Ralph Abraham Misses Vote to Give Back Pay to Constituents Not Getting Paid During Shutdown

No-show Congressman Ralph Abraham missed a vote today on giving back pay to federal workers furloughed due to the government shutdown. Abraham, who has insisted he is not campaigning during the shutdown, missed the vote to attend yet another fundraiser for his campaign for Governor.

“Congressman Abraham clearly doesn’t give a damn about the thousands of Louisianans who aren’t getting paid because of this pointless shutdown,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Congressman Abraham just sent a message to every Louisiana resident not getting paid that he cares more about campaigning for higher office than helping them pay their bills and feed their families.”

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AUDIO: Listen to Ralph Abraham Lie About Campaigning During Shutdown

Abraham, who continues to attend fundraisers during the government shutdown, tells a radio host he is too busy doing his job as a Congressman to campaign during the shutdown

Well, here’s a lie that would make even Pinocchio blush. Congressman Ralph Abraham was recently asked on talk radio if the government shutdown allowed him more time to campaign for Louisiana Governor. Abraham responded, “No not at all. I understand my job as a Congressman is to represent the people of the 5th district of Louisiana.”

That would be a good answer for the Congressman, if it wasn’t a bald-faced lie. The truth is, Congressman Abraham has been campaigning nonstop since the shutdown began. He held a high-dollar fundraiser last week, and has another one scheduled for this week.

“Congressman Abraham is clearly following the Bobby Jindal playbook of focusing on his political career […]

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American Bridge Calls on Ralph Abraham to Donate Fundraiser Proceeds to Louisianans Hurt by Shutdown

As the federal government shutdown approaches the end of week 2, Louisiana families are beginning to feel the economic consequences.

For example, due to the shutdown:

 6,000 Louisianans working for federal agencies are currently going without pay.


 40,000 Louisiana residents could lose their flood insurance.

But while Louisiana families face the harmful consequences of not knowing when they’ll get their next paycheck or if their flood insurance will be renewed, as usual, Congressman Ralph Abraham is only focused on one person: himself.

During the first week of the shutdown, Congressman Abraham held a high-dollar fundraiser for his floundering campaign for Louisiana Governor. That’s right. While Louisiana families faced the uncertainty over the holidays of not knowing when their next paycheck would come, Congressman Abraham was hobnobbing with wealthy campaign donors and collecting campaign contributions for himself.

“Congressman Abraham should be concerned with getting his constituents their paychecks, not collecting […]

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Congressman Ralph Abraham: Ever Heard of Him?

Washington Republicans’ 4th Choice to Run for Louisiana Governor voted to take away health care for Louisianans with pre-existing conditions

Steve Scalise “rejects run for Governor”

John Kennedy “won’t run for Governor of Louisiana”

 Jeff Landry “won’t run for Governor”

John Kennedy says Abraham can’t win


Steve Scalise John Kennedy Jeff Landry Congressman Ralph Abraham announced his campaign for Louisiana Governor today. We know what you’re thinking, “Ralph who?”

Well, to start, Abraham’s fellow Republican, Senator John Kennedy, spent the last few weeks telling every reporter who would listen that Abraham can’t beat Governor John Bel Edwards. And for once, Senator Soundbite is making sense: Congressman Abraham can’t win. Here’s are some of the many reasons why.

Last year, Congressman Abraham voted to take away health care for Louisianans with pre-existing conditions. Had […]

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