American Bridge Launches New Ad, “Steve Pearce’s The Misogynist Tale”

American Bridge launched a new digital ad today highlighting Republican candidate for NewMexico Governor Steve Pearce’s backwards views on women. The ad, titled “The MisogynistTale,” highlights Steve Pearce’s vision for a New Mexico where wives “voluntarily submit” to their husbands as “a matter of obedience.” Those aren’t our words — they’re Steve Pearce’s.The launch coincides with today’s premier of Season 2 of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, a fictional portrayal of a dystopian society where women are viewed as property and subjects to men.

But Pearce’s antiquated views on the role of women in society don’t stop there. He said he opposes equal pay for equal work legislation because if “women will stand their ground, we’re so short of employees coming up, that they will get their just rewards – because we need the people.” Pearce said providing women contraception “attacks the very concept of what it is to be American.” He even compared abortion to slavery.

“Sadly these misogynistic ideas aren’t from a fictional television show, they’re Steve Pearce’s backwards vision for New Mexico,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If Steve Pearce had his way, wives would submit to their husbands, women […]

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Pearce missing votes since launching campaign for governor

“Steve Pearce shouldn’t be collecting a six figure paycheck from the taxpayers if he’s not going to show up to work,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Pearce has missed over one third of House votes this year all while campaigning for Governor, and even skipped votes to attend fundraisers. If he thinks he can skip out on his job and have the people of New Mexico vote him into higher office in November, he is sadly mistaken.”

Santa Fe New Mexican: Pearce missing votes since launching campaign for governor
By Andrew Oxford | March 16, 2018

“Southern New Mexico did not have a voice one way or the other when it came time for the U.S. House of Representatives to vote on easing pollution limits on some coal plants, limiting regulations on bankers or changing the Americans with Disabilities Act.”
“U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, a Republican congressman from Hobbs who is campaigning […]

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American Bridge Releases Ads Hitting Vulnerable Republicans on Shutdown

American Bridge released new ads today hitting Republicans on the government shutdown they caused. The 15-second ads focus on the impact the shutdown could have on our country’s veterans, from delaying disability checks to hindering medical procedures.

The ads, which target Sen. Dean Heller in Nevada, Rep. Martha McSally in Arizona, and Rep. Steve Pearce in New Mexico, will target swing voters in each state on multiple social media platforms.

Watch the Heller ad here.

Watch the McSally ad here.

Watch the Pearce ad here.

“Republicans are in complete control of our government and they can’t hide from their responsibility for this dangerous shutdown that’s hurting the most vulnerable Americans, including our veterans,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “This shutdown is the direct result of the GOP’s infighting, their total inability to govern, and their insistence on funding an […]

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