American Bridge Statement on Neil Gorsuch’s Phony Charm Offensive

American Bridge spokesperson Kevin McAlister released the following statement as Judge Neil Gorsuch completed his two days of testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee:

“Judge Gorsuch’s charm offensive over the last two days shouldn’t fool anyone. He refused to let senators in on his judicial philosophy, nor did he address his long record of siding with the wealthy and corporations at the expense of working Americans — that should speak volumes. The Senate must not confirm Neil Gorsuch if senators believe in the civil liberties and guaranteed rights of consumers, women, those in the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, or workers.”

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Supreme Court Slams Gorsuch’s Ruling Against Disability Rights

The Supreme Court unanimously slapped down Neil Gorsuch’s attempt to limit the rights of students with disabilities to receive a free and meaningful public education — while Gorsuch was dodging questions in day two of his testimony at the Senate Judiciary Committee. American Bridge vice president Shripal Shah released the following statement:

“This unanimous Supreme Court ruling is more evidence that Neil Gorsuch is a heartless activist working to restrict the rights of Americans. We already knew that Gorsuch sides overwhelmingly against the rights of working people and everyday Americans, but now the Supreme Court is joining the opposition to Gorsuch’s efforts to limit the rights of students with disabilities.

“A far-right, pro-corporate judge like Neil Gorsuch does not deserve a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.”

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NEW VIDEO: What Did We Learn From Gorsuch Today? (Not Much)

Judge Neil Gorsuch spent most of his first day testifying before the Judiciary Committee hearing by dodging important questions about his judicial philosophy and his stance on Supreme Court precedents. He tied himself in knots trying to hide his far right, pro-corporate record and prevented senators from holding a thorough hearing on his nomination.

The repeated dodges from Gorsuch today leaves us with only his record in private practice and his time as a federal judge to examine. During that time, he overwhelmingly sided with corporations and the wealthy at the expense of working Americans, he prevented women from accessing birth control, and he proved to be a Republican loyalist, leaving the country rightfully questioning if he can serve independently on the Supreme Court.

Gorsuch’s Supreme Court hearings aren’t off to a good start, and senators – and the American public – are rightfully calling his judgment into question.

WATCH American […]

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American Bridge Calls For Pausing SCOTUS Hearing in Light of Ongoing FBI Investigation

American Bridge Chairman David Brock released the following statement:

“Director Comey’s testimony yesterday made clear that President Trump has misled the country with a false allegation that President Obama ordered a wiretap on him. Director Comey also revealed that there is an on-going FBI investigation on Russian interference in the 2016 election — an investigation that may well implicate the President and his top aides and associates in a criminal conspiracy. As such, American Bridge is calling on the U.S. Senate to hit the pause button on the Supreme Court nomination hearings until such time as the investigation is complete, its results are known to the public, and any perpetrators are brought to justice. We cannot place a Justice on the Supreme Court with so much hanging in the balance, in a cloud of presidential scandal regarding a potentially shocking undermining of our democratic system of government and treason by members […]

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Bridge Project Video: Why Gorsuch Is Wrong For the Supreme Court

Bridge Project is today releasing a new video highlighting Neil Gorsuch’s right-wing record and strict adherence to an anti-worker, pro-corporate agenda.

There’s a reason hard-line conservatives and right-wing groups cheered Gorsuch’s nomination: on issues from the environment to women’s healthcare access and workers’ rights, Gorsuch has always stood outside the mainstream, aligning himself with corporate interests and the far-right fringe.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement:

“Neil Gorsuch is a right-wing ideologue who was hand-picked for the Supreme Court by far-right groups and the corporations and big donors that bankroll them. They want Gorsuch on the Court because he’s consistently elevated corporate concerns over the best interests of everyday Americans — and that’s precisely why Neil Gorsuch cannot be confirmed.”

Watch “Why Gorsuch Is Wrong For the Supreme Court” here:

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Gorsuch Needs To Reveal More For Thorough Judiciary Hearing

Neil Gorsuch is going to face tough questioning at his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing next week because there’s still a lot we don’t know about him.

Gorsuch still hasn’t produced a complete record of his career so we don’t know his judicial philosophy. Gorsuch hasn’t answered questions about recusing himself in cases about the far-right billionaire who hand picked him, leaving him stuck in the ethical quagmire of the Trump administration. And Gorsuch’s far right, pro-corporate record might be good for powerful Americans, but leaves working Americans left behind.

Donald Trump told us his criteria for his Supreme Court nominee: Someone who would rubber stamp his far right agenda, revoke a woman’s right to choose, and side with corporations over people. Neil Gorsuch certainly fits the mold.

With only three days before Gorsuch’s hearing, senators and the American public need more from Gorsuch to make a thorough review […]

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American Bridge on Trump’s Nomination of Neil Gorsuch

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Donald Trump nominating far-right conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court:

“Donald Trump already told us what kind of justice he would appoint: Someone who would overturn Roe v. Wade, repeal marriage equality, and be ‘very conservative.’ It’s clear Steve Bannon is pulling the levers and has convinced Donald Trump to nominate Neil Gorsuch in order to fulfill their fantasies of an ideological right-wing court.

“Gorsuch is so extreme that he makes the late Justice Scalia’s record look moderate. He has ruled with corporations and against workers wrongfully injured or killed on the job, in favor of Hobby Lobby denying women access to contraception coverage, against marriage equality, and against commonsense environmental regulations. Gorsuch would weaken Congress’ ability to give federal agencies the flexibility to implement and enforce laws – thereby making it harder for the federal government to protect all Americans.

“Gorsuch would be […]

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