Throwback Thursday: Heller brings toxic Trump/Pence Immigration Agenda to Nevada

When Air Force 2 touches down in Nevada today, Nevadans will be reminded all over again that Dean Heller only pretends to support what matters to Nevadans — such as protecting Dreamers from the Trump Administration.

Heller’s campaign stop with Donald Trump’s right-hand man and a long-time, anti-immigrant leader, Vice President Mike Pence, tells Nevadans everything they need to know about Dean Heller. Pence supports deporting Dreamers, building a border war between the US and Mexico, and banning people from coming to the U.S. based on their religion.

Let’s rewind the tape of Mike Pence’s offensive statements about immigrants and Dreamers…

Clip: Mike Pence on Dreamers.

Clip: Mike Pence on “building a wall” and “criminal aliens:”

“Dean Heller may say he supports Dreamers and immigration reform, but just like he did with health care and any other important issue, […]

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After Pence Touts Gillespie’s Loyalty to Trump, Gillespie Claims He Doesn’t Know Trump

Someone should tell Ed Gillespie that he isn’t fooling anyone. In an interview with The New York Times, Gillespie claimed he didn’t know Donald Trump and therefore could not attest to his ethics, a line that no one in their right mind should believe, especially considering the events of this weekend. Just days ago Vice President Mike Pence campaigned for Gillespie, during which time Pence touted Gillespie’s loyalty to the Republican Party and to the Trump-Pence team.

At that event, Pence also said that “Trump is going to be working tirelessly with Ed Gillespie to pave the way for health care reform.” That same reform would undoubtedly rip away access to health care for thousands of Virginians and take away protections that ensure women don’t pay more than men for their health care.

Pence also claimed that Trump’s policies were “turning America around,” and that “ Read more after the jump.

Did Mike Pence Meet With Russia, Too? His Spokesman Keeps Dodging The Question

“The amnesia outbreak in the Trump administration concerning all things Russia has spread to Mike Pence. If Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner are any indication, the next symptom will be a phony denial from Pence, followed by news of exactly what his spokesperson tried three times not to admit: the Vice President is just as complicit in this scandal as every other member of the Trump administration.” — Harrell Kirstein, American Bridge spokesperson

Newsweek: Did Mike Pence Meet With Russia, Too? His Spokesman Keeps Dodging The Question

BY JULIA GLUM ON 7/13/17 AT 10:09 AM

Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort joined an ever-expanding club this week of people who met with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign but who claimed they did not when news broke that the trio met with a Russian lawyer last year in hopes of digging up dirt on Hillary Clinton. But […]

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Pence Visits Kentucky To Lie About Obamacare

Vice President Mike Pence is today heading to Kentucky to lie about Obamacare and disingenuously claim that Trumpcare — nothing more than a cruel vehicle to deliver big tax cuts for billionaires — won’t, as the Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly concluded, put healthcare access out of reach for hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians and millions of Americans.

American Bridge spokesman Brad Bainum statement on Pence’s Kentucky trip:

“This isn’t complicated: If Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin get their way, billionaire GOP donors will win, but over 22 million Americans will lose. Hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians stand to lose their coverage while insurance becomes unaffordable for people with preexisting conditions if Trumpcare becomes law, and the consequences for the country would be disastrous.” 

Obamacare and Kentucky’s opt-in to the Medicaid expansion have allowed millions of Kentuckians to gain healthcare access while significantly growing Kentucky’s economy:

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Pence Backs Plan To Strip 32 Million Americans Of Their Health Insurance

Vice President Mike Pence just said it’s cool with him — maybe ideal, even! — if 32 million Americans have to lose their access to healthcare, and people with preexisting conditions get thrown under the bus, so long as he and Donald get to deliver billions in tax cuts to their richest donors.

On Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, Pence this afternoon took a firm stance in support of Congress launching a full-on repeal of the Affordable Care Act without passing (or even formulating) any semblance of consensus replacement legislation.

It’s impossible to overstate the devastating implications of such a reckless repeal-sans-replacement. According to the Congressional Budget Office:

32 million Americans would lose their health insurance by 2026.
Health insurance premiums would “nearly double” by 2026.

Needless to say: Vice President Mike Pence has clearly been spending too much time wining and dining GOP megadonors, because […]

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Comey: Pence Was Aware Of Flynn’s Issues

Despite Vice President Mike Pence’s phony “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” act, former FBI Director Comey confirmed Pence was aware of the serious concerns raised by Acting Attorney General Sally Yates that then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn could be blackmailed by the Russians.

Watch: “My understanding is that he was” aware of the concerns about Flynn.

Q: “Vice President Pence was the head of the transition, to your knowledge was he aware of the concerns about michael flynn prior to or during general flynn’s tenure as national security advisor?”

Comey: “I don’t, you’re asking including up to the time when flynn was forced to resign, my understanding is that he was and I am trying to remember where I get that understanding from I think from Acting Attorney General Yates.”


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Vice President Pence, did HHS shake-down health insurance companies to push Trumpcare or not? 

Today, Mike Pence will hold a staged “listening session” on Trumpcare with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma, whom it has been reported recently tried to use Trump’s threat to end Affordable Care Act cost-sharing subsidies to shake down health insurance companies and pressure them into supporting Trumpcare.

“The Trump Administration has failed to make the case for Trumpcare to an incredulous public because there is no way to deny the truth that this bill would cost millions their health insurance and gut coverage for pre-existing conditions just so millionaires and billionaires could receive even larger tax breaks,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. “This farsical ‘listening session’ won’t change a thing about how much Trumpcare would endanger American families, but Vice President Pence should use this meeting to do the right thing and tell the American people, once and for all, did the administration try to […]

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Pence Can’t Escape The Russia Investigation

The walls are starting to close in around Donald Trump under the weight of his compromising ties to Russia, but don’t forget this scandal envelops Mike Pence too.

“It’s time to talk about Mike Pence,” said American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden. “Pence was right there cheering on Wikileaks as they published emails stolen by the Russians to help their campaign win. And it was none other than Pence who led the transition team that ignored warnings about Michael Flynn and made him National Security Adviser anyway.”

“Pence is just as complicit in this scandal as every other Republican in Washington, and despite his best efforts to fly under the radar, he should expect the country to hold him accountable.”

Here is a timeline that dissects Vice President Mike Pence’s involvement in the Russia scandal every step of the way:

July 15, 2016: Trump Named Pence As His Vice Presidential Running Mate

Trump Named Pence As […]

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WATCH: 4 Times Pence Wont Back Trump on Bizarre Wire Tapping Conspiracy

Donald Trump’s is losing credibility even with his own Vice President. Asked four separate times, Mike Pence refused to backup Donald Trump’s baseless accusation that Trump Tower was wire tapped during the election, instead repeating prepared talking points and dodging the question.

Watch here:
Pence: “I have certainly seen the press reporting about activities and president Donald Trump and I are confident that the congressional committees that are reviewing this will look at that in a bipartisan and a fair way. That and other issues but make no mistake, president Donald Trump are completely focused on the future.”  [WFTV-ORD (ABC), 3/8/17]

And here:
Pence: “Well, I’ve seen the press accounts of that, and I’m very confident along with the President and that the congressional committees reviewing all of these matters, regarding last year’s election will do that in a bipartisan and fair minded way. We look forward to looking at that issue, […]

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Here Are At Least Four Times Trump And His Team Lied About Contact With Russia

Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump heaped praise on Vladimir Putin, defended the dictator’s actions, and repeated talking points like criticizing NATO that could have been written in the Kremlin. He even called on Russian hackers to release Hillary Clinton’s emails saying they will be “rewarded mightily by our press.”

Yet Trump and his team repeatedly cast doubt on reports of Russia’s interference in the election and vehemently denied that they had any contact with Russia during the campaign. That lie came crashing down last night in a bombshell New York Times report.

Here are at least four times we now know President Trump, Vice President Pence, and their top aides misled the American people about the campaign’s contact with Russia:

January 11, 2017: President Trump
CECILIA VEGA: Did you or anyone in your campaign have contact with Russia leading up to or during the campaign? Nothing at all?

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