American Bridge Launches New Site:

Today, American Bridge 21st Century is launching a new website called The site focuses on the fall back lines of the vulnerable GOP senate candidates who continue to stand behind Donald Trump despite his dangerous policies, racist and bigoted attacks on Americans, and unpredictable temperament unfit for a Commander-in-Chief.

The site includes excuses by Senators Kelly Ayotte, Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Richard Burr, John McCain, Ron Johnson, as well as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Congressman Joe Heck and Scott Brown. is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“The entire GOP field continues to squirm every time they’re asked about their nominee Donald Trump, but at the end of the day, they want Trump to lead our country. Rubio, Ayotte, Portman, Burr, McCain, Johnson, McConnell, and Brown have all been given ample opportunity to reject Trump — he’s attacked a […]

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Sununu Brought Into Team Trump Fold With Scott Brown Endorsement

New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu just scored an endorsement from Donald Trump supporter Scott Brown, a man Sununu once bizarrely complimented (?) as “a phony from New Hampshire.”

Having Trump on top of the GOP ticket would without question create down-ballot problems for Sununu. But think of it: what if Sununu’s up top with him? Sununu has said he’d support Trump as the GOP nominee, so he’d presumably be open to the idea.

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Scott Brown Found His Candidate To Combat Ebola-Wielding Immigrants

One of Scott Brown’s signature issues in his (second) failed senate bid was fear-mongering over the Ebola-wielding undocumented immigrants pouring over the Mexican border.

So it only makes sense that Brown would endorse the candidate most willing to do what it takes: Build The Wall. 

Donald Trump has rallied far-right Republicans across the country with his promise to build a wall along the southern border, and make Mexico pay for it. Now, it seems Brown is lending his border expertise to Trump in the home stretch before New Hampshire votes next Tuesday.

Gotta hand it to Scott Brown — after losing his last two Senate races, he had his pick of all the presidential candidates since he hosted them at backyard BBQs throughout the campaign. Endorsing Trump and his commanding lead — after earning seven delegates to Ted Cruz’s eight in Iowa — means endorsing a fellow far-right extremist touting similarly out-of-touch policies.

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Dear Koch Brothers: We Aren’t Going Anywhere

To: Friends and Allies
From: David Brock
Date: Friday, November 7, 2014
Re: Dear Koch Brothers: We Aren’t Going Anywhere

For six months, American Bridge has been working to show just what kind of world the Kochs are trying to create through in-depth research reports on their business practices, statements, and views.

We’re exposing just how self-serving and out of touch their worldview is with that of average Americans, and we know we’re making headway because of how the Kochs reacted to the scrutiny: the president of Americans for Prosperity, the Kochs’ political arm, accused us of engaging in “the politics of personal destruction” and not focusing on policy, which is clearly not the case – all of our attacks against the Kochs are based on their views on policy or their business practices. The Kochs’ PR folks are accusing reporters of getting research from us and telling them not to trust it because they say we’re running a smear campaign – but they fail to mention that what we’re saying is true. Koch Industries recently began running – for the first time ever – a positive PR campaign to build up their public image that we’re so successfully breaking down. And the Kochs created yet another dark money group – Freedom Partners Action Fund – to back Koch-approved candidates.

The work we did this cycle put their candidates on the defensive and caused them to spend precious time and resources denying their Koch connections. Terri Lynn Land in Michigan had to defend the Kochs’ terrible environmental record in her state. Scott Brown in New Hampshire was forced to address the fact that the out of state billionaires were funding his campaign. And Thom Tillis in North Carolina had to fight back against charges that he did whatever the Kochs told him to do so they’d help him win a Senate seat.

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The Greedy Outsourcing Party

It’s no secret that Mitt Romney’s checkered business career was part of what doomed his election hopes in 2012. When people looked at Mitt Romney, they saw a vulture capitalist who was willing to close down American plants, lay off workers, and ship jobs overseas, so long as it helped their bottom dollar.

Having run for president, Romney’s business practices are likely the most infamous among Republican politicians, but he’s hardly alone. This year, key GOP candidates in close senate and gubernatorial races espouse the same self-interested philosophy — reaping profits while hurting American workers.

In Georgia, David Perdue’s campaign was rocked as POLITICO reported that Perdue had stated plainly in a 2005 deposition that he had “spent most of his career” outsourcing. This statement itself would have been severely damaging to Perdue’s candidacy, but what was even more detrimental, perhaps because it was so revealing, was Perdue’s dumbfounded response to the story. Asked how he would defend his outsourcing career, Perdue looked surprised — “Well defend it? I’m proud of it!”

In Illinois, billionaire gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, who took a page out of Romney’s playbook and funneled millions in profits to Cayman Island tax shelters to avoid paying American taxes, has demonstrated similar priorities. Rauner’s vast portfolio while at GTCR, the private equity firm he co-founded, included directing H-Cube, a “premier global business outsourcing firm.” And just this month, we learned that a lawsuit has been launched by the former CEO of LeapSource, another outsourcing company where Rauner sat on the board, alleging personal threats from Rauner over her lack of success as their CEO.

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The Massachusetts Outsourcers Vs. The New Hampshire Voters

Scott Brown’s lackluster campaign is always in need of a lift. Maybe they’re hoping for a car elevator kind of lift. That’s right, Might Romney’s coming back to town!

Brown has truly bear-hugged Mitt Romney in this campaign, and it makes sense if you think about it. Sure, Romney lost New Hampshire decisively in 2012, but him and Scott Brown have striking similarities: Two proud Bay Staters who have yielded huge profits from their roles at outsourcing companies.

Scott Brown says he won’t create one job in New Hampshire. But if you want to create jobs overseas, you can’t beat the Brown/Romney tag team!​

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NEW VIDEO: Fact Check: Scott Brown On Women’s Health

Scott Brown just released a new ad expressing his outrage with Senator Shaheen for highlighting his terrible record on women’s health.

Unfortunately for Scott Brown, facts are facts. For example:

  • Scott Brown is from Massachusetts.
  • Scott Brown sits on the Board of Directors at a company that outsources American jobs.
  • Scott Brown lavished praise on the Koch brothers for helping him in his 2010 campaign and asked them for more money.
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Welcome to Kochville

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kochville! In the Koch brothers’ self-serving utopia, horrible things like the minimum wage, social security and environmental protections have been disbanded, and the Kochs’ hand-picked candidates are welcome.

American Bridge’s new online advertising campaign is set to hold these extreme Republican candidates accountable for sharing the self-serving agenda the Kochs have been pushing for decades — an agenda that further rewards the wealthiest at the expense of working families. Watch the ads below and learn more at

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Two More Months To Enjoy Scott Brown’s Hilarious Campaign

Republicans have their candidate in the New Hampshire senate race. But he’ll be the first to tell you, he’s not from New Hampshire.

Beyond that obvious shortcoming, Scott Brown comes with plenty of non-carpet baggage as well. As he enters a new stage in his disastrous attempt to become a New Hampshirite and then become a New Hampshire senator, here are the top 10 lowlights from his haphazard campaign thus far:

  1. He said, “I’m not going to create one job” as Senator of New Hampshire — although he seemed more interested in job creation in Massachusetts. [VIDEO]
  2. In an attempt to close a massive deficit among female voters, Brown awkwardly dished out “hero awards” to female supporters, at least one of whom was confused, embarrassed, and not even sure who she would vote for.
  3. He woke up to this lovely headline about sitting on the board at Kadant: “Brown’s $270K income from Mass. company exporting jobs overseas belies campaign promises”
  4. In his attempt to pander to the right during primary season, Brown made a fool of himself by denying that man-made climate change was scientifically proven — in direct contradiction with his position from 2012.
  5. He got clobbered for helping to tank Jeanne Shaheen’s bipartisan energy bill — which was supported by Kelly Ayotte — just to try to strip her of an accomplishment to run on.
  6. He abruptly resigned from an advisory role at obscure Florida-based company froom which he had received $1.3 million in stock after questions began to swirl over the business’s practices and his involvement.
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First of all, where is Scott Brown *really* from?

At tonight’s New Hampshire Senate Republican primary debate, when asked why he’s running for Senate in NH this time around, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown said he’s running in the Granite State because “first of all I live here in New Hampshire, it’s kind of hard to run when you’re not in that state… I have long and strong ties” to New Hampshire.

Here at American Bridge, that caught our attention, and same for our friends at Granite State Progress, who promptly released this audio from a 2010 radio interview in which the very same Scott Brown clarifies “first of all, I’m not from New Hampshire.”

So which is it, Scott?