Donald Trump: Mitt Romney A “Fool” For Waiting Until September 21st To Release Tax Returns

A mere seven weeks before Election Day, Donald Trump is still refusing to release his tax returns. On this day back in 2012, Mitt Romney finally released his own returns after months of back-and-forth on the subject.

In February, however, Trump had some harsh words for Mitt Romney regarding the late release of his tax returns in 2012. In a debate, Trump slammed Romney for waiting so long to release his returns, calling him a “fool” and saying the move “cost him big league.”

A note to The Donald — It’s September 21st. You’re still hiding your tax returns. Who’s the fool now?

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WATCH: Trump’s Tax Evasion

This morning on Good Morning America, Donald Trump said the American public doesn’t have a right to see his tax returns. The saga over Trump’s tax returns continues as the presumptive Republican nominee continues to refuse to release his returns and breaks the precedent of every presidential candidate releasing their returns dating back to 1972. Trump assuredly regrets criticizing Mitt Romney for not releasing his returns more quickly and pledging multiple times to release his own returns. Because hey, his tax rate is “none of your business.” 

Trump, release your returns.


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CEO Who Pressured Employees To Back Romney Hosts Cruz Fundraiser, But Balks At An Endorsement

Ted Cruz is today attending a fundraiser hosted by Murray Energy Corporation CEO and former Mitt Romney endorser Robert Murray.

Murray took heat back in 2012 when he allegedly pressured his employees to support and contribute to Romney.

Cruz is probably hoping he’ll benefit from the same perk, but Murray is hilariously declining to actually endorse Cruz, despite hosting the fundraiser on his behalf .

This much is clear: The rumors of #EventuallyTrump’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.


2012: Coal-Magnate Bob Murray Fundraised For Romney, had A History Of Unsafe Business Practices, Political Coercion

Romney Hosted Fundraiser With Coal Magnate And Climate Change Denier Bob Murray, Whose Unsafe Business Practices Resulted In The 2007 Deaths Of Nine Miners. According to the Huffington Post, “Mitt Romney teamed up with controversial coal magnate Bob Murray for a fundraiser Thursday in the same Wheeling, WVa., hotel where Murray last fall hosted a similar event for Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s failed presidential bid. Murray, […]

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New Day, Same Result: Party Of Trump Wins Out Over Establishment Republicans

The results are coming in, and voters have sent another clear message to the Republican establishment – what used to be the GOP is now the Party of Trump. With resounding victories for Donald Trump and more underwhelming performances from Marco Rubio, it’s clear that it will take more than a robocall or two from failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney to save the party from itself.

It’s no wonder that party leaders are still tripping over themselves attempting to explain away the significance of Trump’s dominance – the consequences will be disastrous for the party and for down-ballot races. But with every Trump (and Cruz, for that matter) win, the math for the establishment looks more and more impossible.

Voters have spoken, and they’re telling the establishment one thing, loud and clear: the Republican Party is the Party of Trump, and that’s unlikely to change.

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GOP Kills The Rebrand

The 2012 GOP autopsy report called for an effort to move away from Mitt Romney’s “self deportation” rhetoric and make the Republican Party look and sound more inclusive and compassionate.

Three years later, here’s Politico’s headline this morning: “Trump kills GOP autopsy.”

The 2016 GOP field has dutifully swapped out “self-deportation” for “mass forced deportation,” though that can’t be what the committee had in mind. And Trump, Cruz, and the rest, have had similar successes with respect to expanding the party’s appeal — or at least among white supremacists.

It isn’t just Trump who’s killing the rebrand. It’s every other Republican running for president who’s consistently promoted his xenophobic policies and rhetoric; and it’s every Republican candidate and establishment figure who’s pledged to support Trump as their party’s nominee. This is no rebrand: the GOP is as extreme, exclusionary, and lacking in empathy as ever.

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Watch John McCain Say He Will Support GOP Nominee Again And Again

John McCain: I share the concerns about Donald Trump that my friend and former Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, described in his speech today. I would also echo the many concerns about Mr. Trump’s uninformed and indeed dangerousstatements on national security issues that have been raised by 65 Republican defense and foreign policy leaders.”

McCain: I’ve always said I support the nominee.
NPR: Even if it’s Donald Trump?
McCain: Hello? I said I support. The. Nominee.

Major Garrett: Would you be willing to at the appropriate time, endorse the Republican nominee whomever it is?
McCain: Sure.
Garrett: Donald Trump? Ted Cruz?
McCain: Yep. Yep.

Anchor: You just said you would support whoever the Republican nominee is.
McCain: Sure. I’m a loyal Republican.
Anchor: Including Donald Trump? You’d support him?
McCain: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

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Ha Ha Ha! Terrific!

Willard Mitt Romney is back on the campaign trail. But this isn’t your slightly-younger-self’s Mitt Romney: We’re now supposed to see him as a distinguished party elder — the GOP’s ostensible voice of reason and inclusion, who will save his party by slaying the xenophobic, racist behemoth that is Donald Trump.

Sounds nice, but who is this Romney guy, anyway? He must have a history of inclusive, compassionate rhetoric, and policy proposals. Let’s take a look:

“The answer is self deportation!” Who could forget when Mitt Romney, who we’re supposed to now buy is the GOP’s voice of big-tent inclusion, said if undocumented immigrants “don’t get work here, they’re going to self-deport.”

“I like being able to fire people who provide services to me!” He likes firing people… The perfect replacement for Schwarzenegger, if he flops on The Apprentice? Can’t make this up: “If someone doesn’t give me the good service I […]

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American Bridge Running Twitter Ads To Remind Folks Of New Mitt’s Old Record

Back To The Old Etch-A-Sketch…

Mitt Romney is set to deliver a speech tonight — apparently 2016 Mitt: Now Authentic!™ is a foreign policy expert who is set to enlighten us. But that’s rich (pun intended) coming from Mitt, considering his previous iterations of self were plagued by a slew of foreign policy gaffes. In fact, he once argued that it was “not necessary for a president to be an expert in international matters.”

And of course, he’ll continue to drone on with his message of job creation helped him win his presidential reelection in 2012 and create 11 million private sector jobs over the past four years. Oh wait, that was a different guy — Mitt was the one who had Massachusetts at 47th in the nation in job growth and warned of economic ruin if President Obama won another term.

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Mitt Romney And Doug Ducey: Ice (Cream) Cold Businessmen

Mitt Romney is continuing his consolation tour of the nation, touting the ideas that handed him a decisive loss two years ago and “boosting” candidates around the country. Today, he’s taking his talents to Mesa, where he’ll campaign with Doug Ducey, a man with whom he has all too much in common.

The two slick-looking businessmen have made a lot of money in their careers, but neither of them seem to have workers in their best interests. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney belied a campaign promise by vetoing a minimum wage increase, which was promptly overridden by unanimous votes in both chambers of the state legislation. That kind of audacity must impress a man like Doug Ducey.

Ducey has consistently spoken out against raising the minimum wage, and even went so far as to institute his famed singing-for-tips policy at Cold Stone Creamery, in part to avoid paying higher wages to his workers.

Ducey and Romney share other things as well, like a history of presiding over corporate layoffs. All in all, the duo promises to be a real treat for the guys at the top, but their agenda isn’t so sweet for working families.

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The Massachusetts Outsourcers Vs. The New Hampshire Voters

Scott Brown’s lackluster campaign is always in need of a lift. Maybe they’re hoping for a car elevator kind of lift. That’s right, Might Romney’s coming back to town!

Brown has truly bear-hugged Mitt Romney in this campaign, and it makes sense if you think about it. Sure, Romney lost New Hampshire decisively in 2012, but him and Scott Brown have striking similarities: Two proud Bay Staters who have yielded huge profits from their roles at outsourcing companies.

Scott Brown says he won’t create one job in New Hampshire. But if you want to create jobs overseas, you can’t beat the Brown/Romney tag team!​

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