REPORT: American Bridge Releases Research Report on Judge Roy Moore

Following the victory of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama’s Republican primary, American Bridge released a research report detailing Moore’s record. While Judge Moore’s anti-establishment rhetoric appealed to far-right Republican primary voters fed up with Mitch McConnell and Republican elites in Washington, his record in Alabama makes him unfit for public office.

Highlights from American Bridge’s report, titled “Roy Moore Is Unfit For Office”:

Moore has repeatedly tried to restrict Americans’ First Amendment rights, even comparing some religious texts to Mein Kampf.
Moore has a long history of obsession with “immorality,” “corruption,” and “sexual perversions.”
Moore has a history of making racist statements, calling people “red and yellow” and allying himself with white supremacists.

To read American Bridge’s full research report detailing Judge Moore’s record of violating the First Amendment, defying court orders, and un-American bigotry, click here.

Moore has a record of instability and self-destruction, having been removed from […]

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