NEW ADS: Pennsylvania Primary Winners Barletta & Wagner Head Into General Tarnished by Opponent Attacks

Paul Mango: If Scott Wagner’s the nominee, “this election is going to be over before Memorial Day — not Labor Day — Memorial Day”

Today, immediately following the Pennsylvania Senate and gubernatorial primary elections, American Bridge released new digital ads targeting newly minted Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner. The ads ask Pennsylvania voters – if their nominees’ fellow Republicans have so thoroughly denounced them, how can any Republican voter have confidence in their candidacies?

The 30-second ads will play this week on social media in Pennsylvania, targeted to Republican midterm voters.

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson said, “While a primary defined by personal character attacks, violent assaults on trackers, and a race to the bottom on who is a bigger cheerleader for Donald Trump has finally come to an end, the bad news is just beginning for Lou Barletta and Scott Wagner. Even Republicans say Barletta and […]

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American Bridge Memo Corrects Wagner Pollster’s Claim He Has “No Negatives”

This morning, American Bridge sent an open memo to Scott Wagner’s campaign pollster Rob Schmidt, correcting his recent claim that Wagner has “virtually no negatives.” In the same statement, Schmidt also calls Wagner the “clear frontrunner in the Republican primary for Governor,” which makes him something like the head clown of the circus into which this primary has devolved.

American Bridge Spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Scott Wagner’s campaign staff are either delusional or afraid to tell their temperental boss the truth. We’re betting it’s the latter.”

TO: Rob Schmidt, McLaughlin & Associates
CC: Scott Wagner for Governor Campaign Team
FROM: Lizzy Price, American Bridge 21st Century
RE: Scott Wagner’s Negatives

I am writing to correct an error in your September 22 memo to the Wagner campaign, in which you write that Sen. Wagner has “virtually no negatives.” In fact, he has many.

For the sake of brevity I have included only five:

Using Anti-Semitic […]

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VIDEO: Birds of a Feather: America’s Leading White Nationalist Endorsed Scott Wagner

Scott Wagner was endorsed this weekend by Steve Bannon, the head of Breitbart news and former Trump senior advisor. In case you needed a refresher, Breitbart is a website that “pushed racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic material into the vein of the alternative right.” Sound familiar?

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following comment:

“Steve Bannon and Scott Wagner share the same repulsive views that favor certain people over others. From disturbing anti-semitic comments to favoring tax giveaways for the wealthiest few and cutting health care for those that need it most, Bannon and Wagner-backed policies should strike fear into Pennsylvanians because they only want to make things great for themselves.”

Watch the video here.


Steve Bannon: “…but it’s in honor of a woman that’s one of the great personages, one of the […]

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NEW VIDEO: Scott Wagner: Dishonest, Angry, Unhinged

After being caught on tape assaulting a tracker this week, State Sen. Scott Wagner repeatedly lied to get out of the mess, claiming that he was being pushed around and the tracker was in his face. From the original video, there’s only one person playing the role of the bully in those tapes, and it wasn’t the man behind the camera. And we’re still missing our memory card. Watch the video.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement: 

“Actions speak louder than words and Scott Wagner’s actions prove he’s an unhinged bully who isn’t fit for office. Scott Wagner, we know you’re angry, but we demand you return our stolen property immediately or we’ll press charges.”

[Watch American Bridge’s Video here]


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