American Bridge Statement on Speaker Paul Ryan’s Retirement

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after news broke that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Atlas Shrugged) would retire from Congress as Republicans face a mounting blue wave:

“Even though he once told the American public the truth about how unfit Donald Trump was to be commander-in-chief, Paul Ryan defined his speakership by putting party above country and abandoning Congress’s constitutional responsibility to our system of checks and balances.

“So it’s fitting that months after leaving us with crushing increases in debt and healthcare costs all to give a tax windfall to the rich – his lifelong obsession – Ryan is cutting and running as Trump’s scandal-diseased agenda has left Republicans facing furious constituents and a blue wave all over the country.

“What’s more, Ryan’s cowardly failure to defend the special counsel appointed by Trump’s own deputy attorney general will be remembered as one of the most repugnant disgraces in American political history.”

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CLIPS: Chaos and Blame Game Between Trump, Senate Republicans Ramps Up as Shutdown Looms

In 36 hours the federal government will shut down without a bill that continues to fund it, and instead of finding a solution, Senate Republicans and President Trump are busy blaming each other for the mess they’ve created. Instead of working across the aisle to solve this impending disaster — which will close vital government offices, halt paychecks for federal workers, and slow down our economy — Republicans are playing political games and driving toward a cliff.

“Senate Republicans and President Trump can’t stop pointing fingers at each other for a shutdown crisis that’s entirely of their own making, from their refusal to protect Dreamers to their insistence on an ineffective border wall that the President promised Americans they would never have to pay for,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “The reality is that if the government shuts down, it is entirely because of Trump and Republicans’ total inability to govern. They’re in […]

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American Bridge Response to Speaker Ryan’s Empty Rhetoric

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement responding to Speaker Ryan’s remarks on the healthcare debate and the Senate’s “skinny” repeal bill: 

“No one should think Speaker Ryan is acting in good faith. He can’t be trusted and his slippery statement reveals his true intentions. He’s leaving himself an out and in the end, no one should be surprised when the House sends the President a reckless bill that results in millions losing coverage.”

“This healthcare ‘debate’ is going to go down in history as the worst display of partisan politics our country has ever seen. Senate Republicans should do the right thing for once and vote against this measure. Nothing else is acceptable, too much is at risk.”

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AARP, American Cancer Society, Planned Parenthood, And American Heart Association VERSUS Donald Trump And Paul Ryan

Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to jam Trumpcare through the House of Representatives today, which they have made severely more painful for American families since their first attempt to pass the bill failed in March. Back then, it was already a looming disaster for the country that would cost 26 million Americans their health insurance and force skyrocketing costs onto working people, senior citizens, and rural communities.

Trumpcare has been overwhelmingly rejected by the American people, as poll after poll confirms, and now, after recent changes made to buy votes from the most conservative members of Congress, it fundamentally cripples healthcare coverage for Americans with preexisting conditions, which Trump promised he would never do. It also even compromises healthcare coverage and defunds Planned Parenthood.

Trump and the Republican leadership in the House are set to rush this vote before the Congressional Budget Office can update their nonpartisan analysis of […]

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Somehow Trumpcare just got worse for sick Americans.

After a White House meeting last night described as “in total chaos mode,” Speaker Ryan just touted a new amendment to Trumpcare that would allow the Trump Administration to decide which Americans qualify as sick enough not to be over-charged for health coverage:

“Americans can’t trust Donald Trump and Tom Price to decide whether or not they deserve health care when they get sick. But the Trumpcare amendment that Speaker Ryan just called “progress” would do just that.  This development is a new low proving – yet again – that Donald Trump and Speaker Ryan remain hell-bent on selling-out working and middle class Americans’ access to health care so they can give tax breaks to the rich,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

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Trump and Ryan are still after your healthcare

Reports this morning  indicate that after Trumpcare’s failure in the House and Speaker Ryan’s concession that the Affordable Care Act is “the law of the land,” the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans are meeting behind closed doors to put forward a far worse version of the bill that would not only still kick tens of millions of Americans off of their health care coverage and make health care more expensive, but would go as far as to gut protections for pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits – including hospital visits, pregnancy, and prescription drugs.

This comes after AP polling confirmed that Trumpcare was a nonstarter with the majority of the American people and Trump’s allies are needing to run ads to repair his image as a result –  less than 100 days into his presidency.

“Apparently the old plan wasn’t reckless enough for the GOP, so now […]

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About Those ACA Marketplace Delusions…

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement on Donald Trump’s continued criticism of the Affordable Care Act:

“Republicans’ malicious campaign against the Affordable Care Act keeps being interrupted by the facts. First, the same CBO report that exposed the high-stakes threat to 24 Americans’ health insurance posed by Trumpcare also showed that the ACA marketplaces were and would be stable.  Now, new revelations completely undercut Donald Trump’s claim that Aetna leaving those marketplaces proved they were failing. It’s beyond time for Republicans to wake up and stop churning out phony reasons to take health care away from people.”

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Speaker Ryan, What Secret Healthcare Plan Are You Not Sharing With the Public?

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after Speaker Ryan’s press conference today:

“Trumpcare’s humiliating defeat last week was a major win for the millions of Americans who now will not lose their health coverage or face skyrocketing healthcare costs.  Afterward Speaker Ryan even affirmed that the ACA was “the law of the land.”  Yesterday we found out that Ryan plans to share a new version of Trumpcare with Republican donors in secret, but at his press conference today he failed to tell the American public what this plan would mean for them.  That is indefensible.  What are you hiding, Speaker Ryan?”

To view Speaker Ryan’s remarks about the Republican approach to health care at his press conference today, please click HERE.

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Speaker Ryan’s Sauce Is Weak

“Speaker Ryan isn’t a policy wonk, he’s a hack. If he and his party were even remotely serious about healthcare policy, they’d come to the table in good faith and work with Democrats on bipartisan solutions. But he’s not. He’s still hell bent on kicking millions off of their health insurance and gutting Medicaid just to cut taxes for the wealthy, only this time his campaign contributors will get the first look. That may score him some campaign cash, but it’s still a recipe for disaster for the country,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

Washington Post: Paul Ryan: House Republicans Will Continue Their Push For Healthcare Reform This Year

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Everyone Agrees the AHCA Is A Disaster. Everyone But Trump and Ryan.

“There’s overwhelming opposition to Trumpcare because everyone knows it’s reckless policy that would boot 26 million Americans from their insurance just to cut taxes for a few millionaires. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan ought to open their eyes,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.

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