The Hateful 8: Washington Insider Richard Burr’s Worst Headlines

Senator Richard Burr has fumbled his way through the election, repeatedly making headlines for his Trumpian actions and Washington insider record. Here are the worst ones we’ve seen so far — most within just the last few weeks:

1. CNN releases audio of Burr joking about shooting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton:

2. McClatchy DC and The Raleigh News & Observer article details Burr’s tight-knit connections with Big Energy. Of the hundreds and thousands the GOP senator has raked in over the years, Burr’s received at least $88,000 from the coal industry in just the last year — “North Carolina has no active coal mines.”

3. Like GOP presidential nominee, like GOP senatorial nominee. Last week, Senator Burr made a very Trumpian move when he banned the News & Observer from covering his campaign.

4. McClatchy DC reports on Burr’s 2005 efforts to make it easier […]

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Just Like Trump: Burr Bans Newspaper, Jokes About Shooting Hillary

Senator Richard Burr was right when he said, “there’s no separation between me and Donald Trump.”  In less than 12 hours, Burr managed to ban a newspaper from covering his campaign and get caught making a joke about gun owners targetting Hillary Clinton. Pretty sure we’ve heard both of those before (here and here) from Trump himself.

Trump’s still getting in trouble for those and many more of his outrageous and offensive comments and actions. Now, one week before Election Day, Senator Burr’s already troubled campaign is in a death spiral. Burr better brush up his resume because his life as a Washington insider is finally coming to a close.

See the headlines that promise to follow Burr through November 8:

News & Observer: Richard Burr apologizes for joking about ‘bullseye’ on Hillary Clinton

WRAL: Reports: Sen. Richard Burr jokes about gun owners putting bullseye […]

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Senator Richard Burr Must Answer For Trump’s Threats to Democracy

After spending the better part of the week lying about widespread voter fraud, encouraging violence to suppress voter turnout, fearmongering through conspiracy theories and indicating to his supporters that it’s okay to incite violence at polling sites if necessary, Donald Trump continued to threaten the legitimacy of our elections and the stability of our democracy last night when he disgracefully refused to commit to accepting the outcome of the election.

Senator Richard Burr has no choice but to respond to and condemn Trump’s threats. 

Trump’s threats to incite chaos are beyond the pale, and they aren’t new. Trump has been claiming the election is rigged for months, and Senator Burr has stuck with him. That a major party nominee is willing to threaten the stability of our democracy because he’s a sore loser is shocking and unprecedented. They can’t be ignored, and Senator Burr will be complicit in Trump’s threats […]

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Senator Burr, Brought To You By Special Interests

After more than 20 years in Washington, Senator Richard Burr is bought and paid for by corporate special interests. Big energy and oil, for-profit colleges, the Koch brothers — they all have purchased stock in the Washington insider to ensure they get what they want, no matter how it might hurt North Carolina.

Instead of serving the Tar Heel state, Burr has spent his decades in Washington beefing up his own bank account:

Burr and his wife enjoyed adding stamps to their passports on extravagant trips to Europe funded by the corporations he voted to help. In fact, his family has enjoyed making money off of his political career — Burr paid nearly $200,000 to his family and in-laws through campaign funds.
“The coal, oil and natural gas industries, along with executives and lobbyists for electric utilities and nuclear power companies that Burr also has supported, have rewarded him with nearly $1.7 million in campaign […]

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Shorter Burr: Trump Bragged About Assaulting Women ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Senator Richard Burr has made it abundantly clear that nothing will stop him from supporting Donald Trump in November. Now, he’s had the audacity to suggest that because Trump was an entertainer, the grotesque comments he made in 2005 and the numerous reports of his sexual misconduct beyond that are no big deal:

“You hear and read comments like this from professional athletes frequently, and they’re entertainers,” Burr said. “Donald Trump was an entertainer and is in many ways. I don’t think this is something that we dwell on after somebody has asked for forgiveness.”

By excusing the GOP nominee’s behavior because he “was an entertainer,” Burr is perpetuating exactly what Trump said in the tape: “you can do anything” if you’re famous.

Senator Burr would like us all to forgive and forget about Trump’s track record of ignoring the rules of consent and doing as he pleases with women. Too bad for Burr, North Carolina women will […]

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Apparently Sen. Richard Burr Considers “It’s Just Words” An Apology

Senator Richard Burr appears ready to accept the “completely unacceptable” comments from the 2005 tape of Donald Trump and vote for the Assaulter in Chief. Today, Burr reaffirmed his support for Trump’s candidacy, saying that Trump had “apologized multiple times” for the video.

Over the weekend, Burr said, “I am going to watch his level of contrition over the next few days to determine my level of support.”  America saw Trump’s “level of contrition” last night and it doesn’t measure up.

Not only did Trump say it was “just words” when asked about the tape, he wouldn’t even answer whether he understood that he was describing sexual assault. There’s nothing contrite about Trump’s attitude towards women. Trump has spent a lifetime doing what he pleases and ignoring the consent or feelings of women. That should disqualify him for the presidency.

All of Trump’s previous offenses haven’t been enough […]

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GOP Threatens Government Shutdown Rather Than Provide Clean Water & Flood Relief

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement in response to this afternoon’s Senate votes:

“Republicans are threatening to shutdown the government rather than provide clean water to familiies in Flint, Michigan, or offer flood relief to Louisianans who lost their homes and belongings only weeks ago. The GOP continues to prove they can’t get the job done when they’re in charge, adding to the burden on American families in order to play politics with women’s health care. Americans are sick of the Trumpian bullying. There’s no chance of redemption for the vulnerable GOP senators as they attempt to fight for re-election after threating to close the government (again) and voting to hurt working families.”

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American Bridge Launches New Site:

Today, American Bridge 21st Century is launching a new website called The site focuses on the fall back lines of the vulnerable GOP senate candidates who continue to stand behind Donald Trump despite his dangerous policies, racist and bigoted attacks on Americans, and unpredictable temperament unfit for a Commander-in-Chief.

The site includes excuses by Senators Kelly Ayotte, Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Richard Burr, John McCain, Ron Johnson, as well as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Congressman Joe Heck and Scott Brown. is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“The entire GOP field continues to squirm every time they’re asked about their nominee Donald Trump, but at the end of the day, they want Trump to lead our country. Rubio, Ayotte, Portman, Burr, McCain, Johnson, McConnell, and Brown have all been given ample opportunity to reject Trump — he’s attacked a […]

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New Digital Ads Highlights Senate GOP’s Unwavering Support For Trump

American Bridge is releasing a new digital ad campaign highlighting vulnerable GOP senate candidates’ unwavering support for Donald Trump, even after he lashed out at a Gold Star Family, the Khans.

From American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“Republican senators and senate candidates can’t have it both ways: supporting Donald Trump for the presidency means backing his offensive and un-American attacks on the Khan family.  Senators Toomey, Burr, Blunt, Rubio, Johnson, Portman, and Congressman Joe Heck have deserted common decency in favor of the Party of Trump. Their cowardice knows no bounds and they are divorced from reality if they believe that the American voters won’t see through the facade in November.”

Watch the ads:

Marco Rubio


Ron Johnson


Pat Toomey


Rob Portman


Roy Blunt


Richard Burr


Joe Heck



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Trump’s Crusade Against Gold Star Family Draws Widespread Condemnation–But Not From Elected Republicans

As Donald Trump continues to attack the family of slain United States Army Captain Humayun Khan, outrage from non-partisan veterans’ organizations and military support groups continues to mount. Organizations representing veterans and veterans’ families are calling on Trump to apologize for his outrageous crusade against the Khans.

Remarkably, the number of Republicans who will no longer support him following his attack on military families stands at a grand total of zero. This has apparently changed nothing in the minds of Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Roy Blunt, Kelly Ayotte, Rob Portman, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, or Paul Ryan who still support Trump after he chose to disparage Gold Star families rather than demonstrate a reverence for their sacrifice.

Politico: VFW rips Trump’s ‘out-of-bounds’ attack on Khan family

Washington Post: ‘We’ve never been challenged this way’: Military support groups demand respect for Khan family

CNN: VFW slams Trump, Gold Star families demand apology

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