Donald Trump Brings White Nationalist-Inspired Hate Show To Iowa

To cap off a week of lying to voters about softening his plans to mass deport immigrants and defending his campaign’s support from white nationalists, Donald Trump is joining Joni Ernst, Chuck Grassley and Steve King today in Iowa for a campaign rally.

Trump has a history of racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic comments — the campaign even cited a hate group in their first ad of the general election — so it’s no surprise that his campaign doubled down on the support he’s enjoyed from white nationalists and neo-Nazis with his hire of Breitbart’s Steve Bannon.

Today’s rally promises more of the same. Make no mistake about it — Trump isn’t pivoting. He’s said he won’t change, and he’ll continue to hurl racist insults and push for nativist and xenophobic immigration policies.

With his visit to Iowa, Donald Trump is attempting to hold on to one of the […]

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The GOP Gives Pope Francis The Cold Shoulder

From the very start of Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States, GOP presidential candidates and members of Congress have not hesitated to publicly criticize His Holiness. Primarily taking issue with his concerns about climate change and call for the acceptance of immigrants and refugees, a range of high-profile Republicans have earnestly seized any opportunity available to air their grievances.

Here’s what Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Steve King had to say:

Huffington Post: Jeb Bush: The Pope Shouldn’t Discuss Climate Change Because ‘He’s Not A Scientist’

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) said he disagrees with Pope Francis’ call to fight climate change and thinks the Pope should not delve into the issue because he “is not a scientist.” “He’s not a scientist, he’s a religious leader,” Bush said, according to a video posted by the Democratic opposition research group American Bridge.

Politico: Trump: Pope is wrong on climate […]

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Trump/King 2016


Reading a transcript of Donald Trump’s announcement speech or listening to him double-down on his immigration positions, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a Steve King floor speech.

King has a Ph.D. in xenophobia and a knack for articulating right where his party stands on immigration (far, far outside the mainstream). He also happens to be a congressman from the all-important presidential state of Iowa, and for that, he has the ear of his party’s presidential contenders. Just this past January, the cantaloupe-calved-conspiracy-theorist brought almost the entire field to kiss his ring in Iowa. Scott Walker called it “an honor.” Chris Christie called him a “friend.”

But since The Donald rode an escalator down into the circus that is the GOP primary, candidates for the White House have been worried sick about the damage he’ll will do to their brand. That’s a reasonable calculation, but hardly a principled one. […]

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Faith and Freedom Roundup — Social Conservative Edition

The Republican candidates’ extreme positions on social issues were front and center this weekend at the Faith and Freedom Road to Majority, cosponsored with Concerned Women for America. American Bridge was on site, through the bomb threat and all, to document Jeb Bush touting his role with Terri Schiavo, Chris Christie bragging that he vetoed Planned Parenthood funding, and Marco Rubio talking up religious discrimination.
For more from this weekend, let’s go to the tape:

Thursday, June 18th

  • Marco Rubio‘s dog whistle to religious conservatives on Hobby Lobby and religious discrimination laws. YouTube
  • Ted Cruz announces 2016 will be the “religious liberty election.” YouTube
  • Steve King calls for civil disobedience over gay marriage. YouTube
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Courting the King: GOP Field Races to the Right in Iowa

The Republican 2016 field visited Iowa this weekend to court the king — Steve King that is. The cantaloupe-conspiracy theorist, and right wing svengali of today’s Republican Party, was in fine form — jabbing Jeb Bush on immigration and comparing immigrants to Santa Ana’s army.

Picking up where King left off were the GOP’s White House aspirants. From Bobby Jindal’s defense of discriminatory RFRA laws to Scott Walker touting his anti-worker agenda as a qualification for the presidency, the day was chock-full of red meat.

It’s official, the race to the right is on.

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MEMO: GOP Candidates Paying Steve King’s Ransom for Primary?

It goes to show just how sharply the Republican party has moved to the right that serious presidential hopefuls are spending today kissing Steve King’s ring.

Chris Christie calls anti-immigrant crusader King “a very good friend” but he hasn’t said if he supports the federal DREAM Act, and he hasn’t said if he’d repeal the president’s executive action on immigration.  And Scott Walker?  Silent on the federal DREAM Act as well.

But even without answering those questions their actions are going to have consequences, because general election voters also happen to have eyes and ears.

American Bridge is going to hold these candidates accountable all election cycle, and after appearing on the stump with people that say things like this, it will be crystal clear to voters where they stand.

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Resources for Reporters: GOP Following Steve King’s Lead On Immigration (Again)

Republicans are poised to again ignore their own autopsy and record losses among Latino voters to follow Steve “Anchor Baby” King’s playbook, attempting to deport DREAMers and threatening funding to DHS.  Here’s a few resources from American Bridge to help track this morning’s debate and vote:

VIDEO: The New Voice Of The GOP On Immigration

If you believed that Republicans controlling both houses of Congress meant that they would make efforts to work with President Obama and prove they could govern, I’ve got a bridge to sell you (but I’m going to need to see your papers first).

Nearly a year and a half ago, the Senate passed a balanced, bipartisan bill to fix our broken immigration system. All the Republican House “Leadership” had to do was put it up for a vote. But they’ve proven that that’s never going to happen, so President Obama used executive action to make progress.

So how would House Republicans respond? Did they finally pass their own comprehensive immigration reform bill? Of course not. Wednesday, they handed the microphone to de-facto Speaker Ted Cruz, Steve King, Michele Bachmann and friends, and yesterday, they voted to rebuke the President’s actions and call for more deportations. Some things never change.

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Rand Paul Can Run Away From His Burger, But Not From His Record On Immigration

On issue after issue, Rand Paul tries to have it both ways. He has lauded himself as a champion for “minority rights” while opposing parts of the Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act and Fair Housing Act. He has proclaimed on national television his desire to end all foreign aid, including for Israel, only to then claim he has never proposed such a thing.

And when it comes to immigration, for months, Paul has been trying to have his cake and eat it too. He has repeatedly claimed to be supportive of immigration reform, trying to appear as though his 2016 candidacy could broaden the GOP base, but his record tells a different story. Paul voted against the Senate’s bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill — a bill that allocated significant resources to border security — in addition to attacking DACA, effectively supporting a return to deporting DREAMers.

Since the Senate passed its bill, the GOP has only moved backwards on the issue, cowering to the extreme anti-immigrant wing of the party driven by Steve King and all of his men. Rand Paul hasn’t done a single thing to distance himself from this position, and now he’s fundraising with King himself.

And still, Paul wants to dissociate himself with the anti-immigrant crowd and avoid any tough questions about immigration policy. So much so that when a DREAMer introduced herself to Steve King at lunch, Rand literally dropped his burger and ran away from the table.

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