Gillespie-Martinez Bleak Economic Plan for Virginia

Today, Ed Gillespie is holding two business roundtables with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. Gillespie must really be asking for any help he can get in Virginia, because Gov. Martinez’s economic record is bleak. Here’s a peek:

 New Mexico ranked 47th in job creation in 2016.
New Mexico was ranked 47th in economic growth in 2017.
Among young adults, the state ranked dead last in economic growth.
In 2017, New Mexico’s unemployment rate was the second highest in the nation, at 6.7%
Between 2013 and 2017, New Mexico dropped 9 spots in quality of life measures.
In 2017, New Mexico was ranked the 9th worst state to live in.
New Mexico lagged in infrastructure, ranked 38th in the country

And if the data weren’t enough, Donald Trump, Gillespie’s biggest fan, even called out Gov. Susana Martinez for “not doing […]

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More Governors Back Away From Trump And His Racism — But Not Pat McCrory

Republican governors from across the country — e.g., Scott WalkerCharlie BakerLarry HoganBill HaslamJohn KasichRick SnyderSusana MartinezBruce RaunerDennis Daugaard — are declining to endorse Donald Trump, the GOP’s racist and misogynistic conspiracy-theorist-in-chief.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory? Not so much. Pat McCrory’s still all in for Donald Trump — and even helping him raise money.

On Tuesday, McCrory Gave Trump a boost by making an appearance at one of his fundraisers. And apparently McCrory made quite the impression on Trump. At a rally later that evening, Trump praised Governor McCrory as a “great governor” who’s “doing a fantastic job.”

Sounds about right — if Trump means McCrory’s doing a bang-up job of enabling and normalizing Trump’s bigotry, misogyny, and racism. 

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“Call Them Off”: RGA Chair Martinez Tells Dispatcher To Drop Noise Complaint

It had been a good several months for New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. Last month, Marco Rubio named her as a possible VP pick. A week later, she was voted in as chair of the Republican Governors Association.

Now, Governor Martinez is making headlines for a… less ideal reason.  Audio recordings have surfaced surrounding a run-in Martinez had with Santa Fe police during an office holiday party that inspired several apparent noise complaints.

The most notable moment features a conversation between Martinez and a police dispatcher, who she chastises and presses for information surrounding who specifically made the complaint, before strongly suggesting that the dispatcher “call” the officers following up on the complaint “off.”

The press hasn’t been too favorable for Marco Rubio’s favorite governor:

KRQE-TV: Governor’s post-party call to police: Call off your officers

Albuquerque Journal: Call off your officers

Huffington Post: Totally Not Drunk New Mexico Governor Chastises Cops For Breaking Up […]

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Crooked Chiefs

The Republican Governors Association says “the future of the GOP rests in the hands of the Republican governors.” Given the Tea Party antics and extreme agenda of Republicans in Congress, that very well may be true. But if it is, Republicans have a serious problem on their hands because nearly half of all current Republican governors nationwide are facing corruption charges or other scandals. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the political rise and fall of former Virginia Governor

Bob McDonnell, newly convicted on eleven counts of corruption in a scandal with a wealthy donor and benefactor all of his own making.

Investigation cover ups. Illegal gifts. Cronyism. Pay to play schemes. Taxpayer dollars going to campaign purposes. Using their office to exact political revenge on their own constituents. The list of allegations goes on and on and on. From Georgia to Wisconsin to Kansas to New Jersey, the headlines are piling up. American Bridge has conducted extensive research on each of these Republican governors, diving deep into their records to bring these allegations to light. Our new collection of research on the Republican Party’s best hope for its future shows just how dim that future may really be.

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