Everyone Agrees the AHCA Is A Disaster. Everyone But Trump and Ryan.

“There’s overwhelming opposition to Trumpcare because everyone knows it’s reckless policy that would boot 26 million Americans from their insurance just to cut taxes for a few millionaires. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan ought to open their eyes,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.


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Amid National Trumpcare Backlash, No Accountability from Republicans About Their Own Health Care and Tax Benefits

As the House Rules Committee decides on amendments for Trumpcare this week, it is essential that Republicans come clean about why they are giving themselves a pass on having coverage under their own bill at the same time they are giving themselves substantial new tax benefits.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare,” requires that members of the Senate, the House, and congressional staff all exclusively get their health insurance coverage through the marketplaces created by the law.  The requirement became part of the ACA through an amendment written by Sen. Chuck Grassley and former Sen. Tom Coburn that the Democratic congressional leadership endorsed.

This provision was a major accountability measure that put members of Congress and their staffs on par with the American people when it comes to health care, and it was a testament to supporters’ faith in the quality of the exchanges were being made […]

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Republicans Just Admitted That Trumpcare Would Hurt Seniors

Last week, just after a Fox News poll found that only 34% of American voters support Trumpcare, Donald Trump himself told Tucker Carlson that he knew this bill would be harmful to his own supporters.

Today, after more reports that Trumpcare would be devastating to working class and middle class Americans all over the country – especially elderly and rural Americans – House Republicans attempted to paper-over this inconvenient and very serious news with slight changes to the bill that will not prevent those outcomes.

“With these insignificant changes, congressional Republicans just admitted that they know what the CBO has already told the public: Trumpcare would be a severe blow to America’s seniors. Desperate Republicans may think a “spin room” is the answer to their problems, but in reality, there’s no spinning terrible policy. The truth about Trumpcare is already out,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.  

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Paul Ryan admits – and dismisses – that Trumpcare would devastate seniors

“Speaker Ryan just admitted – and immediately dismissed – the fact that under Trumpcare, health care costs would skyrocket for America’s seniors.  This is the most recent confirmation that the Republican’ effort is not about helping Americans afford health coverage at all. Instead, Trumpcare would give the wealthiest Americans hundreds of billions of dollars in new tax breaks, and it would pay for these by depriving 24 million Americans of their health insurance and hiking costs on some of our most vulnerable citizens,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

CNN Interview Excerpt – The Lead with Jake Tapper – VIDEO

SPEAKER RYAN: And more importantly, we’re not making people buy Obamacare plans.  So, we’re going to let people buy what they want to buy. So, that’s the whole point. You’re saying, “Oh, this tax credit only goes so far if you force people to buy an Obamacare plan –

TAPPER: I didn’t say it.  […]

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Front Pages in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin Highlight the Devastating Effects Trumpcare Would Have

This morning, American Bridge released new polling pinpointing that the repeal of Obamacare is one of the most unpopular aspects of Donald Trump’s agenda with voters who approved of President Obama’s record but who also supported Trump in November (“Obama/Trump” voters).

At the same time, front pages across Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin today highlighted the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s finding that repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with Trumpcare would take health care coverage away from 24 million Americans.

This is despite Trump’s promise that he would provide “insurance for everybody.”

Here’s a look at what Americans in key states woke up to this morning: 




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CBO Score Confirmed: No Woman Is Safe Under TrumpCare

Following the release of CBO’s report, American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“No woman is safe under Trumpcare. The Republican plan to rip away health care options would leave millions of women without a place to turn for care.”

According to the CBO Report, de-funding Planned Parenthood would cause 15 percent of underserved and low-income women to lose access to care.

See excerpts from American Bridge’s report on women’s health care:

Planned Parenthood offers more contraceptive options: Only half of community health centers that receive Title X funding provide IUDs or implants on-site. Planned Parenthood offers more contraceptive options for women, making it easier for women to find long-acting contraceptives.

Planned Parenthood serves more contraceptive patients: Planned Parenthood clinics serve over twice the amount of contraceptive clients than federally-qualified health clinics.

Planned Parenthood clinics have shorter wait times: When compared […]

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Is Trumpcare in a death spiral?

“Not only would Trumpcare give billions of dollars in new tax breaks to the top 1%, but now we know it would raise costs for the average person covered by Obamacare by more than $1,500 annually. This is a scam; just like the rest of Donald Trump’s economic agenda, it takes from working families in order to make giveaways to the wealthy.  Thankfully, it’s not really going all that well,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

Associated Press, 3/7/2017: “House GOP health bill adds up to big tax cut for the rich…The bill would cut more than 20 taxes enacted under President Barack Obama’s heath law, saving taxpayers nearly $600 billion over the next decade. The bulk of the money would go to the wealthiest Americans.”

Bloomberg, 3/7/2017: “Health Insurers Would Get Fatter Tax Break on CEO Pay Under GOP Health Plan”

Wall Street Journal, 3/7/2017: “Top […]

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GOP Civil War Moves To The West Wing

With the selection of Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff and Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor, Donald Trump has invited the burgeoning GOP civil war into the West Wing.

With consummate DC-insider Reince Priebus at the helm, Trump is unlikely to achieve any legislative victories as long as Stephen Bannon–a man that has mercilessly targeted Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Ben Sasse and “wants to destroy the state“–is involved. Trump’s call for “GOP unity” has already been portrayed as a circular firing squad between Bannon, Priebus, and congressional leadership.

Yesterday, Bannon’s Breitbart printed an article amplifying radio host Michael Savage’s attacks on Priebus as “the enemy within.” With Breitbart as his mouthpiece, Bannon is waging war on Priebus before the White House drapes are even measured.

This should come as no surprise given Breitbart’s longstanding and aggressive […]

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Pence Punts On Endorsing Trump-Backer Paul Ryan’s Speaker Bid

Speaker Paul Ryan has been a steadfast Donald Trump supporter, sticking with the Trump-Pence ticket throughout Trump’s calls for mass-deportation, mocking of veterans and people with disabilities, endorsements of torture and racial profiling, and even Trump’s bragging about sexual assault.

It seemed as though Paul Ryan couldn’t lose any more dignity — until now.

Asked several times whether he believed Ryan should be re-elected as Speaker of the House, Mike Pence punted — refusing to give Ryan, who’s squandered all of his credibility on backing Trump and Pence, so much as a vote of confidence.

There are plenty of Republicans who have disgraced themselves in standing by and defending Trump — Mitch McConnell certainly comes to mind — but has anyone done more self-inflicted damage as Paul Ryan?

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Voters Already Rejected Republican Policies In Trump’s Speech

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Donald Trump’s GOP policy speech in Gettysburg, PA:

“Donald Trump must not have been paying attention to what he’s proposed over the last year because his Gettysburg speech only rehashes the old, tired Republican policies that voters are already rejecting. It can’t be more clear that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are one in the same — before, during, and after this election. Trump is simply putting a new bow on old Republican ideas from the very DC insiders he campaigns against — Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Washington Republicans — that will hurt our middle class and working families.

“The only new policy Trump announced today is that he’s going to sue the women he sexually assaulted, something Ryan, McConnell, and Washington Republicans support as long as they blindly support him to be president.”

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