off. If Rubio had his way, he would team up with Donald Trump to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, take affordable healthcare away from millions of Floridians, and defund Planned Parenthood.

“Rubio is a coward for continuing to support Donald Trump even after he’s bragged about abusing women, admitted that he broke the Cuban embargo, and praised Vladimir Putin. Why would Floridians ever believe that Rubio would support them?”

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NEW REPORT: Rubio Failed To Show Up For Work Every. Single. Year.

New research from American Bridge shows that Marco Rubio didn’t show up for work on behalf of Florida taxpayers EVERY YEAR he was in the Senate, not just the year in which he ran for president and lost 66 of Florida’s 67 counties to Donald Trump.

Marco Rubio’s lack of interest in doing his job extends back to his earliest days as a politician — since 2000 when he missed one-third of his committee hearings in the state legislature, to 2002 where he skipped nearly half of the Florida House’s 9/11 Committee meetings, to when he missed 30% of the classes he taught as a part-time professor at FIU, to his current absenteeism in the Senate that is the worst vote attendance record from a Florida senator in nearly 50 years.

Rubio has always failed to show up for work on behalf of Floridians:

Missed committee hearings (total across all committees)

percentage missed








Missed voting record (Worst compared to other senators)


Tied […]

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Rubio Doesn’t See Trump Threats To Democracy As Disqualifying

After Donald Trump spent the better part of the week:

lying about widespread voter fraud,
encouraging violence to suppress voter turnout,
fearmongering through conspiracy theories, and
indicating to his supporters that it’s okay to incite violence at polling sites if necessary,

Trump continued to threaten the legitimacy of our elections and the stability of our democracy at last night’s debates when he dangerously refused to commit to accepting the outcome of the election.

Why is Marco Rubio continuing to strongly support Donald Trump for president?

Trump’s threats to incite chaos are beyond the pale, and they aren’t new. Trump has been claiming the election is rigged for months, and Marco Rubio has stuck with him despite saying, “This election is not being rigged.” That a major party nominee is willing to threaten the stability of our democracy because he’s a sore loser is shocking and unprecedented. That Rubio is eager to stand with Trump and support him through Trump’s “rigged election” […]

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American Bridge Statement on Marco Rubio’s Wreck of a Debate

American Bridge president Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Marco Rubio’s disastrous debate:

“Marco Rubio tonight couldn’t name a single thing that Donald Trump could do for Rubio to revoke his support of Trump as our commander in chief. After Trump has bragged about sexually assaulting women, violating the Cuban embargo, doubled down on mass deportation of immigrant families, attacked our military, and publicly sided with the Kremlin, Rubio still hasn’t found anything disqualifying about Donald Trump.”

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American Bridge Digital Billboard Truck Chases Rubio And Trump In South Florida

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump are only half an hour away from each other in South Florida today, but Rubio is once again dodging his chosen nominee. American Bridge is sending a digital billboard truck to Rubio’s private speech in Boca Raton, then driving down to Trump’s rally in West Palm Beach to prove to Rubio just how easy it is to be on stage with the candidate he continues to support for president — even after learning that Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women.

“Marco Rubio is a spineless politician, who is still endorsing Donald Trump even after the recent sexual assault comments that were made public,” said Jessica Mackler, President of American Bridge. “But why then is Rubio willing to hand over the nuclear codes to Donald Trump, but not be seen in public with him?”

Last night, Trump showered Rubio with love for standing with him through […]

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