Mnuchin just opened the door to violating ANOTHER core Trump campaign promise: cutting Social Security 

“Donald Trump lied when he pledged he would not cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.  Not only does Trumpcare cut over $800 billion from Medicaid in order to cut taxes for the wealthy, but now, Secretary Mnuchin is opening the door to Social Security cuts. This is just further proof that all of Trump’s ‘populist’ ​promises were lies – and in reality, he’s hell-bent on selling out the middle class in order to ​rig the economy even more for ​the rich,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. 


Donald Trump in Campaign Announcement Speech, 6/16/2015: ‘We’ve got Social Security that’s going to be destroyed if somebody like me doesn’t bring money into the country. All these other people want to cut the hell out of it. I’m not going to cut it at all; I’m going to bring money in, and we’re going to save it….Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts. […]

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The Truth About Trump’s Tax Plan, Courtesy of Steve Mnuchin

REALITY: Trump’s Plan Is All About Tax Cuts For Big Corporations & Trump, No Guarantee for the Middle Class
This morning Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was forced to admit the truth: Trump’s tax scheme is all about lower taxes for big corporations and for Donald Trump himself – possibly to as little as 5% on certain income. Meanwhile, he couldn’t promise that Trump wouldn’t force higher taxes on the middle class.  

Under Trump’s Tax Plan, Trump Could Pay Less Than 5% Tax Rate On $150 Million In Income


Stephanopoulos: We know from the last Trump tax return we’ve seen that was back in 2005 it shows the potential effect of eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax which you are calling for right now, that year he paid $38 million in taxes on $153 million in income. Without the Alternative Minimum Tax he would have paid $7 million, that […]

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Dean Heller Votes For Foreclosure King Mnuchin — And Against Nevada Families

In response to Sen. Dean Heller’s vote to confirm Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“With this vote, Sen. Dean Heller proved to Nevadans that he is willing to sell them out and rubber stamp the worst of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. Steve Mnuchin is a foreclosure king, who made millions while foreclosing on tens of thousands of families, including the 3,500 Nevadans who know first-hand just how much Mnuchin’s greed and recklessness hurt them. Instead of standing by Nevada families, Heller stood by Donald Trump, who has selected a cabinet of billionaires that want to bring back the financial mayhem of the last decade.”

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American Bridge on Steve Mnuchin’s Senate Confirmation Vote

Following Steve Mnuchin’s Senate Confirmation vote, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement:

“Steve Mnuchin is a Merchant of Financial Mayhem, just like Donald Trump. The former Goldman Sachs executive is best known for putting tens of thousands of families out of their homes which must be why Trump, who rooted for the housing crisis, nominated him. Mnuchin is just one of the many former Wall Street executives to join Donald Trump’s rigged cabinet and will push an extreme agenda to help millionaires and billionaires while selling out hardworking families.

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So Mnuchin Just “Forgot” About $100 Million?

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement on Steven Mnuchin’s failure to disclose hundreds of millions in assets and business holdings:

“Steve Mnuchin got rich foreclosing on American families and apparently was so good at it that he simply forgot about $100 million in assets he had in the Cayman Islands. Like so many other Trump nominees, Mnuchin’s ethically bankrupt and controversial past has disqualified him from serving, and it’s time Republicans stop rubber stamping these dangerous Cabinet picks.

“By slamming through Mnuchin, Senate Republicans are becoming accessories to Trump’s future corruption, helping him stack his Cabinet with shady billionaires who, like Trump, will rig the government to serve their own interests at the expense of the American people.”

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American Bridge Statement On Trump’s Pick Of Steven Mnuchin As Treasury Secretary

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Donald Trump’s selection of Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary:

“Donald Trump cheered on the housing crisis and went out of his way to profit from people’s misery and foreclosures. Of course he’d want Steve Mnuchin, who’s company made $3 billion off the housing crisis and was responsible for more than a third of all reverse mortgage foreclosures, to be his Treasury Secretary. Putting a Wall Street CEO in charge of his Administration’s oversight of Wall Street is dangerous and even more proof that Donald Trump is only interested in protecting corporations at the expense of working families.”


The Mnuchin-Owned OneWest Bank Received Billions In Taxpayer Bailouts
In 2009, A Mnuchin-Led Group Purchased IndyMac, The Fourth Largest Failed Bank, Assets At A Bargain Price, Turning A Profit Of Over $3 Billion In Five Years

2009: A Mnuchin-Led Group Purchased IndyMac, Which Became The Fourth Largest […]

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